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The Line Is Shorter Than Their Temper

, , , | Friendly | August 14, 2018

(Most of this conversation happens in German. I am at an airport. After the security check, my husband and I are waiting in a check-in line. In front of us there are a huge youth group and a couple waiting. Behind us are one group with mostly elderly people, individual families, and a lot of other people. Suddenly, an elderly lady appears and starts to talk to the couple in front of us. She clearly cuts the line in front of us but we don’t say anything. The check-in is very slow and after one hour or so, only half of the youth group is checked in. Suddenly, they open another counter and the couple, the elderly lady, and some people from behind us go to it. We decide to stay in our line. After waiting another 45 minutes, it is almost our turn to check in. Suddenly, from the side, an older guy appears and starts to shout:)

Older Man: “Go back! You just cut the line. It is very rude! How uneducated are you?!”

Me: “I am sorry, but we have been waiting here already for almost two hours. We arrived in front of you.”

Older Man: “Don’t lie! Go to the end of the line!”

Me: “Why should we?!”

(Suddenly, the tour guide of the group appears:)

Tour Guide: “Go back to the end of the line! It is extremely rude to cut the line! We are a group; we need to check in together!”

Me: “As I said, we waited her almost two hours. A couple from your group was in front of us. An elderly lady cut the line but then they went to an other counter… and why I should lie about it?!”

(The guide doesn’t say anything and walks away. That makes the older guy even more angry, and he starts to rant about it with his fellows.)

Older Man: “They are just doing it to get a window seat!”

Me: “Don’t worry about your precious window seat. I checked in online yesterday and already chose our seats!”

(Finally, he calms down. Our plane has to do a stop over in another country. We have to get off the plane and do a security check before waiting in the transit hall. This time, the rude group is in front of us. Suddenly, a policewoman says in Russian:)

Policewoman: “Please, use the other line, too!”

(I say to the group in German:)

Me: “The lady just said you can use the other line, too.”

(The group just looks angrily at me and ignores it. The policewoman comes to me and my husband and says, in English this time:)

Policewoman: “Please, use the other line, too. No need to wait here. It is very hot.”

(Of course, we follow her request and go to the other line. I can only hear that guy angrily exclaim:)

Older Man: “See?! Now they cut the line again!”