Maybe They Have 10/20 Vision

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(My fiancé and I are in a national chain that sells craft and sewing supplies. We get our items and go to the cash register. The total is under $10. I hand the cashier a $20. I watch as she puts the $20 into the cash drawer, pulls out a ten, and puts it on top of the drawer, then counts out the rest of my change. She hands me the change, all but the $10.)

Cashier: “Here’s your change.”

Me: “No, I paid you a twenty. That ten is part of my change.”

Cashier: “No, you gave me a ten. I put it there.”

Me: “No, I just came from the ATM; it only gives twenties. I gave you a twenty. That ten is part of my change.”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t.”

(At this point I look at my fiancé, look at the cashier, and take a deep breath.)

Me: “Okay, then, call the manager. I need the right change.”

Cashier: *with some attitude* “Fine.”

(Ten minutes later, the cashier and the manager came out from the back room, and the cashier handed me my change. Out of a twenty. I don’t think the manager remembered this, but a few years later, my wife ended up working at that same shop! And, being very poor college students, neither of us felt too bad about making the cashier count her drawer. We needed that $10!)

Not Going To Change Their Story About Change

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(My coworker and I are both managers in a grocery store. My coworker is working the till while I am doing other tasks. As more customers show up, I also start cashiering to reduce the line. I start ringing out a regular.)

Me: “Your total is 8,46€”

Regular: *handing me a 10€ bill*

Me: “Thank you. Here’s your 1,54€ back. Have a nice day.” *puts money in drawer and closes it*

Regular: “And my 40€?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Regular: “Where are the other 40€? I gave you a 50€ bill.”

Me: “Eh… No, you paid with a 10€ bill.”

Regular: *looking inside his wallet* “No, that can’t be. I gave you a 50€ bill.”

Me: “Then, I have to count my drawer, but first I have to ring out the others in line.”

Regular: “Okay.”

(I quickly ring out the three other customers in line. I then take out my drawer and give it to my coworker to count; I don’t want to be accused of pocketing the money while counting in the back office. While my coworker is checking my drawer, I jump onto his till while the regular waits, staring at me. After about five minutes my coworker returns.)

Coworker: “The change in the drawer is only three cents off.” *gives me the record while switching places with me*

Regular: “That can’t be.”

Me: *showing the regular the record* “You can see that I only have three cents more than I should have in my till. You paid with a 10€ bill.”

Regular: *getting angry* “No, I was at the doctor this morning. He didn’t have change for a 50€ bill so I paid with my last 10€ bill.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you paid with 10€. My drawer’s correct, so there’s nothing I can do.”

Regular: “Then, I will talk to [Chain]’s head office and sue you.”

Me: “You do that. My name is [My Name]. I have to do other things now.” *leaves*

(Later that day I talk to my coworker about it.)

Coworker: “How thick can someone be?! Like we both would change the result just to get 40€.”

Me: “Yeah… and want to know what’s the best part? When he looked inside his wallet I saw another 10€ bill.”

I’ll Be Invalid For Christmas

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(It’s the 23rd of December and I’ve been on tills for several hours. A lady comes through my till and is complaining the whole time about low stock, claiming prices weren’t displayed properly, and grumbling in general. When it comes to paying she presents me with a ‘€5 off €50’ shop voucher.)

Me: “I’m really sorry but I can’t accept this. It says here that it’s only valid in the Republic of Ireland. My till won’t accept it.”

Customer: “Are you joking? Are you serious right now? Just change it all to euros and put it through.”

Me: “I’m really sorry but that’s not how it works. As it says here, it’s not valid in the UK, only ROI”

Customer: “Well, you know what? You’re a little c*** and [Store] are a bunch of b******s!”

Me: “…And your total is £130, madam. Can I help you with anything else?”

(In complete contrast another lady and her friend tried to tip me £10 each for “being so nice and putting up with the general public.”)

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 71

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(I’m working at an electronics shop that offers a store credit card.)

Customer: “Hi, why did I get this bill, and why is there a late fee?”

Me: “Well, you used your card to buy these items.”

Customer: “But I returned them.”

(I checked this, and find that she did return them, but it was too late to cancel the bill, so she got the money paid straight to her account. I try to explain this to her.)

Customer: “But I returned them.”

Me: “Yes, and you got your money back, but you never paid the bill.”

Customer: “But I returned them. Why do I have to pay for them?”

Me: “You never paid for them, but you got money for returning them. If you didn’t pay the bill with the money you got, that’s not our fault.”

(She then left, without seeming to have understood anything.)


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One Pregnancy Brain Free With Purchase

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I’m working seasonally at a department store around Christmas. One day I’m in textiles and a pregnant lady comes up to me asking to help her with some pillows. We go to the pillows and she picks out 8-10 that she wants. She won’t carry a single one because she’s pregnant — her words. So I have to make two or three trips back up to the register. I ring her up and she leaves.

The next day I’m working in the kitchen department. She comes up to the register with a big box (heavier than pillows!) and says, “You again?” The box is a free gift with purchase. It even says so on the side of the box. It’s a set of three sauté pans that you get when you buy a larger set of cookware. I immediately tell her this is a free gift with purchase and point out the words on the box. She tells me she wants her money back anyway. The box is all faded and has huge grease spots all over it.

This store has customer return label stickers that act as a receipt. They get scanned and put on anything you buy. I scan the label because she doesn’t have a receipt and see that she “bought” (acquired?) the set last Christmas season, and it’s showing she’ll get zero dollars back for returning it because it’s a FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE.

I show her the computer screen and she refuses to leave this store without some money for her used pans. She walks me over to the same cookware set and gift with purchase and shows me. Ok. You still didn’t pay anything for it. She insists she paid for it. I ring up one of the new boxes to show her it won’t even let you ring it up without ringing the bigger cookware set first.

I finally flag down a manager after what seemed like hours and ran away to tidy up another part of the department until she left, so I don’t know if she ever got any money for the pans she didn’t pay for and used for a year!

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