Switching It Up And Going Down

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(After employees count down the tills at the end of day, money goes into plastic bags with strong adhesive strips closing them. They have to be cut open by accounting. Because counting down the tills is important, but difficult for people who struggle with math, I’ve had my store split between employees asked to count down tills and those in charge of floor resets at end of day. The district manager visits, and he takes issue with this.)

District Manager: “Why do you only let some employees count down tills? It would make more sense for every employee to take a turn.”

Me: “We only let employees who are able to demonstrate they can close tills quickly and correctly actually do so. There’s more than enough work for everyone else to recover merchandise.”

District Manager: “Hmmm… Humor me. Tomorrow, let’s switch the two groups, just for tomorrow’s shift.”

(We did. Thankfully, he was there to witness employees struggling with counting out the change and massive cash discrepancies. I expected that; not everyone is good at math. What shocked us was the number of people confused by the adhesive plastic bags. Several people had to be instructed that the bags had to be sealed and how to seal them. One employee somehow managed to get the bag stuck to his hair, money still inside. The adhesive was so strong, we had to cut it out. I let the district manager be the one to actually cut the employee’s hair. It drove the point home, and he bought the accounting team — and me — lunch as an apology.)

The Next Generation Needs Some Changes

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(I have just pulled into a fast food restaurant after a long drive. I’m tired and not really with it.)

Cashier: “That will be $10.25, please”

Me: *hands over $20 note, thinks for a moment* “Oh, hold on. I’ll find the 25 cents.” *I hand her the coins*

Cashier: “I don’t need that; you given me too much. I don’t know how much change to give you now.”

Me: “Just give me a $10 note; I don’t want a handful of coins back.”

Cashier: “No, I can’t do that. I’ll have to explain to my boss where the $10 went to.”

Me: “You are supposed to give me $9.75, but I also gave you 25 cents, which adds up to $10.”

Cashier: “No, you are confusing me.” *gives me back the 25 cents and counts back $9.75 in change*

(I looked at the coins in my hand and wondered just how the next generation is going to survive.)

I’d Tell Them To Go Suck An Egg, But They Won’t Buy Any

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(I’m an assistant manager at a grocery store. It’s around Christmas time, and I’m on the midnight shift. The store is packed, and the lines at the registers are long, even with every lane going. One of the cashiers calls me over to their register because the customer has an “issue” with the price of her eggs. I come over with a smile.)

Me: “What can I help you with?”

(When the customer looks up from her phone after a few seconds, she says:)

Customer: “Finally. I’ve been waiting for a manager for 30 minutes!”

(I know this is a lie, because I’ve only been on the clock 15 minutes, and this is the first time I’ve come to that register. I apologize for her non-existent wait, and ask what the issue is.)

Customer: “My eggs rang up wrong, so I get these for free; I know your store policy. Take them off.”

(Our store does have a policy that if an item does not ring up at the shelf price, it is given to the customer for free. This is not one of those cases.)

Me: “What were the eggs supposed to ring up as?”

Customer: “You work here; you should know. It’s not my job to tell you the price of things.”

(I flip open the weekly ad, and find that the one-dozen store brand eggs – which she has three of — are on sale, three for $5. I look at the register, and the eggs have rung up two at $1.67, and one at $1.66, making the three dozen eggs exactly $5. I explain to the woman that her eggs have rung up correctly, and she immediately blows up.)

Customer: “You are always trying to steal from me! You never honor your store policy, and you never fix the prices that ring up wrong. It’s like this every time I come in here! I just want my d*** eggs for free like they’re supposed to be, or I’m never shopping here again! I’ve waited long enough for this s***!”

(Again, I try explaining that the $1.66, $1.67, and $1.67 she was charged for her eggs is the correct price, at three for $5, but she isn’t having it.)

Customer: “Your corporate office will hear from me immediately. I’ve never been treated so poorly by anyone at this store! I’ve shopped here for 30 years, and I’ll never set foot in here again!”

(She storms out, not paying for or taking any of her order. After she leaves, the customer behind her remarks:)

Next Customer: “I can’t believe she’s been shopping here 30 years; this store’s only been open for 22.”

Putting You In The Hot Seat

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(I work in a call center for one of the major airlines in my country. Of the four top airlines, three charge additional money for certain types of seats. My airline is one of them, but if you don’t want to pay extra, if there are no regular-priced seats, you will be assigned a seat of any kind at check in. Having a seat assignment makes no difference of whether or not you could be bumped from a flight.)

Customer: “I wanted to choose our seats for our flights next month, but they all cost more money!”

Me: “Yes, I see that there are no regular-priced seats available on that flight. If you do not wish to pay additional charges, you will be assigned seats at check-in at no charge, though there is no guarantee that you will be seated together.”

(She goes on a long rant about how much she has already paid for the tickets and how far in advance they booked, all the while I am wondering why she didn’t choose seats when she booked six months prior.)

Customer: *continuing rant* “It’s like you guys are just trying to get more money! Is that true?!”

Me: *before I even know what I am saying* “Well, I mean, it’s a business.”

(Thankfully, she did not get mad at that slip of my filter, and I ended up advising her to ask the ticket counter or gate agent if they could be seated together on the day of departure, if she still decides she doesn’t want to pay extra. For the record: we think paying extra for seats is stupid, too, but you can choose them at the time of booking, and it’s not our fault when you wait so long to even bother checking what seats you have.)

At Least It’s Still Just A Penny For Your Thoughts

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(I am in line waiting to pick up a prescription. The customer at the register is taking longer than usual. The worker tells him to step to the side while they try to sort out the problem. I overhear this between the man who is picking up the prescription and his friend.)

Friend: “It’s only three dollars.”

Man: “I ain’t got that kind of money. Do you know anybody with that kind of money? These is crazy times we live in.”

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