Ruining Scrooge’s Fun

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(I’m working as a bank teller during the year the government released the new Presidential gold dollar coins. The gold dollar coins themselves are not a new concept, the first ones having been put into circulation in 2000. We don’t keep any in stock or give them out as change regularly, but we do get them occasionally in deposits, and sometimes people request them for coin collections. I am waiting on an older man one day when he notices the gold dollars in the coin tray sitting on my counter.)

Customer: “Wow! Gold coins! I’ve never seen those!”

Me: “Yes, sir, we’ve had those for several years. They’re gold dollar coins. Just recently we’ve started getting them in with their new presidential designs.”

Customer: “That’s so cool! I’m amazed they let you display them out in the open like that.”

Me: “Excuse me, sir? Out in the open like what?”

Customer: “You know, having gold coins like that out where anyone can see them, maybe even steal them. Wonder how much they’d be worth?”

Me: “Um… Sir? These are just regular dollar coins. They’re gold colored, yes, but not real, solid gold.”

Customer: “Oh, really? So, how much are they worth, then?”

Me: “They’re dollar coins. Worth one dollar. That’s it.”

Customer: “That’s it? Oh, well, that’s no fun, now, is it?”

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[A middle aged woman walks up to the service desk counter with 4 kids. Two in the cart, and two by her side. One of them proceeds to sit on my counter.]

Woman: Do you know if [store] online coupons expire?

Me: I’m not quite sure.. [I turn to my coworker, I don’t personally use the online couponing service for a number of reasons, but my coworker does] Do you know if they do?

Coworker: Depending on the kind, they do expire within a month.

Woman: Oh. Well it was for 3 dollars. Can you just give me the 3 dollars?

Coworker: Sorry, we cannot. Since the online couponing service is a separate entity from the store, you’d have to contact them, and they can sort it for you. We’re not allowed to at store level.

Woman: But it’s ONLY 3 dollars.

Coworker: I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do. [I write her the number on a post-it]

Woman: Fine. And also, I hate shopping here. Everyone is so rude. I just went through the fashions department looking for a pair of shoes for my daughter. She needs them for cheerleading. They have a hole in them! It’s unacceptable. I asked this girl working back there if she could discount a pair of clearance shoes for 15 to 20% off. She said she can’t. She called over another woman and they refused to help me when I asked to speak to a manager! At MY store in [town just a few miles north] they ALWAYS discount things for me. I’m a single mother with 12.. I mean 4 kids! I’m poor and my a****le of an ex-husband refuses to pay me child support! I spend THOUSANDS of dollars here weekly and MILLIONS monthly! I used to work for [my store’s name] for 6 years and I worked with [she listed a few names]!

Coworker: I’ve never heard of any of those people.. I will speak with a manager about what happened for you.

Woman: Good. I want corporate’s number as well. [I give her it and she leaves]

Coworker: Maybe she shouldn’t be having kids then.

[later, I spoke with my coworkers from fashion’s who dealt with this woman, to see what really happened]

Younger coworker: Yeah, I called over [older coworker] for help because she seemed like she was going to blow up in my face when I explained that I didn’t have the authority to approve that.

Older Coworker: She never demanded a manager either. I suggested that she speak with the service desk since we really can’t do anything.

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*I have bagged his carton of Silk, carton of Ice cream, and jar of syrup into one handled paper bag. 50ish able-bodied male customer attempts to lift it*
Me: I can put it in two bags for you.
Customer: *Ignores me, grabs another paper bag. Shoves hand in to open it so roughly he rips the handles off* F***! MOTHERF****ER!!
Me (and the next customer): *stares*
Customer: *many exaggerated movements and cursing as he separates his order into two bags and then storms off*
Me: Have a good one!

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Me: Can I help you find anything?
Customer: I’m looking for Campbell’s Select soup.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t carry that variety.
Customer: I don’t believe you.
Me: *i got nothing*
Customer: So where would it be?
Me: Well, it’d be here. *standing in front of our 20 foot soup section* but we don’t carry Select.
Customer: *shakes head* i’ll just look for it.
Me: Okay. *walks away*
*five minutes later, lady returns to me*
Customer: I couldn’t find it. I just want some Minestrone.
Me: Well, we don’t carry it, so..we have Minestrone in Progresso, though.
Customer: I want Campbell’s Select.
Me:………………………………………………………we have Progresso.
Customer: I guess. *takes soup and leaves.*

Completely Hamming Up The Order

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(I’m a customer ordering a ham biscuit at a drive-thru.)

Me: “I’d like a ham biscuit, please, and nothing to drink.”

Order Taker: “We don’t have ham.”

Me: “You have Canadian bacon, correct? That’s ham.”

Order Taker: “Would you like to add egg and cheese?”

Me: “No, just the ham on it, please.”

(I pay for the order and drive to work, which is across the street. When I open the container, I find only one slice of ham and NO biscuit. I call them to speak to the manager and explain my order, and tell them how i just just a slice of ham. I overhear the manager speaking to the order taker:)

Manager: “I can’t believe you gave a customer just a slice of ham and no biscuit!”

Order Taker: “But she said she didn’t want egg or cheese.”

Manager: “But she wanted the biscuit with that ‘ham biscuit’ order!”

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