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(I was at a coffee shop in Monroe with my mother. As we walked in, we heard an old woman asking some young girl employees behind the counter where the ketchup was. The ketchup happened to be right next to where she was standing, but the woman didn’t notice.)
Old Woman: Where is the ketchup? Where is the ketchup?
Employee: Ma’am, it’s right over there! *pointing while stifling a laugh*
Old Woman: Where?! *walking around dazed* Is this supposed to be self service or something?
Mother: *fed up* What do you expect? This is *coffee shop name*?
(The woman continues to walk around the store and demand for ketchup. I spot the ketchup across the room and walk over to get it for her.)
Me: Here you go ma’am!
Old woman: *surprised* Oh. Thank you. *muttering* I can’t believe there was only one left!
(There happened to be dozens of ketchup packets but I said nothing. My mother and I then promptly left after the incident.)

Making A Meal Out Of Payment

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(I am a shift manager for a popular fast food restaurant. I am in the drive-thru taking cash, and I have an assistant with me. Our store has recently been fitted with “tap to pay” card readers.)

Customer: *pulls up to the window*

Me: “Hi! Did you have the [meal]?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(He hands me his card and I notice that it is a PayPal card with a “tap to pay” symbol on it; it’s the first one I have seen since the card readers were upgraded. On a whim, I tap the card against the reader, assuming nothing will happen. Imagine my surprise when the payment goes through and my assistant and I are excited and amazed.)

Me: “Holy s***! It actually worked!”

Assistant: “Whoa, that’s cool.”

(I return the card after finishing the transaction and we finish the order, still talking about it with the customer.)

Me: *after the customer leaves* “We are just a bunch of nerds.”

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You Can’t Bake An Alaska In Wisconsin

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I used to work at a popular ice cream-slinging burger joint that sold all manner of ice cream treats, including ice cream cakes. I was working the drive-thru when a coworker informed me that they had a complaint about a cake they purchased.

Turns out they had attempted to bake it, and they were upset that all it did was melt. I attempted to explain to them that ice cream melts when heated, but they refused to accept that a cake would melt in the oven. I told them they were beyond any help at this point, and hung up the phone.

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