A Shower Of Complaints

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I work graveyard shift for a statewide chain of convenience stores/truck stops that has an affiliation with a much larger national chain. This larger chain has a rewards program that includes a free shower for every set number of gallons of fuel purchased, and we are able to redeem the showers which are automatically loaded onto the customer’s loyalty card when they pay for the fuel.

Customer: “I would like a shower.”

He hands over his card to be swiped. After swiping the card:

Me: “I am sorry, sir, but you have no showers left on your card.”

Customer: “That is not possible. I fueled in [Other City With National Chain] and had one shower on the card.”

Me: “Sir, our system shows that there are no showers left on the card. Did you use the shower when you fueled at [Prior Location]?”

Customer: “No. I have one shower on the card. I will get the receipt.”

He runs off and comes back a few minutes later with a receipt printed from the national chain’s kiosk. This kiosk can provide receipts up to a week back.

Me: “Sir, have you fueled since four days ago?”

Customer: “No. It says here I have one shower, so give me my shower.”

At this point, one of the assistant managers has come in and overhears the conversation.

Assistant Manager: “Sir, this receipt is from four days ago. You have nothing to prove that you have not redeemed the shower in that time, and our system, which is tied in with [National Chain]’s system, says that there are no showers on your card. If you believe that this is wrong, then call the customer support number on the back of the card, but we can do nothing for you.”

Customer: “No! It says right here!” *Points at the receipt* “I have one shower. I just printed this receipt from the kiosk!”

Assistant Manager: “This receipt is also from four days ago. It shows what you had then but not what you have now.”

The conversation continues like this for several more minutes until the customer finally relents and calls the service number.

Me: “I’m not sure which is worse: him trying to get a free shower, or if he was not lying, him not showering for four days.”

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Customer: Will a D2 battery work in something that needs a D battery?
Me: I’m not sure what a D2 battery is, but I know we sell regular D batteries.
(I take the customer over to the battery display)
Customer: See! (Pointing at the upper right corner of the battery pack) You only have D2 and D4!
Me: Oh! I’m sorry about the confusion there, the number is showing how many is in the package. It says D2 on the 2 pack and D4 on the 4 pack. They are all just D batteries.
(She doesn’t quite seem to believe me so I show her on the other sizes of battery too how the number just matches the amount in the package)
Customer: (hands me back the batteries she was holding) Thanks for trying to help honey, but I’m just going to go shop somewhere they sell regular D batteries.

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*Phone rings at the pizza place where I am working the counter, I answer*
Me: (Pizza place), this is (my name) speaking, how can I help you?
Customer: I’d like to place an order for pick up.
Me; Certainly! What can I get you?
Customer: (Name of pizza sort of similar to something we have on the menu)
Me: Did you mean (name of pizza actually on menu)?
Customer: No! I saaaaid, (same name as last time.)
Me: I’m sorry, what’s on that?
Customer: Really?
Customer goes on to list ingredients to a pizza we do not have on the menu, but as we have a build-your-own option, I follow closely along and take it down as they say. As they seem agitated and are being short with me, I’m worried they are summarizing and not going to get all of what they want.
Me: So you want a pizza with (said ingredients,) right?
Customer: Yes! The (same named pizza)!
Me; Okay, miss, and I don’t mean to sound rude, but I think you may be ordering from our competitor’s menu, which is why I’m not recognizing the pizza. I will be happy to make it for you, just be sure to come to (our restaurant’s name) when you pick up!
Customer: Oh, yeah, maybe, whatever. So a (same pizza), and also the (competitor’s menu’s salad.)
Me: *already currently googling their menu and confirming she was indeed ordering off that menu* Sure thing! *Plugs in our restaurant’s equivalent of that salad, as we have the ingredients.* Your total will be $20.50, just give us about 20 minutes.
Customer: Okay. Wait. I’d also like an order of pepperoni roll-ups.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have those here. How about an order of cheesy garlic bread, with pepperoni?
Customer: What do you mean you don’t have them?
Me: I’m very sorry, but we don’t make them.
Customer: It’s on your menu.
Me: As I said, you are looking at our competitor’s menu.
Customer: No, it’s a (competitor’s name) menu. *laughs at something in the background, obviously carrying on several conversations at once*
Me: Okay, so it’ll be about 20 minutes! See you then!
Miraculously, a man came to the right place in about the right time to pick it up, and no mention of the appetizer was made, and we didn’t receive any follow up call. This level of annoying is about a 3 in my experience.

A Flood Of Complaints, Part 2

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I work in a hotel. We have a cold snap in August and a pipe bursts in our laundry room. Almost all of our clean laundry is now sopping wet, I have just taken a “shower” fully clothed to turn the water off, and the water has reached several rooms.

Of course, this happens around 2:00 am. Our manager and the restoration company are already there by 2:30 am and pumping the water out and drying the carpet in the hall. We start calling rooms by the laundry room to let them know and to let them know that we will be comping their rooms.

Most people are annoyed but understanding — thank you to those that are very sweet to me! Then, there is this guest…

Guest: “Well, this was not a very convenient time for this to happen!”

The guest is completely serious and snappy, but I am polite.

Me: “I understand, ma’am. We’ve comped your room. The manager would also like to offer you a free night at a later date. Do you need any help with any luggage? Was it damaged at all?”

Guest: “No! But still, this was very inconvenient!”

Me: *Thinking* “Sorry, next time we will schedule our floods better.”

A Flood Of Complaints

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This Extra Dressing Needs Addressing

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I am a manager.

Customer #1: “Hi, I’d like to order two bacon ranch salads, with ranch dressing, and one more ranch dressing on the side.”

Me: “All right, just to let you know, I’ll have to charge forty cents for that extra ranch dressing, as is our policy. Is that all right?”

Customer #1: “Yes.”

The customer hands me a $20 bill. I give back $9.60 in change. Another customer gets up and comes over to me looking really angry.

Customer #2: “What the h*** is this? I gave him a $20 to give back to you, and he should have gotten $10 back! Why did you only give him $9.60?!”

Me: “Our policy is for us to charge for any extra dressing. I was told a total of three ranch dressings; is that incorrect?”

Customer #2: “No! I have never been charged for an extra dressing in my life!”

Being that all of the branches in our city are owned by the same person and have the same policy, I know he is lying.

Me: “I am sorry, sir, but I am required to follow our policy. Our policy is—”

Customer #2: “I don’t care what your stupid policy says. I have never been charged for it. Forget it. Give me a refund; I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir. I can give you a refund for the forty cents this one time, but after that, I can no longer do it as it is our policy.”

Customer #2: “That’s fine.”

I run a refund and give him a quarter, dime, and nickel back.

Customer #2: “No. I don’t want all these different bills. Just give me a full refund.”

Me: “If you give me the change I have already handed back, I can exchange it for a $10 bill.”

Customer #2: *Hesitates* “All right. That’s fine. But make it to go now. I don’t want to stay in this restaurant.”

Me: “Of course, sir, and I am very sorry about the inconvenience.”

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