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Some People Just Can’t Fathom Being Charitable On Purpose

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: MangoNotBanana | January 15, 2023

I am selling figurines of Bernie Sanders as he looked at the Presidential Inauguration. All the profit is going to [Food Pantry], an organization that has “Asian” in its name and specifically helps Asian seniors with access to food.

I get this message to my online store from a potential customer.

Customer: “Hi. Is your price firm on the Bernie statues?”

Me: “Hi. These figurines are made with the profit going to [Food Pantry], so I can’t go any lower than the advertised price.”

Customer: “Okay… Your ad says that you are keeping five dollars for the material cost, so that’s how much it costs to produce them. So, can you sell them to me for five dollars each without making a donation?”

Me: “No, I cannot do that.”

Customer: “Why can’t you sell them to me for five dollars? You are not losing out on anything!”

Me: “If it helps you out, I can sell you an unpainted figurine for five dollars and you can paint it yourself. It can be a nice fun project. And I will donate the five dollars to [Food Pantry] under your name.”

Customer: “No, I want to buy the painted ones for five dollars each. I will buy six of them, so you will be making thirty dollars. That’s how much you will be making off of them, anyway. I think these will sell great at my shop, and if they do well, I can buy more from you. So you get long-term business from me.”

Me: “Here’s the thing. Five dollars won’t even cover the time it takes for me to paint them. I am donating my time to the charity, which is why I am only taking five dollars for material costs. Also, the point of this is to raise money for [Food Pantry]. The fact that we are even having this conversation is disgusting.”

Customer: “Well, f*** you! F****** [Asian Race] b*****ds! I am going to bomb your page with negative reviews and call you out on social media. I have already doxed you, so you can go f*** yourself!”

This Payer Is Sure Not Your Pal

, , , , | Right | January 15, 2023

My client is late on a payment. I send several PayPal invoices in hopes to collect payment, but they swear they’ve mailed payment.

Me: “What address did you send the payment to?”

Client: “I sent it to [address], as per your invoice.”

Me: “That’s Paypal’s corporate office.”

Doing Even Less Than The Least You Could Do

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: alexann23 | January 13, 2023

I’m seventeen, and I am a waitress, server, and cashier at a semi-local Italian chain. I recently had to take a month off of work for health reasons, since I was in the emergency room and then had to spend time in inpatient care. While I was away, there were huge changes at my job, including new managers and two new employees.

I’ve only been working there since last June, but I picked things up pretty quickly, barring the first day that I had to deal with a packed dining room by myself while still in training; I’d messed up pretty badly with the computer system and needed the manager’s help. Still, it happens.

Yesterday, I met a new girl for the first time. It was her third day, and she was still in training. She’s my age and a complete sweetheart, and as the dining room slowly became more and more packed, we made a great team. She got to practice working with the computers and talking to customers while I took down the orders and showed her how everything worked. It was her first time “properly” serving there, and she really did great considering that, certainly at first.

The other two people who were working were a middle-aged manager and one other hourly employee. The managers at my job will also serve and work the counters; basically, all waitresses have to do double the work, and we still get paid dirt, but that’s another story.

I was running between the dining room and the counters to try to keep up — although we can only serve a maximum of two people at the counters picking up or placing orders at a time. It was to the point where my manager and her friend had bundled up and complained about how cold it was, while I was flushed, with my coat off, covered in sweat. (I cleaned myself up when dealing with the food, of course.)

The manager and her friend were sitting down together, alternating between scrolling on their phones and talking, only getting up to answer the phones when they’d already rung five-plus times and having people wait at the counters to be helped for ten-plus minutes. It was massively irritating, but I didn’t have the time or energy to confront them.

About halfway through my shift, my manager told me that I couldn’t just go in between the dining room and the counter, and if I didn’t pick one or the other she’d withhold my tips for both since I “wasn’t fully invested in either.” Ouch.

[Manager] gave me a choice on paper, but in reality, she made it perfectly clear that I was stuck behind the counter and the new girl, the trainee, was on her own. There was nothing I could really do, so I just stayed at the counter, though that was plenty slammed in and of itself, and I really, really could have used my two coworkers who were screwing around on their phones. I didn’t have time to answer phone calls, pack up orders, check people out, and take to-go orders all at once, and I had one particularly angry woman call me a “lazy b****” for leaving her on hold for about two minutes. (That stuck with me.) While I was doing all this, the new girl was stuck with a packed dining room and no help.

About twenty minutes into it, [Manager] approached me looking both angry and sheepish. Basically, the trainee had messed up and charged the wrong orders to the wrong cards and needed help, though the way [Manager] phrased this was:

Manager: “You know, you don’t have to stay by the counter the whole time. That’s not what I meant.”

I looked over and could see her friend on her phone still, and the manager herself still had AirPods in and a show playing on her own phone screen. I responded in my sweetest, most respectful voice:

Me: “I’m sorry, but as we only get paid $10 an hour, my tips are too vital for me to forfeit them, so I’m going to stay put.”

(For context, the minimum wage is $15.65 where I live.)

[Manager] was floored, and instead of helping either of us herself, she waddled back to her seat and resumed her show.

Of course, I ended up checking in with the trainee and asked if she needed my help and whether the mistake was sorted out. She said that she had things back under control and a lot of the people dining in were headed out, which was great because the counter was still slammed.

This morning, apparently, a customer called in and complained that “the blonde girl [me] and the girl with braids [Trainee] were so busy that they were sweating, while the two other women [manager and her buddy] were sitting on their phones.” I only wish I could’ve seen [Manager]’s face when she heard about the complaint.

I am definitely planning on reporting my manager to the state, but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do so. I’ve been applying for other jobs but haven’t heard back and I can’t afford to be fired in retaliation. I’m a self-supporting seventeen-year-old who has bills due regardless and is trying really hard to not drop out of school, especially so close to graduation. I’ve been put in touch with social programs and assistance, but they all take a really long time to hear back from.

So far, I haven’t made a report as there’s no way to do a state audit without the name of the employee (me!) being revealed.

Shut Up And (Let These Employees) Take My Money!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: chynalynn | January 12, 2023

I work in a restaurant with my family. My aunt was serving a table of ten for dinner. The couple in the group were regulars who came here often, and the husband usually left a generous tip. I only got to serve them once, and at the time, [Husband] had to leave early, so he left $200 for his wife to pay. I personally overheard him tell her the change was a tip — the change was almost $50 — but [Wife] ended up keeping the change, so she pretty much stiffed me of my tip money. Knowing this, I warned my aunt after she sat them down to keep an eye on the wife.

Later on, after everyone was done with their meal, the husband paid for everyone’s dinner and personally handed my aunt a $50 bill. My aunt was so excited! She then told me that she was afraid they would ask for it back because she overheard [Wife] and her mother, [Mother-In-Law], ask how much did he tip her, and they then proceeded to read through the receipt.

Not even five minutes later, [Mother-In-Law] came up to my aunt and asked for the $50 back because they “didn’t know the tip was in the gratuity”. My aunt hesitantly gave her the money back.

I could tell my aunt was really upset.

Me: “You should have handed the husband the money back personally instead of giving it to the lady; maybe he doesn’t know about her asking for the tip back.”

I even offered to speak with [Wife] and [Mother-In-Law] about it, but my aunt was too embarrassed.

Aunt: “Just let it go.”

I was already angry that the wife had stiffed me on my tip, so I wasn’t going to let her get away with it this time, and I especially wasn’t going to let her take away from my aunt who works really hard!

So, when the time finally came for them to leave, I swear it was perfect timing. [Mother-In-Law] walked to the bathroom, and [Husband] was right behind her getting ready to walk out the door, so I tapped him on the shoulder.

Me: “You tipped my aunt $50, and it really made her day, but I just thought you should know that someone—” *I didn’t say who* “—came and asked for the money back, and she’s really hurt about it.”

He looked a bit shocked.

Husband: “Oh, really?!”

Then, he asked for my name and my aunt’s name and asked what our closing time was. Right before he left, he looked at my aunt.

Husband: “I’ll be back to speak with you later.”

My aunt looked worried until I explained to her what I had done.

Later on, [Husband] showed back up and asked to see my aunt. He explained to her what had happened and personally handed her $100, and the glow on my aunt’s face nearly made me cry! Sometimes you just have to speak up if you know something isn’t right!

They Are 100% Going To Regret Their Choices

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: No_Concept_9848 | January 11, 2023

I had a trophy-wife client who had a frozen yoghurt business paid for by her husband. They contacted me and asked me to design and build a new website for her business. I gave them a quote, and they asked if they could pay in three instalments. After we all agreed to the terms, I had written approval, and I received my 33% deposit, I got cracking.

We had regular check-ins, and they were happy with the progress until, one day, they just went quiet. They were already behind on the second payment and I was growing impatient. I was done with the site and just needed final approval and payment before launching it, but I couldn’t get ahold of either of them.

I eventually got hold of the lady at her day job after weeks of being ghosted.

Lady: *Calmly* “We found someone cheaper. We won’t be paying the remaining 66%.”

Me: “But the project is complete and all your feedback has been addressed.”

Lady: “You could just give me 33% of the files and move on with your life.”

Me: “Websites don’t really work if you only upload 33% of the files.”

She hung up the phone.

I still had the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) details for the brand domain that housed their current (old) website, so I decided to take revenge. I created a page with an animated fake loading bar that was stuck at 33%. Underneath the loading bar was the message: “This company does not pay their suppliers. They decided to pay only a third of the price, so now they have only a third of a website.”

I went as far as to download the website files, split it up into roughly three portions (file size), and upload a zip folder containing a third of the files to the FTP folder. This way, I actually gave them the 33% they had paid for and I could show the file size to prove it.

I also permanently deleted the old site’s files from the folder so they couldn’t restore from a backup — not that they’d have a clue how to do that.

They threatened to sue me. I’m still waiting.