Kindness On Their Dime

, , | PA, USA | Hopeless | January 13, 2017

I’m in line at the dollar store, a basket full of about a dozen items. I’ve had a long day and just want to get home. There’s only one checkout lane open, and the customer in front of me asks for a few balloons that they sell and inflate there. I’m thinking, great, it’s going to take forever for the checkout person to do them. However, the customer checking out notices the line behind her and says to the checkout person to take care of me first.

I thank her, but the checkout person goes into awesome mode, simultaneously blowing up the woman’s balloons and checking out my items.

As she tells me the total, $10.12, I groan, as I’ve only got a couple of $1s and $20s and a couple of pennies. I hand her the $20, apologizing that I don’t have exact change.

Around here, the dollar stores request smaller bills, as they get inundated with $20s and can’t make proper change sometimes.

I then tell her I only had a couple of pennies, when I thought I’d had more change, and apologize again.

Then, to my surprise, the person behind me places 12 cents on the counter. And a few seconds later, the woman in front of me who was waiting for her balloons to be inflated handed me a dime.

I was weirdly flustered because I’d never been in a situation where strangers are just handing me money.

To make it fair, I went ahead and took the woman’s dime and gave the 12 cents back to the man behind me, and thanked them both profusely.

Never Truly Game Over

, , | Canada | Hopeless | January 2, 2017

This is something I like taking pride in as a gamer. I’m a member of a small community online dedicated to gaming and listing collections. The community is tight knit and almost like a family. Unfortunately, one of the longtime members had passed away from cancer and the community has been pretty devastated by the loss.

One of the deceased member’s last tweets on her Twitter account was a request that someone does a cancer charity marathon in her memory if she passes away soon. It took a bit of planning, but the site owner, his girlfriend, and his best friend scheduled a weekend-long gaming marathon while the rest of us pooled in our money for the cause.

The marathon was an absolute blast and everyone agreed it was a perfect celebration of life for her. In the end, we managed to raise over $3000 from our small community to help patients and victims of cancer.

It may seem small, but we all hoped it would help make a difference.

Making A Senior Mistake

, , , | Orchard Park, NY, USA | Right | December 15, 2016

I worked in a Mexican restaurant. We had a senior’s discount but policy states that we have to wait for them to ask for it. We weren’t supposed to just give it to them but sometimes I would just give it to obviously elder folks.

Once, after my standard greeting, I decide I will do so for a grey-haired man. But before he even places his order, he picks up my ‘take-a-penny, leave-a-penny cup’ with one hand, pours it into his palm, and puts all the change in his pocket. He even stares me in the eye the entire time as if to challenge me to do something about it.

To which I decide that he has taken his own senior discount. Too bad, because the one I would have given him would have saved him a lot more.

Tipped Over The Edge

, , | Calgary, AB, Canada | Hopeless | December 7, 2016

(I am ringing up a customer’s purchase, around $30. He pays with a $50 so I hand back a $20 plus some coins.)

Customer: “No, keep the change.” *hands me back the $20, keeps the coins*

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m not actually allowed to take tips.”

(Our store does in fact have a very strict “no tips” policy. Keeping a tip is grounds for termination.)

Customer: “Well, I just got paid and I have a bit of spare cash, so why don’t you just keep this and buy yourself a coffee or something?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I really can’t take this!”

Customer: *looks at me, and then at the other two cashiers with me, who currently don’t have any customers* “Well… I guess $20 is pretty hard to split between three people…” *pulls out wallet and gives me another $20 and $50* “That makes $90, right? You girls treat yourselves!”

(The customer walked out as we tried to tell him that increasing the tip wasn’t what we were trying to get him to do. All three of us cashiers looked at each other blankly. We ended up calling our manager because we had no idea what to do. At first he got a bit upset with us for not giving the customer his money back. But after reviewing the security cameras he changed his tune and told us we looked pretty funny constantly trying to get this man to take the money back and him responding by giving us more instead. The money ended up going to the local charity our store raises money for.)

The TV Generation Isn’t So Bad

, | Orillia, ON, Canada | Hopeless | December 5, 2016

I work in the loyalty/retention department for the largest telecom in Canada. I have been doing this job for over three years now, but I will always remember the one older lady I made cry, in the best possible way, about six months into my tenure.

This lady called in, apologizing, because she was going to have to cancel her TV services. Her husband had passed away and she could no longer afford the bill, which was over $300, but she needed to keep her home phone with Canada/US/international calling, and the Internet because her family was spread out all over the world and she would call or Skype with her children and grandchildren.

Now, this couple had obviously never called in about their services once they were set up, as they were on old, expensive, grandfathered plans that had not been available for over 10 years.

I started talking to her, asking about the kids and grandkids, and what channels/tv shows she liked. Did she watch the European football? (no, it was her late husband; she didn’t watch any sports), What about the American new channels (nope, just the local news at 6). I found out they have had the same phone number for over 40 years and she was quite proud of the fact that they had been the first on their street to have “high speed Internet.” Meanwhile, I am looking at her past bills, long distance charges, Internet usage patterns, etc.

After about 20 minutes of just talking I asked her, “Ma’am, do you WANT to cancel the TV or do you feel you HAVE to in order to save money? Because the plans you are on for home phone and Internet will be approximately $185. But if I change you to new, in market plans, you can keep your TV with [channels], phone with all your features and LD, and an Internet plan with enough usage allowance to more than cover what you normally use, for about $150.”

There was a pause on the other end of the line, long enough that I asked “Are you still there, ma’am?”

Then I hear a hiccup and she is saying, “You can do that for me? I can keep my TV?” as she starts crying and thanking me.

She then asks for my manager and gave me a ‘kudos’ for being such a good employee and helping her out.

There are the customers I love to help. They are truly deserving of “loyalty” discounts and they are the reason I still want to go to work.

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