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Let’s Hope Your Friend Isn’t A Golden Snitch

, , , | Learning | August 24, 2018

(I attend a private high school, so class sizes are very small — around 10 to 15 people max — meaning teachers should know who all their students are and be able to provide adequate supervision. However, I’ve been bullied at this school for a while, and due to some ineffective teachers, P.E. classes especially are torture to me. I’ve had soccer balls and volleyballs kicked at my face on purpose, constant teasing, etc. In year ten, I decide I’ve had enough and manage to score a doctor’s note with my mom’s help, excusing me from P.E. for the rest of the year for a knee injury which is actually fine.)

Teacher: “You still have to do something that I can grade you on. I need you to submit a five-page report on the history of basketball.”

(I can’t think of anything more boring to write about, so instead, I opt to write a report on the history of Quidditch, complete with citations from “Quidditch Through the Ages.” It is honestly quite a good report, even though it is about a made-up sport. I also don’t much care about my P.E. grade, so I take the risk.)

Written In My Report Card: “[My Middle Name, Which I’ve NEVER Gone By] has submitted a very good report on the history of basketball this semester and has clearly put a lot of effort into it.”

(I received an A+ for that class. My friend who actually DID put a lot of effort into P.E. received a B-. She was livid.)