You Can’t Stop The Music, Or The Kindness

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I work in a small, locally-owned candle store. There’s a semi-famous musician who likes to frequent our shop when he’s in town.

I’m helping a customer who is shopping with her three small children, including a baby. While she is grabbing one more thing, the musician calls me over and gives me two $100 bills to pay for the other customer’s items.

When it comes time for the customer to pay, I explain the situation. Her purchases come out to below $100, and she tries to give the musician the change. He refuses, telling her to keep it. She tears up with gratitude and thanks him profusely.

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Reaching New Tea Totals

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I walk into my favorite tea shop in the early afternoon and am greeted by the owner.

Owner: “Well! Glad to see you… You’re our seventh customer today!”

They’ve been open since nine am.

Me: “Well, you’d better get your restroom breaks while you can. You know what happens when I come in.”  

We’ve been joking about how every time I come in, they immediately get slammed. The owner’s husband replies as he goes into the restroom.

Owner’s Husband: “You snooze, you lose.”

I get a cup of the tea they’re sampling and then go about picking out my teas to refill my stash as we chat.

Just as the last of the shop’s staff goes into the restroom and the owner’s husband is weighing and bagging my tea, the door opens and two groups come in — about seven people.

The owner helps one group and her employee helps another. Several more groups come in.

By the time I’ve been there for twenty minutes, the shop is packed. People keep coming up and asking me about various black teas.

Customer: “Thanks! I will get all these. Can you ring me up?”

Me: “Just take it over to the register.”

Customer: “But we want you to get the credit.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t have a register login because I don’t actually work here.”

Customer: “Oh! I’m sorry!”

Me: “If it bothered me, I would have made an excuse and escaped!”

I was doing that for over an hour. When everyone finally cleared out, they had made more than $1,500 in that hour! They’d been under $100 when I walked in.

They gave me my tea for free; they said I’d earned it.

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Can We Quote You On That?

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I have to have the windscreen on my car replaced, so my husband takes it to a repairer to obtain a quote. They write the quote on one of their business cards and my husband comes home.

After we sort out our finances, my husband takes the car back to have the work completed. As our financial situation at the time is not great, we have enough money in our account on this day to cover the work as quoted and not a cent more. When my husband goes to pay, he doesn’t pay attention to the cost; he just hands over his card. It is declined. He then realises he has been charged more than what was quoted, so he queries it.

The employee who gave him the quote confirms that the lower price is correct, so my husband pays the lower price, gets his receipt, and leaves. When he gives me the paperwork, I notice that the invoice and receipt have different prices. My husband tells me what happened and we think that’s it.

But no. Today, my husband received a phone call from an admin person at the repairer.

Admin: “I am just going through our books and I notice that your invoice doesn’t match what you paid.”

Husband: “Yes, that’s because you tried to charge me the wrong amount at first. It was higher than the quoted price, so it was adjusted.”

Admin: “But we ran your card twice.”

Husband: “Yes. We didn’t have enough money in our account to cover the higher price, so when you went to charge me that, the card was declined.”

Admin: “Okay, but the receipt and invoice still don’t match.”

Husband: “Yes…”

Admin: “And we ran your card twice.”

My husband explains again why that happened.

Admin: “But the card went through okay the second time?”

Husband: *Getting annoyed* “Yes, because the second time, I was charged the quoted price, which was cheaper than the first price you tried to charge me. We only had enough money in the account to cover the lower price.”

Admin: “But how was I supposed to know that?”

Husband: “I don’t know.”

Admin: “Somebody should have told me or left a note!”

Husband: “Probably.”

Admin: “The invoices and receipts need to match!”

Husband: “Um, okay, well, if that’s all…”

Admin: “Okay, thank you. Goodbye.”

Husband: *To me* “I’m not sure what she expected me to do about it. I don’t work there. It’s not my job to make sure their invoices and receipts match or to leave notes for her!”

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More Like A Bemusement Park

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My job is making change so people can play amusement park games. It’s a slow night, and a big, tall man comes in.

Me: “Hello, sir. Do you have any questions about the game?”

The customer says nothing and moves into my personal space. I back up.

Me: “You use your quarters to push quarters off the end of the board, and it gives you one ticket for each quarter.”

The customer moves into my personal space again, looming over me. I put my hands in my change apron.

Me: “The tickets can be traded for prizes—”

The customer shoves his hand into my right apron pocket. I grab his wrist and squeeze.

Customer: “Let go of my hand!”

Me: “Your hand is in my pocket. Now open it up, and we’ll move it out of my pocket slowly.”

I squeeze more tightly for emphasis. His hand comes out, and he’s not holding anything.

Me: “Good. Now either you can leave, or I can call my boss and you can try explaining why your hand was in my pocket.”

He chose to leave. I was left to wonder why somebody so big went for trying to pick my pocket, and why he didn’t at least take the time to figure out that I kept bills in the LEFT pocket.

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The Cancellation Window Went Straight Out The Window

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Electronic-Meeting93 | April 22, 2021

Me: “Thank you for calling [Hotel], this is [My Name], how may I help you?”

Caller: “Hey man, got any rooms for tonight?”

Me: “Yes, the rate is [price] per night, which includes room rate and taxes/fees.”

Caller: “Okay, can I reserve a room for the night?”

Me: “You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re within the cancellation window and we won’t be selling out tonight.”

We have a 24-hour cancellation window, so you can’t cancel if you book the same day without paying the first night.

Caller: “So, I can’t? Why won’t you let me?”

I confirm that he can, so we spend the next five minutes making a guest profile and reservation. I remind him that he can’t cancel without penalty.

Me: “So, as previously stated, you’re within the cancellation window and cannot cancel tonight’s reservation. Are you sure you want to make it?”

Caller: “Yeah, see you in a couple hours!”

Fast forward three hours, the phone rings.

Caller: “Yeah, it’s me calling. I don’t need the room tonight after all, cancel my reservation.”

Me: “I’m happy to do so, but as discussed, you’re within the cancellation window, and your card will be charged for tonight’s stay.”

Caller: “Like h*** man! Give me your manager!”

Me: “My manager will be back Monday, 8 am. You can call her then.”

Caller: “You charge my card and I’ll sue you!”

Me: “Have a good night, sir.”

I know asking guests to listen is an exercise in futility, but when we are actively trying to save you money, why would you not listen?

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