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Don’t Worry, We Won’t Upcharge You For The Sass

, , , , , | Right | July 11, 2022

Grumpy Customer: “I want a large coffee, black, none of that fancy s*** you idiots always try to upcharge me for.”

Me: “Large americano, gotcha. That’s $2.55.”

Grumpy Customer: “What?! For a coffee?! I know places that are way cheaper!”

Me: “And I have customers who pay more. That’s $2.55.”

Mr. Grumpy got his coffee.

We’ll Upcharge Just For You

, , , , , | Right | July 11, 2022

I walk into my local dry cleaners to drop off some clothes. There is only one employee, the owner, currently working. He is being berated by the customer in front of me.

Customer: “But you said it would be $43.00.”

Owner: “Was it me or one of the girls?”

Customer: “It was you!

Owner: “I guess it was less work than I thought.”

Customer:You should know how much it is. You are the owner!”

Owner: “Sorry. I guess I made a mistake.”

Customer: “This is unbelievable!”

Owner: “Again, I’m sorry. But I need you to pay so I can wait on the next customer.”

The customer glares at me and turns back to the register.

Customer: “So, how much is it really?

Owner: “$31.50.”

The customer slams cash on the counter and grabs his clothing.

Customer: “I hope you get your act together soon!”

He grabs his change and storms out.

Me: “Um… I just need to drop this off. I promise not to yell if I show up to get it and it’s cheaper.”

Owner: “Good, because I’m really not sure how the girls handle this. I’d like to think he doesn’t yell at them because they are minors, but I’m thinking he probably does. I should have banned him, but I’m telling the girls to ban him if he raises his voice again.”

Disappearing Clients Are Part Of The (Graphic) Design

, , , , , , | Right | July 11, 2022

I was 21 and working as an assistant graphic designer at a large charity and once had a colleague approach me and ask if I did freelance work. He was starting up his own consultancy business and needed a logo and stationery created for his new business. We met in our lunch breaks and after hours to discuss and I presented him with many options and refined the concepts, etc.

Once all the work was done and supplied and printed, he began avoiding me. I supplied him with my invoice, and he cut all ties. I spent a few weeks chasing him, calls, texts, emails, walking up to his (now unoccupied) desk, trying to get a hold of him, but he had disappeared.

Turns out he knew he was being made redundant from the organisation and had been trying to poach clients for his new business. I ended up bumping into him at the café around the corner and he rattled off multiple excuses for not paying me (not to mention that the total cost of the invoice was around $150) but ultimately, I told him that his payment was two months late and he agreed to pay it that day as to not incur and additional late-fee.

He paid me eventually but that’s how I learned the hard way not to supply final artwork until the invoice has been paid.

Swimming In A Sea Of Crap Customer Behavior

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: DiamondCutter_DDP | July 10, 2022

I work in pizza delivery. We often get deliveries to our local hotels since we have like four within a couple of kms. The good news is that majority will tip, and many tip very well.

This past week, this cheap guy has been staying at one of the hotels near us for (what seemed to be forever) a week or so. He orders $100 worth of food every night requesting to be delivered to his hotel room. But get this, not only does the guy never tip even a nickel — because what do you know, he prepays every time — but he is never in his room! He is usually swimming to avoid showing his face for being a cheap jerk.

We get to his door, and since it’s prepaid, it should be a quicker transaction, but we waste our time during the busy times knocking several times on his door and then calling him only for him to never pick up. So, we leave his food at the hotel front desk each night.

Thankfully, I’ve only gotten him once, but my partner got him four nights in a row. My partner was pissed because not only is this a** not tipping, but he makes us waste our time, walk all the way into the hotel, take the elevator up to the fifth floor, knock on his door, and then try to call him, for nothing! All the while, he’s in the swimming pool hiding from us for being such a lowlife d****ebag.

We been in and out in ten seconds each time if we knew he wasn’t around and just leave his food at the front desk. But he purposely doesn’t let us know not to bother so he can waste fifteen minutes of our time each visit trying to hunt him down.

He buys $500 worth of food over five nights and does not leave a single dime for a tip to any driver! Some people just make me seriously sick. He’d better have already left town, and I hope he never comes back.

Even With Tips, It’s Still Not Worth It

, , , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Illustrious_Day4634 | July 10, 2022

I’ve been working as a pizza delivery guy for a pizza chain for the past two years. I get an order for a condominium, and on the receipt, the customer has left instructions to call as soon as I arrive to find out which apartment she lives in. I get there and I call five times, and she doesn’t pick up.

I call my manager about what to do, and he tells me to call the customer’s daughter since she made an order with her and also left her number. I eventually make it to the customer’s door.

Customer: “Where were you?! You’re late!”

Me: “I tried calling you several times.”

Customer: “I thought those were scam calls.”

Me: “How would you like to pay?”

The order is $15.46 and she wants to pay with $100, and she wants exact change with no tip.

Me: “I don’t have the change necessary for that.”

Customer: *Yelling* “What the f*** is your problem?! This is your job!”

Me: “Do you have a debit or credit card?”

The woman finally pays, with no tip, and the daughter pays for her order and gives me a two-dollar tip.

Customer: “Now get the h*** off my property!”

I get back to work and my manager comes to talk to me.

Manager: “I got a call from your last customer. She says you pushed her, hit her, and called her a b****. She demanded that I fire you and give her a lifetime discount or she was going to call the cops.”

To this day, my manager is the best man alive. After that, he told her that she would be blacklisted from our chain and any other stores in the chain in the area. He told the other restaurants not to give her service or deliver to her.