Fancy Fast Food

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(I have just started working as a host at a fancy Italian restaurant part-time, and I have been working as a manager at a fast food restaurant for several years.)

Me: *answering the phone* “[Fast Food Restaurant]. This is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Don’t you mean [Italian Restaurant]?”

Me: “Oh, my gosh! I am so sorry; this is absolutely [Italian restaurant]! How can I help you?”

Customer: “Did you forget where you were working?”

Me: “I did; I am so sorry. I’ve just started here. Would you like to make a reservation?”

Customer: “Actually, this is [Owner Of Restaurant] and I wanted to check in with [Manager] about how you were doing.”

(Fortunately, the owner turned out to have a great sense of humor. Every time he called the restaurant, he would ask me if I knew where I was working that day.)

Burrito-No-No, Part 3

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Customer: *in front of me* “I’d like a chicken burrito.”

(The employee puts chicken on a tortilla.)

Customer: “Also beef.”

(The employee adds a smaller amount of beef.)

Customer: “And pork.”

Employee: *adding the pork* “Black beans or pinto beans?”

Customer: “Both.”

(This continues through the salsas and vegetables, plus extra cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. The customer wants some of everything. Finally, he gets to the end of the line, with a tortilla under a heap of food.)

Customer: “Oh, can you stir all of that together? That will be to go.”

(The customer then went to the register where another employee rang him up. The first employee used a spoon to stir the pile. It was clearly not all going to stay inside the tortilla, or even the foil wraps they use. Instead, since the customer wasn’t looking, he got a roll of foil, pulled off a large piece, and wrapped the whole mess up. I cannot imagine what it looked like when the customer opened it. He deserved whatever mess it made!)

Firing Up The Chain

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(I have been browsing a fabric store for a while on a very slow evening. I hear a loud conversation near the front of the store. About five minutes into it, I am ready to go. When I get to the cash registers, the cashier is crying. Off to the side, a manager is talking to an irate customer.)

Customer: “I was in line in front of that other person. Your cashier took the other customer first.”

Manager: “I am sorry about that. I will speak with my staff about how to handle the lines.”

Customer: “I want her fired.”

Manager: “I understand that. I will talk to my employees about how to handle the situation.”

Customer: “I want to talk to your boss.”

Manager: “That would be the corporate office. I can ask them to contact you tomorrow.”

Customer: “She should be fired. I want to talk to them now.”

Manager: “They are not open this time of night. I will ask them to contact you, or you can use the website to send your complaint.”

Customer: “Why can’t you fire her? I’ll get you fired!”

(This went on the whole time I was checking out. The irate customer wasted more time complaining about the issue than she could have possibly spent in line in the first place. I told the cashier I was so sorry she had to deal with this. When I got home, I went online to send a compliment about the cashier and manager being calm under pressure!)

Don’t Want To Be In This Club Anymore

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(I have volunteered at a kids’ carnival in my town for the last 15 years, since I was a kid myself. I have never had issues and I am always hard-working, despite a lack of people helping each and every year. It runs about four hours long, but it makes me happy to just help out. I am running the putt-putt golf game; basically, you shoot the ball into the hole from two feet away. Kids of any age can play. I am supplied the clubs and foam balls. This lady comes up and gives me her ticket and her kid plays. He doesn’t make it in, but I give him a prize, anyway. The mom is livid and she rips the club out of the kid’s hand.)

Kid’s Mom: “What the f***?! Are you trying to kill my kid here with these iron clubs?!”

Me: “Ma’am, it’s plastic, and please stop yelling.”

Kid’s Mom: “F*** you! You’re trying to kill my kid!”

(She starts yelling and swinging the club, brushing my arm.)

Kid’s Mom: “I’m calling my husband to bring new clubs here!”

(And like that, she takes the clubs from the game and storms off. I have to go explain to the event chief what she has done and that I cant run the game. If that wasn’t bad enough, a police officer comes up to me:)

Officer: “Are you the one running the golf game?”

(When I say yes, he puts me in handcuffs!)

Officer: “You’re being arrested for endangering a child, and groping a child and their mother.”

Me: *livid* “I have witnesses!”

Officer: “It’s your word versus hers.”

(She was distraught and crying right then to the officer’s partner. Thank God there were cameras in the school and it recorded everything to show I was right. The police said she was not going to be punished for this; that it was just an honest mistake. Since this happened, the school does not want me back, just in case, because of this woman and her complaint… all because she didn’t like the clubs I was supplied. Furthermore, I got charged for those clubs, since they did not get returned.)

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I waitress at a local diner, but we have a bar that shares the same building. Every day for the past week, we’ve seen the same group of rowdy guys. They get drunk and make other customers uncomfortable. Usually the manager handles these customers. Today the group sits down and since the manager isn’t around, I walk over to take their order

Me: Hey gentlemen, how can I take your order today?

costumer # ! *Visibly drunk*: You babe, You know what a large shoe size means?

I’ve heard this line before, and have planned my retaliation.

Me: Lack of brain?

The costumer proceeds to jump up and grab my t-shirt, and at the same moment, the manager runs out of the back room. He is still holding the broom. The manager furiously whacks the broom upside the guys head. The drunken guys buddies stand up, and I expect them to try to beat us up, but customer 2 just drags customer 1 to his feet.

Customer #2: Damnit [Customer #1]! I can’t take you anywhere!
He turns to us: Sorry, he won’t be coming back again.

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