In All This We Feel Sorry For The Dog

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I work at a long-term-stay hotel. As a part of our agreement, long-term stays can only have two guests, period, including children. This particular guest calls and has to shout into the phone over a lot of screaming kids.

Guest: “How much for a week? I need at least four beds.”

Me: “I am sorry, our largest rooms have just two beds in them; they are [price] a week, plus a damage deposit. And we do have a maximum occupancy for long-term stays of just two people, including children.”

Guest: “Well, I need four beds. Also, I only have 150 dollars. It would be me, my boyfriend, and my six kids. I have a dog, too; is it extra for the dog?”

She has less than half of what’s needed.

Me: “Well, the total is [price], we don’t allow pets, and unfortunately, we can’t accommodate you with a weekly rate due to an occupancy of over two people. We can give you a daily rate, at ninety dollars a night.”

Guest: “Well, I need four beds, at 150 for a week, and I want you to let me bring my dog.”

Me: “I am sorry, but I can’t do anything of those things.” 

Guest: “No. You will.”

Me: “No? No, I can’t and I won’t. You have too many occupants, not enough money, and a dog, which is not allowed in our hotel. I am sorry, ma’am, but you will have to find another hotel that could accommodate you.”

Guest: “You think you’re so smart. I am going to call your corporate office and tell them that you’re refusing to help me. You fat b****!”

She hung up the phone.

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Taxing Taxing, Part 6

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I am a paid tax preparer. In Minnesota, there’s an additional tax form called the M1PR Rebate of Rent and Property taxes. It’s a repayment of part of your property taxes, or part of the rent your landlord used to pay their property taxes.

It’s filed separately from your normal tax return, and the due date is August 27th of the next year.

It’s the last day to file your income taxes for this year. A client comes in with two sets of taxes, a full tax return for this year, and a rent rebate for last year. It’s not yet August, so there’s plenty of time to file the rent rebate for last year.

I’m getting many, many, many clients. Due to the health crisis, all of our major competitors are closed. We’re the only open tax office in the city.

I’m in triage mode. Many clients are bringing in returns from all sorts of years. This year, last year, three years ago, fourteen years ago… I’ve been letting all of my clients know that this year is the year where the due date is coming up, and I’m only doing this year’s taxes. Prior years can wait till tomorrow when we are still open but don’t have a deadline.

This client is having none of this. They insist on getting their 2018 Renter’s Rebate done right here, right now. “You should do one client at a time!” the client insists.

I pass the client to our manager, who tells the client the same thing. The client then walks out and insists that they’ll get their taxes done elsewhere. They take their unfinished 2019 income taxes with them.

I wish them luck looking for a CPA or other preparer who’s willing to do a prior year’s rent rebate on this night.

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(I work for a semi-popular deli and we have a warmer for keeping orders nice and hot. It’s been a long day, so my coworkers and I all decide to chip in and treat ourself to a small chicken brest. I put one in the warmer and stick a SOLD sticker to it.)
Customer: I know *manager* personally, and he said I could have a discounted order.
(I know it’s going to be a long transaction. Also, my manager is female.)
Me: I’m sorry, I can’t do any discounting just cause you know claim to know someone.
Customer: Well he said I could have 1/2 off my purchase. You should give me my discount!
(She has a small platter, one that costs $10.00)
Me: I can’t give you any discount. We don’t do that here. Im sorry if anyone misled you.
(She suddenly looks at me, and explodes in rage.)
Customer: How dare you disrespect me! I am a paying customer at this s*** hole! My business pays your d*** bills! I DESERVE RESPECT FROM YOU!!
(She then grabbed the chicken we were cooking and threw it at me. She thankfully missed, and it hit the wall)
Customer: Go to hell!
(She stormed out of the store. I just stood there, shocked. I never saw her come in again.)

One Of Retail’s Forever Problems

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It’s about ten minutes after we’ve closed for the evening when the phone starts to ring continuously. Instead of continuing to listen to it, I decide to answer it.

Me: “Thanks for calling [Shop]. I’m sorry but we’re closed.”

There is a slight pause.

Caller: *Sounding afraid.* “Forever?”

Me: “Um… no. Just for the night. We open tomorrow at eleven.”

Caller: *Cheerfully* “Oh, okay!” *Hangs up*

I nearly laughed my butt off over that and forever after made sure to say that we’re closed for the evening.

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Manager, Manage! Part 3

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I have a job interview early in the morning in a town I’ve never been to, so I get a hotel the night before. After checking into the hotel, I go out for dinner at a local steakhouse-style restaurant.

The server is very professional and polite, and I put in my order. While I’m waiting for my food, the table next to me waves our server over. One of the customers tells the server that their meal is cold, and the other customers say the same thing about their meals. The server goes to get the manager. The manager offers to comp the table’s bill, and berates the server for “taking too long to get food out.” The server shrugs it off, apologizes to the table, and walks back into the kitchen.

Soon after, we hear a commotion in the kitchen. Everyone in the seating area can hear it, and the general conclusion is that the manager is yelling at somebody, but nobody can hear what he’s yelling about.

As the server brings my food out, I watch the manager approach another table on the other side of the seating area, with their server in tow. They’re too far away for me to hear what is being said, but it’s obvious that the customers are complaining about something, and the manager is berating the server for the complaint. I watch the manager tear the table’s check in half, and the customers get up to leave.

By now, I’m second-guessing my choice of restaurant because of all the complaints that other customers are lodging. However, to my surprise, my meal is actually pretty tasty, and the server remains professional and polite, if not cheerful.

As I’m finishing my meal, the server brings my check and the answer to my questions about what all the complaints are for. In the check holder, there is a sticky note stuck to the check: “Our new manager is a jerk. If you complain, he’ll give you your meal for free. EVERYONE is quitting tonight, so feel free to complain about something; we don’t care anymore, so don’t worry about hurting our feelings!”

I couldn’t bring myself to complain about anything — after all, I thought my meal was well worth the choice of restaurant — but I did leave a good tip for the server.

I didn’t get that job after my interview, but I ended up passing through the town about a month later on my way to another interview in a different town. Remembering my meal, I made the small detour to drive past the restaurant. The building was vacant, with a giant “Available to Lease” sign across the front windows.

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