A Priceless Attitude

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The town I am working in is known as a resort town because it is close to a river. We have what is known as River Season, meaning we have a lot of people from out of town. I work in a grocery store.

My manager is doing count in the cash office, leaving me with my 17-year-old coworker to man the registers and sales floor. It’s close to closing, and we have a small supply of alcohol. A couple come in and purchase a few things. As they are checking out, the man says to me, “I am really sorry, but I broke some beer over there.” I tell him it happens and that as long as no one is hurt, it’s not a huge deal. They leave, and my manager is back, so I go to clean the mess.

By the time I am done, we are closed. I get back to my register, and under my drink is an envelope. Inside is $40 and a note that says, “We have been coming here for six years, and no cashier has had such a good attitude about something like that. Buy yourself something as awesome as your attitude.”

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(I was in the backroom of our store on my lunch break when a customer barges through the door labeled “EMPLOYEES ONLY” and walks in to where I am sitting.)

Customer: “Hey! I need some help.”

Me: *a little bewildered* “Huh? Oh, well [coworker’s name] can help you out front, I’m actually on my lunch break at the moment.”

Customer: “Well, he’s super busy right now And I just have one question.”

(with this description I imagine that the store must have gotten really busy while I was on lunch and I decide to come out to help. I follow the customer out of the backroom and see that my coworker is ringing up a sale for one person, but other than that there are no other customers in the store.)

Me: “Okay… Uh, what was your question?”

Customer: “I was just wondering how much this game controller is?”

Me: *points to the price tag on the controller* “It’s $49.99.”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s what your coworker said, but I didn’t believe him. Ok, thanks!”

He walked out of the store without buying the controller and I stood there dumfounded for a minute before returning to my lunch break.

The Plan Fell Down

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(I work at a small grocery store, and we have a floor machine to clean the floors. Even though the vacuum usually sucks up most of the water, there’s usually a trail of water throughout the store, so we have to put wet floor signs around our produce section after we scrub it. I have been running the floor machine around the store when I pass by an older woman on her phone.)

Customer: *on phone* “These floors are all wet! Someone is going to fall on these wet floors!”

(She continues complaining about the wet floors on her phone. When I get back to the front of the store, she is leaving, and I hear my coworker talking to our store manager.)

Coworker: “That lady just said, ‘If I slip and fall, I own this place.’”

Store Manager: *laughs* “Let her try and sue us. We have awesome lawyers!”

Not So Purrfect Test Score

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(I come across an ad on Craigslist. Someone has found a kitten in their backyard but isn’t able to take care of it. I have prior experience with bottle-feeding, so I contact the person and pick it up that morning. Since it is on my way to class, and I won’t have time to go back home, I take the kitten with me inside a lunchbox. We have a test that day, so I pray the tiny creature will stay quiet long enough for nobody to notice. I am the first or second person to class and I sit in my usual spot. The teacher hands out our tests and we begin working. It isn’t long after we begin that a tiny “mew” breaks the silence. I ignore it, and hope that will be the only cry. The kitten meows a couple more times, and my face becomes hot with embarrassment.)

Me: “I’m sorry. That’s a kitten I just rescued. I didn’t have time to run it back home. I can finish the test in the hallway if you want, and leave immediately after.”

Teacher: “Oh! I thought that was somebody’s ringtone! No, you’re fine. Just finish the test in here.”

(I hurried through it and scrambled out of the classroom, with several people giving me strange looks.)

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( I work as a people greeter at a large retail store. There’s no barrier such as a register between me and customers. Occasionally, I do get hugs from children. This happened on a cold January day.)

Me: Have a nice day!

A little girl walks up to me and gives me a hug around my waist. However, she then pushes her hands into my jacket pockets. I generally pick up fallen receipts and stuff them into my jacket to throw away when I get to a trash can. So she snatches all of the receipts in my pockets.

Me: (Stunned silence looking at her parents wondering what they’ll do.)

Parents: Have a nice day! (Oblivious)

The girl runs back to her parents, with handfuls of receipts.

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