Roasting Them Over Their Scanned Roast

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(My daughter is vegan and likes a particular brand of meatless roast. They tend to be a bit pricey, especially when a special occasion like Christmas is just around the corner, so I am very happy to see that the price at a certain store is $19.99 – approximately $5 less than their competitor is charging.)

Cashier: “That will be $24.99, plus tax.”

Me: “That’s not right; the price should be $19.99, plus tax.”

Cashier: “It’s ringing up as $24.99, ma’am.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but the price in the freezer said $19.99.”

Cashier: *stares at me without saying anything*

Me: “Can I see a manager, please?”

Manager: “The price should have been $24.99, but somebody—” *glares at one of the other employees* “—forgot to change the freezer price-tag. I guess we’ll have to honour the lower price.”

Me: “Does this store offer SCOP?”

Manager: “Excuse me?”

Me: “SCOP: Scanning Code of Practice. If an item rings up for a higher price than the one on display, I should either get $10 off the price or the item for free.”

Manager: “You must be kidding. You’re already getting a deal on this roast, and now you want an even better deal?”

Me: “Just asking.”

Manager: “We’re giving you this roast for $19.99. That should be good enough.” *leaves*

Me: “Seems to me that if I’m paying for it, you’re not ‘giving’ it to me.”

Making Sure You All (Co)Pay Dearly

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(I work at a long-term care pharmacy. We bill prescriptions monthly, and always get angry phone calls a few days after statements go out.)

Me: “[Pharmacy], this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Angry Man: “What kind of scam are you all running out there?”

Me: “Sir?”

Angry Man: “Do you think you’re going to get away with charging these outrageous prices? I should report you for robbery!”

Me: “If you have questions about any charges, I’d be happy to explain them to you.”

Angry Man: “As a matter of fact you can! I’d like to know why you’re charging me $50 for a month’s worth of [medication]!”

(I pull up the claim and go through my normal spiel of how we submit a claim to the insurance company, they respond with how much they’ll pay and how much of a copay we need to collect from the patient, and how we have no influence over the cost of the copay, as this is determined by the plan, etc.)

Angry Man: “Well then, how come I can go to [Other Pharmacy] and get three months’ worth for $150?”

Me: “Sir, that’s the same price.”

Angry Man: “You’re trying to tell me that $50 and $150 are the same thing? How stupid can you be to have your job?”

Me: *remembering to be professional and not sarcastic* “No, sir. I’m telling you that $50 for a 30 day supply and $150 for a 90 day supply is exactly the same price.”

Angry Man: “I can’t pay $50 every month for one prescription! I’ll go broke! I’m going to be using [Other Pharmacy] from now on so I can get more for a decent price! And I’m going up to [Nursing Home] and telling everyone there that you’re robbing them!”

Me: *slowly losing professionalism* “You have the right to use whatever pharmacy you like. If you feel the need to tell them that, I can’t stop you. But if they can do basic math, they’ll realize that copays are no different with us than they are anywhere else.”

Angry Man: “I know the tactics you people use to try to confuse me. You talk over my head hoping I’ll give up and pay your ridiculous price! You’re not going to fool me. I’m no dumb-a**!”

(At this point I was contemplating whether it would be worth the complaint I’d get if I said “Well, sir, you certainly could’ve fooled me,” but he slammed the phone down, making my decision for me. People are unbelievably dumb!)

A Hug For Thanksgiving

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(I am shopping in a grocery store with my two-year-old son. My son is VERY shy. It has been a tough few years; my son’s father had an accident and couldn’t work. We went from a two-income family of three to a one-income family of four. All of our savings has been spent in the last two years, and I am calculating my overtime pay to try and serve Thanksgiving supper. We pick out a whole chicken to roast, a bag of discount potatoes, and a few apples. We get into line. My son runs into stranger in front of us, and wraps himself around the stranger’s legs.)

Son: “You look so nice; I just want to hug you.”

Stranger: “Why, thank you, young man!”

Me: “Oh, my. He is usually so shy. I am sorry for the intrusion.”

(We chat about small things: football, weather… Our financial situation never comes up.)

Stranger: “Is this Thanksgiving supper?”

Me: “Yes, sir. Gonna make roast chicken and potatoes for the family.”

Stranger: *to cashier he has just approached* “I would like to buy her groceries; please add them to my bill.”

(To the unnamed angel who helped us: I was able to keep our lights on due to your kindness. It was only $25, but that made the difference in having heat and no dinner, or dinner and no heat. You, sir, restored my faith in humanity.)

Let Me Loan You Some Marriage Advice

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(This happens when I visit my bank to discuss the possibility of getting a loan.)

Loan Officer: *gives me information about their rates*

Me: “How do those rates compare to the Homeowners’ Line of Credit that I currently have with your bank? I haven’t used it in a very long time, so I’m not sure what its current interest rate is.”

Loan Officer: *checks* “Huh, looks like you’ve got a pretty good rate for your line of credit. It’s almost the same as the other ones I quoted you.”

Me: “Never mind the loan, then. If I decided to borrow money for the project I have in mind, I’ll just use the line of credit. It’s more convenient.”

Loan Officer: “Are you sure? Shouldn’t you discuss this with your husband first?”

Me: “Um, no?”

Loan Officer: “Well, give it some thought. Go home and talk it over with your husband.”

Me: “Thanks.”

(I go home, and as I enter my house, I hear my husband talking on the phone.)

Husband: “No. Whatever my wife told you is what we’ll do. No, I don’t need for her to discuss it with me. Thank you.” *hangs up* “Guess who that was?”

Me:Ugh. You have got to be kidding.”

(The kicker is that the loan officer was a young woman who, apparently, had very old-fashioned ideas about how other women should handle money.)

Cold Hard Cash Meets The Cold Hard Truth

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(I work at a bank. A customer calls in asking for several overdraft fees back, and only gets an approval for one fee. These fees are accumulated over a period of two weeks.)

Customer: “You should refund all fees. I have the money.”

Me: “I’m sorry; I’m confused. I do not see any deposits made before or after the charges. The account is still overdrawn.”

Customer: “I have the money in my hands now. I had it weeks ago; I just did not have the time to deposit it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but there is no way for us to use those funds unless you deposit them. The fees are valid.”

Customer: “But I have the money!” *hangs up*

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