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( I go into work on what would have been my mother’s 60th birthday. We have a machine that makes blended coffee that has been broken for a few days while we wait on a repair guy to come fix it. Most customers are understanding. But this guy in the drive thru was a big exception )

Me: you may order whenever you’re ready
Cust: I’d like (breakfast sandwich) and a medium (blended drink).
Me: I’m so sorry sir, but the machine that makes those drinks for us is currently not working. Could I get you a different drink?
I listed off the other drinks we had available.
Cust: well when I pulled up your greeter said you had ( blended beverage) for 2 dollars!
Me: actually sir that price is for any of the small drinks from our cafe list. I just can’t serve you the (blended beverage) today because the machine is broken.
Cust: well f*** you! Have a nice day B****!
Me: (yelling) right back at you!!!
As he drove by my window he flipped me off. I returned the gesture. I then proceeded to the store supervisor and told her the whole exchange in case he decided to call and complain.
Super: I know it’s a rough day for you. But when people are like that and they drive by in a huff, just give them your biggest smile and wave bye bye.
Me: I did wave..
Super: next time do it with more than one finger..

Failed At Delivering The Test

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(I am working with a recruiting agency to find a job. I’m not fond of my agent, as she usually does not respond in a timely fashion. She often gives me less than 24 hours notice on an interview. I’ve just received a job offer from a company I wish to work for. It is Thursday.)

Agent: *via email* “You’ve been offered [office job]. [Assistant] will send you the contract to sign by the end of the day, and you should go for drug testing by Friday, which someone at the job will send you the address to. Also, I’m out of town next week; call me if you need anything! Good luck!”

Me: *responding* “Dear Ms. [Last Name]: Thank you for your time. I await the contract. [My Name].”

(At this point, I keep a tab open on my browser and keep an eye on my mail to get it all sorted ASAP, but nothing comes. The next morning, Friday:)

Agent: “Just checking in on everything, and letting you know who to contact next week with anything. They are [Name] and [phone number].”

Me: *via email* Hello, Ms. [Last Name]. I never got the email for the contract I need to sign for [Company offering the job]. Could you give me the location of the office I need to go to for these tests? Thanks, [My Name].”

Agent: “You should get that email within a few hours, and your drug test may have to wait until Monday.”

(I’m not happy with this answer as I have to have all of this ready before I start the contracting job, which will not wait, and I have other appointments I need to do during that time, and also have to go to my part time job right now. Six hours later, at 1:00 pm, after I get off work, I get the contract, which is filled electronically. It scrambles my information when I send it back).

Contract Sender: *via email* “There was a problem with work history section. Please fix and send back.”

(It then lists how my current job title and supervisor is filled in at a previous job, which is scrambled with the third job’s phone number, etc. I fix and resend the information. Within 15 minutes, I get an email to set up an appointment with someone for the I-9 form, which I assume is the drug test, and luckily they have a time slot available at 3:00 pm at a location 30 minutes from my home. I chug two glasses of water before I go and bring all the info I need. I arrive at location, which advertises that they do paternity, drug testing, etc. The secretary there takes my photo IDs and scans them with my social security card, then tells me to go home, as that’s all my recruiting company needs from me. This is very confusing to me, but I leave and go home. At 4:45 pm I get another email.)

Contract Sender: “NOTICE! Please print off the following attachment and proceed to the indicated address immediately for the drug test.”

(I am even more confused, as this location is less than five minutes from my home, and it’s almost 5:00 on a Friday. I decide to call the drug testing office directly.)

Drug Testing Office: “Hello, this is [Office].”

Me: “Yes, hello, sir. I just received an email from my recruitment office telling me to go to your location immediately.”

Drug Testing Office: “Yes.”

Me: “So, I should go to your office for this testing?”

Drug Testing Office: “Yes.”

Me: *confused* “Now? As in, right now? Immediately?”

Drug Testing Office: “No! We’re closed right now!”

Me: “That’s what I thought. When can I come in?”

Drug Testing Office: “We open tomorrow at 9:00 am.”

Me: “Okay, see you then!”

(I went to the office at 9:00 am the next morning, and it was not until 9:15 that the building got opened, and it was 9:30 before the office I needed to go to opened up. The office door indicated that they opened at 8:00 am on Saturdays.)

It Was A Long Friday Night

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(The video game store I work at is in a mall with mostly retail stores, but a couple of snack-type stores and one sit-down style pizza restaurant. It’s about 10:30 am on a Saturday and the store is empty at the moment. A man with a very angry look on his face comes in directly to me.)

Customer: “Is there any place in the mall that sells alcohol?”

Me: “Uh, yeah, I’m pretty sure that [Pizza Place] has a bar, but—”

Customer: “Okay.”

(The man turns and walks hurriedly out of the store in the direction of [Pizza Place].)

Me: *finishing what I was going to say, to myself* “…but they don’t open until noon.”

Travel, Have A Crack At It

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(I am planning a trip to Athens with several friends. I am at home discussing the costs and stuff with my mom when this happens.)

Me: “The hotel would be really cheap for a two-week stay, even. It’s crazy. Crap’s so cheap over there—”

Mom: “[MY NAME]! You know once you try that stuff you get addicted; how could you even think of going and doing that?!”

Me: *bemused* “What, travelling? I mean it’s not the worst thing to be addicted to. Maybe your wallet would disagree.”

Mom: “Crack is so bad for you, [My Name]; I can’t believe—”

Me: “Wait, what? You thought I said ‘crack’? I said ‘crap’. Oh, my gosh, Mom.”

(It’s been a few weeks and I’m still teasing her over that.)

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I just waited for a package for supplies for me to continue doing my side job at home. I got no notification after a month (it said latest the items would arrive is Feb 15) so I decided to check it out, it said that it had been returned to the seller. I call them up about why I received no notifications and why nobody came here. This was what the person at USPS said

“The driver said he drove to [my address] 4 times on 4 different days at 3:00-4:00. Everytime an elderly woman opened the door and said “there’s no [my name]” here!” Driver then looked through mailbox at end of driveway to the apartment complex to see if there was mail for [my name] and found none.”

1) the package arrived to their office friday, they sent it back saturday.
2) There’s no old woman living where I’m at
3) I do not live in an apartment complex. Nor anywhere near one. Yes, they repeated back the correct address to me and told me a landmark it was nearby, yet still somehow missed it.

USPS is making excuses for obviously their driver lying about not wanting to do their job.

And then they offered me $20 when the seller sends it back out again to have it expressed delivered. You’d think they’d just cover it themselves after their mistake and hopefully fire a lazy wretch.

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