We Support A Feminine Future AND Mexican Food

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(This takes place shortly after the Women’s March, for which I purchased a shirt that says, “The Future Is Female.” After the march, I head to work, where the uniform policy is fairly progressive and lax.)

Customer #1: “What does your shirt mean?”

Me: “Well, I strongly support a lot of the protests and marches that are going on, and the company making them is donating some proceeds to organizations with similar views.”

Customer #1: “So, you want to feed the hungry?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer #2: “What are you talking about?”

Customer #1: *confused, stares at [Customer #2], and then reads my shirt again* “Oh! Sorry. I thought it said, ‘The Future is Tamales.’”

Customer #2: *to me* “He lost his glasses yesterday. Sorry about that.”

(I laughed my way back to the kitchen, though I do wish there were substantially more tamales in my future, as well.)

At This Office, If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen

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(I am overweight. Our office recently moved and clients are coming by to see the new office. I’m giving one such tour and we get to the kitchen.)

Me: “And here’s the kitchen.”

Client: “Oh! Is this your office?”

Me: “No. That’s the kitchen.”

(It turns out, she had seen me cut through there to a different part of the office earlier and assumed that it was my office without really looking or listening to what I said. She was rather embarrassed at having insinuated that the kitchen was the office of the biggest guy there. We had a good laugh about it.)


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(I’m making a quick trip to the store near work for dish detergent, and just leaving the aisle where it’s stocked when a woman pushing a cart approaches me.)

Woman: “Excuse me, am I blind or just completely overlooking the oven cleaner? I just can’t find it. I know you don’t work here.”

(I get asked for help all the time in stores, but this is the first time the other customer actually recognized I wasn’t an employee!)

This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 83

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(I work at a store where we ask every guest if they would like to sign up for a store card to save 5% on their purchase. A customer comes up who appears to be around 40 years old.)

Me: “Hello. Would you like to save 5% on your purchase with a [Store] debit or credit card?”

Guest: “Sure.”

Me: “Great, it will just take a few minutes to apply. First, would you like the debit or credit option?”

Guest: *with very confused face* “Aren’t debit and credit cards the same thing?”

Me: “…”

(This happens all the time, where guests have no idea what the difference between a debit and credit card is. I then have to explain what the difference is between them, without asking them how they made it this far in life without knowing.)

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Insert Intelligence Here

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(I am working the cash register, helping a lady who appears to be 50. We are having a nice, normal talk until we get to paying.)

Guest: *pulls out a card from her wallet*

Me: “Oh, I see you have a chip card. Just so you know, we’ve installed chip card readers now.”

Guest: “Oh, okay.”

(She then proceeds to start waving her card around in the air above her head.)

Me: “Miss, you need to insert the card over here.”

Guest: “Oh, I need to insert it somewhere?”

Me: “Umm, yes.”

(To this day I don’t understand how she thought waving her card around would process her payment. The scary part was that she was serious about thinking it would work that way.)

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