Making A Meal Out Of Payment

, , , , , , | | Working | May 16, 2019

(I am a shift manager for a popular fast food restaurant. I am in the drive-thru taking cash, and I have an assistant with me. Our store has recently been fitted with “tap to pay” card readers.)

Customer: *pulls up to the window*

Me: “Hi! Did you have the [meal]?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(He hands me his card and I notice that it is a PayPal card with a “tap to pay” symbol on it; it’s the first one I have seen since the card readers were upgraded. On a whim, I tap the card against the reader, assuming nothing will happen. Imagine my surprise when the payment goes through and my assistant and I are excited and amazed.)

Me: “Holy s***! It actually worked!”

Assistant: “Whoa, that’s cool.”

(I return the card after finishing the transaction and we finish the order, still talking about it with the customer.)

Me: *after the customer leaves* “We are just a bunch of nerds.”

You Can’t Bake An Alaska In Wisconsin

, , , , , , | Right | August 10, 2018

I used to work at a popular ice cream-slinging burger joint that sold all manner of ice cream treats, including ice cream cakes. I was working the drive-thru when a coworker informed me that they had a complaint about a cake they purchased.

Turns out they had attempted to bake it, and they were upset that all it did was melt. I attempted to explain to them that ice cream melts when heated, but they refused to accept that a cake would melt in the oven. I told them they were beyond any help at this point, and hung up the phone.