Arguing About The Clock Until You’re Off It

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(I’m a cashier at a big-box hobby type store where we also sell home decor items, as decorating is apparently a hobby. The store I work for has weekly sales in home decor where specific groups of items are 50% off. While we are a large national chain, we do not scan any items in and instead hand-key every item and apply discounts to sale items as needed. Because of this, and because I have been with the company for a few years now, I have all the sales memorized as they are on a rotating schedule. Being a cashier, I am no stranger to crazy experiences, but this one left me speechless. It’s five minutes before my shift ends and an older woman, her adult daughter, and her young granddaughter decide my line is the best to come through. They have four carts that are absolutely full of items from our home decor section, and most of the items they have chosen to purchase that day happen to not be on sale. I’m ringing through the items when I get to a huge wall clock that is fairly pricey; it is also not on sale.)

Customer: “No, that clock is supposed to be on sale this week! I need you to give me half off for it.”

Me: “Well, ma’am, it was actually on sale last week, so maybe there is a chance one of the signs was left up from last week. Let me call my department head, and if the sign was left up from last week I will be more than happy to give you the discount as that was our error.”

(The department head informs me that there is a sign on the end of where the clocks are, but it is not for the clocks and it does not say anything about clocks on it.)

Me: “Ma’am, my department head has let me know that the sign you saw is actually for the items on display on the end cap and not for the clocks. If you would like, I can take the clock off the ticket for you.”

Customer: *almost yelling at me* “No, I want this clock! But you still need to give me the half-off discount. It’s not like I actually read the sign. I just saw the sign said 50% off, so I figured that it was for the clocks.”

Me: “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but as the sign does not actually say clocks on it, I cannot give you the discount for the clock.”

Customer: “Well, that’s just stupid, I don’t understand why I can’t just get the discount. It’s not my fault I didn’t actually read the sign. I just saw it near the clocks, so it had to be for the clocks.”

(I’m a little thrown. I’ve had this type of misunderstanding happen before, but normally, once I explain to customers about what the sign actually says, they understand. Luckily, before I say something I regret, the customer’s daughter decides to speak up.)

Daughter: “Mother, what is your problem? You’re making yourself look like a fool. Now, either get the clock or don’t, but let this nice lady do her job. It’s your fault you didn’t read the d*** thing, not hers.”

(I smiled and mouthed, “Thank you,” to the daughter and finished out the transactions they all had, with no more incidents as the daughter had decided to take over for the mother. The daughter continued to tell me how nice and courteous I was. By the time I was done ringing up all four carts, they had spent in excess of $2000 and it was 20 minutes past time for me to clock out.)

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(At my store, we are instructed to ask each guest if they would like to sign up for the store’s credit card, which saves them a percentage off of every purchase)
Me: (As I finish bagging the last few items) And would you be interested in saving with [store’s] card today?
Customer: I already have one. (She swipes the card and it’s declined)
Me: It happens sometimes. Why don’t you try again?
(She swipes a second time and the card is again declined)
Customer: Why the hell is my card being declined?
Me: Have you made a payment recently? Sometimes it can take up to ten business days to go through.
Customer: I’ve never made a payment on this card! I never got a bill in the mail!
Me: Oh, well if you’d like to go to customer service they can look up your bill and tell you if there’s a balance.
Customer: WHAT? You think just because I’m black I don’t pay my bills?
Me: *opens my mouth to speak*
Customer: *interrupting* No. I’ll have you know I’ve never even used this card so I *don’t* have a balance on it, but you just want to label me because I’m black. (I try to speak again) No, I don’t wanna hear a word out of your mouth.
(At this point I’m almost in tears but I finish the transaction, completely silent. The next customer comes up and offers me a kind smile)
Customer #2: Don’t let her get to you, honey. You didn’t mean anything by it but some people are determined to be miserable.

Restroom Leads To Arrest Rooms

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(Our store’s bathrooms are closed for renovations. However, one of our neighboring stores has allowed our customers to use their restrooms until we are finished. One day, I notice a customer trying to get into our bathrooms, despite signs clearly explaining our current situation.)

Customer: “Why the hell are your bathrooms locked?! I need to take a p**s!”

(I am a bit irritated at her sudden anger, but I try my best to remain calm and polite.)

Me: “Our restrooms are currently being renovated. However, [Store next to us] is allowing our customers to use their restroom.”

Customer: “F*** you! I need to p**s! I’m not walking all the way over there!”

Me: “Ma’am, our bathrooms are being renovated. They do not even have sinks yet. We would be happy to hold your items at the front while you go next door. It is not a very long walk.”

(We argue back and forth for several minutes. I even show her the bathrooms in an attempt to prove my point. After nearly five minutes, I manage to calm her down a bit.)

Me: “Would you like me to hold your stuff at the front?”

Customer: “No. I want to finish shopping first. I’m already over here.”

(She ended up taking some clothes into the dressing room to try a few items on. However, after a minute or two, I saw liquid leaking from under the curtain. Since there was only a curtain, not a locking door, I checked on her just to be sure. Upon opening the curtain, I was greeted by a horrible sight. She had taken off her pants and was squatting over a pile of clothes, including some of our most expensive items, and relieving herself, both #1 and #2. Even after I opened the curtain, she continued peeing at full force for nearly a minute. I was only able to stand there in disgust and horror. Upon finishing, she stood up, wiped herself with yet another article of clothing, and pulled up her pants, all while maintaining eye contact with me. I managed to call security before she left, and she ended up paying for the damage and being banned from our store, but not before she blamed our store for what had happened.)

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There… Are… Four… Rolls!

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(I am working as a cashier. A customer produces a coupon for eight or more rolls of bath tissue. He then hands me a package of four “Mega Rolls,” which say, “4 Mega Rolls = 8 normal rolls!”)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but you don’t have enough product for this coupon to work. I apologize, but if you want and go grab another one of these—” *I gesture to the bath tissue* “—then the coupon will work just fine.”

Customer: “But it says that this counts as eight!”

Me: “Yes, sir, it does, but there are only four rolls in the package and that is what it will count as: four rolls, only. You will have to get another package of four rolls or more for you to use this coupon.”

Customer: “BUT IT SAYS EIGHT ROLLS! Get your manager or someone who is good at math, because it is clear you are too stupid to understand simple math!”

(I turn around and happily call out to my manager, who happens to HATE rude and stupid customers who don’t read the fine print. She comes over to see what the problem is and I explain the issue.)

Manager: “I’m sorry sir, but you will need to get at least another one of these packages to use this coupon. The coupon is stating the number of physical bath tissue rolls inside the package, not how many rolls it will replace when you use them. Do you have any other inquiries?”

Customer: “But it says EIGHT rolls, so I have enough to use this coupon.” *throws up hands and almost shouts* “Geez, do they even hire competent people anymore?! IT SAYS EIGHT, SO I HAVE EIGHT!”

(My manager just walks away, knowing that I can take care of it.)

Me: “Sir, it could say it that the four rolls equal eight, twelve, twenty-four, or three million rolls; that won’t change the fact that you only have four physical rolls. You must get another four rolls to make this work.”

(I pick up the package and point out the four rolls inside the package.)

Customer: “But it says—”

Me: *interrupting* “Sir, can you tell me how many physical rolls are in this package?”

Customer: “Uh…”

Me: “How many physical rolls?

(He stares at me for about 30 seconds and then says:)

Customer: “Eight.”

(This conversation has made me close down my lane, so no one will have to wait, and this response makes me want to slap this man so, so hard. I’ve even had a slight muscle spasm in my right hand. This part of the conversation repeats for about another two minutes:)

Me: “Sir, if you see eight physical rolls, you might need stronger glasses. To help you a bit, there are only four rolls!

Customer: “Fine, if you are to stick to telling me this won’t work without another of those stupid packages, I guess I don’t need any of my stuff.”

Me: “Okay! I will take all of these items back. Have a wonderful day, sir.”

(The manager returned with a donut from the bakery and wordlessly handed it to me, then took the stuff from my belt and walked away.)

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