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We have a waffle iron that you pour the batter in, close and then turn over to start the timer. Most people don’t get that last step (even though it’s posted on the wall by the iron) so we take them through it. No big deal. I was walking a man through making his waffle and he had to be coached through every step.

Guest (pointing to the instructions) – Oh, I guess I could have just read the directions.

I shrug because it really isn’t a big deal and he was very nice about it.

Guest’s Wife (in a VERY annoyed voice) – Yeah! You could have!

I didn’t make it back to the front desk before laughing. I have a feeling there were many stories behind her comment!

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I leave the metal dispenser box for the waffle batter mix open while filling the actual dispenser (plastic) so that people realize it’s empty. Then one day I came up to a woman with a cup in her hand in the metal box.

Guest – Why isn’t the batter coming out?

Me – It’s empty. I’m just about to fill it though. Give me two minutes.

Guest – Oh, really?

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(I have a very serious seizure disorder, which can be worsened by smoking, or flashing lights. I am with a couple of friends in a Restaurant that allows it’s patrons to smoke nearby the door. Some of the smoke is coming in and it’s making me feel sick. My friend’s are nursing students and we are celebrating that they all passed their finals with A’s. It’s also important to note that one of them has a service dog, who has grown quite attatched to me.)

Me: “Man, all this smoke is killing me.”

( I end up falling to the floor and having a seizure, but this is not a full Grand Mal, But a tiny seizure, therefore I am conscious and can hear and see everything around me, although my eyes look like they’re in the back of my head.)

Friend 1: ” (Friend 2) go and get our kits out of the car, I’ll support her head and move her out into a more open space.”

(My friend cushions my head in her lap and is talking to me while waiting for their stuff. The Service Dog comes up and is whinnying over me. Another Customer comes up and decides that he knows what to do to help me.)

Customer 1: “You’re doing this all wrong! She’s having a heart attack, not a seizure! You need to move so that we can call an ambulance and start CPR!!!!!!)

(My Friend remaining calm holds up my wrist which has a medical alert bracelet on it, stating that I have seizures.)

Friend 1: “I know what I’m doing you need to back up!”

(Friend 2# rushes in with their kits, and they begin looking at my blood pressure and checking my blood sugar levels. Customer 1# becomes enraged and pushes Friend 2# over onto the floor and tries to grab me away from friend 1#. The service dog leans over and snaps at the Customers’s Hand and growls threatening while standing over me.)

Customer 1: “That damn mut almost took my hand off!!! I’m calling the police!!!!!”

(He ends up storming out of the shop, and I come to. My friends start joking with me about maybe I should adopt their service dog, when the manager comes up with a cold washcloth.)

Manager: Thank you for helping her out, and for dealing with that guy, Here’s this to make you feel better. And here’s this for the little hero.”

(The Manager sets down a plate that has some meat trimmings on it, that out dog goes nuts over. All in all wasn’t too bad of a night.)

Because Customer Service Builds Extra Rooms

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(We are sold out, as is pretty much every hotel in town — not unusual in a tourist town at the height of the season. A man comes in without a reservation.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We are sold out tonight.”

Customer: “But the hotel across the street lost my reservation!”

Me: “I really am sorry but there is nothing I can do. All but one of my rooms has checked in and that person called to say they will be late. I can’t kick someone out. Does it need to be in Bozeman or are you heading east or west?”

Customer: “We are going to Yellowstone in the morning! Why can’t you help me?!”

Me: “Because I’m full up. Mostly with people also going to Yellowstone. Three Forks might have something but they are west of here. Other than that, I’ve had people going to Billings or Butte. Everywhere close is full.”

Customer: *as he stomps out the door* “Well, you need better customer service!”

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The Holiday Season That Never Ends

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(It is about a week after Thanksgiving, and my husband and I are shopping for dinner supplies when we run into a friend and strike up a conversation. After a bit, we all point out our mutual dinner errand and end the conversation to go on our merry way.)

Husband: “See ya later!”

Friend: “See ya!”

Random Old Lady: *in a nasty tone* “What? No ‘Merry Christmas’? What kind of friends are you?”

Husband: *shocked for a moment, then incredulous* “I’m… sure we’ll see each other again before then, and he’s coming to my house anyway…”

Random Old Lady: *harumphs and walks off*

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