A Sauce Of Confusion

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(I am at a sandwich shop.)

Clerk: “What will it be?”

Me: “Footlong on white, please.”

Clerk: *butterflying the bread open* “Which meat?”

Me: “Before that, could you add some marinara on the bread?”

Clerk: *adds sauce only where the meat usually goes* “Sure, like this?”

Me: “Yes, for that side. Could you add the same to the other one?”

Clerk: *puzzled, flips the foot-long closed* “You mean on the crust?”

What A Baka!

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(My supervisor is known for being quite a nit-pick and strictly following rules that don’t actually exist. Also, I’ve taken a few years of Japanese classes. One day, I get a Japanese customer at my register while my supervisor is filling a display right behind me. The customer and I chat in Japanese while I scan his items, and he asks to pay with his credit card. By company policy, we have to check an ID for every foreign credit card. The customer complies and hands me his Japanese driver license, because he forgot his passport at the hotel. I confirm that the credit card is his, and I am about to hand him his license back.)

Supervisor: “Wait! What are you doing?” *snatches the license from my hand* “You can’t accept this!”

Me: “Why is that? I know that it isn’t a passport, but this is a government-issued ID, and his picture is on it, so I don’t see why I can’t accept it.”

Supervisor: “Well, this ID is not in our alphabet! You can only accept IDs written in our alphabet.”

Me: “First, since when is this a rule? Second, you’ve heard me speak with him for the past two minutes; you know that I speak the language. I can read this, and confirm that the credit card is his.”

Supervisor: “It has to be in our alphabet! You have to be able to read it to accept it.”

Me: “But… [Supervisor], I can read it!”

Supervisor: “Hmph, I’ll let it slide for today, but don’t do that again!”

(I asked the store manager the next day. That rule doesn’t exist.)

Totally Overwatch

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(I work in a call center for a company that sells protection plans online. When it comes to watches, we will repair the watch if it is over a certain price, and if it’s a cheap watch, we only issue a check to reimburse it. Keep in mind we only cover mechanical failures coming from the dial; we don’t cover water damage or drops.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]. How may I assist you?”

Customer: “Hi, I want to file a claim on a watch.”

Me: “No problem. I’ll be glad to help you with that. May I have your information so I may access your file?”

(She gives me her information, and I ask her for the price of her watch.)

Customer: “$3.78.”

Me: *pause* “You’re filing a claim for a $3.78 watch?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Okay, what exactly is the issue with the watch?”

Customer: “I wore it in the shower and it stopped working.”

Me: *pause* “Is it waterproof?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “I’m sorry, miss, but I will have to deny your claim due to accidental damage handling.”

Customer: “Oh, well, this is stupid.” *hangs up*

(Even if we had taken her claim, the shipping label we would have sent to her would have cost more than her watch.)

How Can I Not Help You Today?

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(I am working at a fast food restaurant one busy night. I get this call.)

Me: “This is [Store]. Bonjour, hello!”

Customer: “Hi, is this the store at [Location]?”

Me: “Yes, that would be us. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I just wanted to know if you changed your recipe.”

Me: “Um, no, not that I’m aware of.”

Customer: “Well, then what the f*** is wrong with my food? It tastes like gasoline!”

Me: “Gasoline? That can’t be right. Maybe the deep fryer oil has burnt; I will go check that right away.”

Customer: “Yeah, it tastes burnt! You guys have to clean your oil and make sure you don’t burn anything!”

Me: “Okay, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m very sorry this has ruined your meal; could I offer you a credit for the next visit?”

Customer: “Yeah, well, whatever. I know you won’t f****** do anything for me, anyway.”

(Confused, maybe she didn’t hear me.)

Me: “Well ma’am, I could take down your information and log you for a credit for your next visit.”

Customer: “Yeah, yeah, I know you won’t do anything. I just want to make sure other families don’t have such a disgusting, disappointing meal as mine did!”

Me: “Again. I am very sorry that this happened, and I thank you again for letting me—”

Customer: “Yeah, whatever. You don’t do anything for me.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, as I said before, I could take down your information and write you a credit.”

(At this point, this back-and-forth has gone on for a good five minutes. I have the credit book open and ready, date and time checked in already, and a line up front with angry customers waiting for their food. We are always understaffed, so I really can’t be on the phone.)

Customer: “You won’t do anything for me! *hangs up*

Me: “I offered her free food, like, ten times.”

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Unfiltered Story #109614

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My boyfriend and I like to make midnight runs to the corner store for junk food when I don’t work the next day. We’ll snack like pigs and watch videos or play games together. We seem to always go when this one particular guy is working, so he’s used to seeing us. My boyfriend’s pretty agoraphobic, so having someone he knows helps him a lot. We went to a popular coffee shop the other night around 2am, and loband behold, convenience store guy is there! My boyfriend and I chat with him while me makes our sandwiches and coffees, and while he’s doing that I judge my boyfriend over to the tray.

Me: *whispers* I’m not crazy, I only asked for two doughnuts right?

Boyfriend: Yeah, no, we only asked for two…

We didn’t mention anything but The Guy gave us a knowing nod. We’re going back there later tonight, so if I see him I’ll make sure to leave him a pretty decent tip!

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