A Combo Of Dumbos

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(I am the front of house manager at a small bar. It is after lunch, so I send all the servers home, and it is just me left. A table comes in and orders two combos priced at $9.99. With the way our POS system works, we have to ring everything up separately, but it still totals out to the combo price. I hand the customer her check. She examines it for a moment then calls me over.)

Customer: “Our ticket is wrong; we ordered the two combos.”

Me: “Right, well, with the way our computer works, we have to ring it up separately, but you are still getting your meal for the combo price, which is $9.99.”

Customer: “But this doesn’t say, ‘Combo.'”

Me: “I understand, but it’s still the same price.”

Customer: “No, you are trying to overcharge me for the combo. I want my ticket with what I ordered at the price I want.”

Me: “Ma’am, the combo is $9.99. Your sandwich and fries rang up at $7.99, your drink at $1.99. When you total those up, the price comes to $9.98, so I’m actually saving you a penny on each combo.”

(She still didn’t believe me, so I had to physically write out the price and use basic math to add it up to show her that, in fact, I was saving her a penny and not trying to overcharge her. I think she and her daughter both felt like complete morons because they barely tipped and never came back.)

Food Fraud

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Me: “Would you like to make a donation of a food item to help a local food bank?”

Customer: “I would if it actually went to them, but I honestly don’t trust you.”

Me: *long pause* “All right, your total is $8.47.”

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Pennies For Your (Very Weird) Thoughts

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(I am getting some cash in my bank drive-thru when I hear this gem…)

Lady: “Hi! I would like to exchange these two dimes for 20 pennies.”

Worker: “Um… That’s a really small amount, but I think we can do it…”

Lady: “Well, I was just here, but then I found these dimes in the parking lot! And I hate dimes, so I had to have pennies.”

Worker: “Um… okay.”

Lady: “Pennies are my favorite coins.”

Here’s Our Two Cents: Go Away!

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(I live in Canada. We have just dropped our one-cent coin from circulation. Prices on cash transactions are now rounded up or down to the nearest five cents, while debit and credit transactions are left “as is.” This is all handled automatically by our tills, and our receipts still show the rounded cash price even on debit transactions. Shortly after the switch, we receive this through our online survey:)

Complaint: “I wish to report an act of FRAUD on the part of your restaurant. I ordered [combo], and my total was shown as $10.10. However, in reality, I was charged $10.12. This is not acceptable, as you are blatantly overcharging customers for their food. I wish to have this error corrected, and as a reward for pointing out this GRIEVOUS ERROR, I will accept my thank-you in the form of three large [sandwich] combos and a $25 gift card.”

(I don’t know if he ever got his “reward” or if anyone explained the changes to him, but he wanted over $50 in freebies over two pennies.)

PIN-Headed, Part 4

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(I’m ringing up a customer and now it’s time for payment. She hands me her debit card and I slide it for her.)

Me: “Okay, you can go ahead and enter your PIN.”

Customer: *verbally tells me her PIN*

Me: “…”

Customer: “Oh…” *enters her PIN on the pinpad*

(I was left dumbfounded.)

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