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I work at a grocery store as a cashier. My hair is long enough to be recognized as a woman but some people are mistaken at times. One day i was at work when a man walks up and stares at me.

Me: Hi, may I help you?

Man: It’s a woman ma!

I am bit confused and ask him what does he mean.

Man looks at woman putting her groceries on the belt. Man: You said this was a man ma, but it’s a woman.

Woman looks up at me: Sorry I thought you were boy. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.

Yeah no kidding.

Pink Zeppelin

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(I am checking out at a store. My nine-month-old daughter is in the cart, and like with most children this age, it can be difficult to tell her gender.)

Clerk: “Oh, what a good… girl?”

Me: “Yes, it can be hard to tell at this age, and she is wearing a boyish tee-shirt.”

Clerk: “Pink Floyd! Oh, I just love Stairway to Heaven!

Me: “… “


Motorized Thievery

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(I’ve taken a job at a home improvement store doing general floor sales. An understaffed department quickly takes a shine to me and trains me on selling their products.)

Coworker: “And…” *sigh* “…here are the bathroom fans.”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Coworker: *picking up an open box* “These are the worst for angry customers and theft. People will come in and insist on just buying the motor. You can tell them again and again that the motor isn’t standard between models and that you can’t just swap the motor. Some will buy the kit then return it when they realize we told them the truth. Some will bring tools into the store and discreetly steal the motor. But every last one of them will argue with you when you tell them you can’t swap it.”

(He shows me the open box, which contains a kit but the motor has been stolen.)

Me: “Oh. What can we do?”

Coworker: “Nothing really. Tell them you can’t just swap it, but if they’re not afraid of a bit of ducting tape, electrical work, and maybe some drywall cutting, it’s fairly simple to install a new kit. We have this book that shows step-by-step instructions; you can try to upsell it with a kit, but it’s not a popular seller.”

Customer: *walks up* “Yo, I need to swap a motor for a bathroom fan. Where do you have just the motors?”

Coworker: *looks to me*

Me: “Hi! I’m glad to help with that. Unfortunately, you can’t swap just the motor, but the kit’s only $12, and it’s a pretty simple project. We even have this handy book that walks you through it.”

Customer: “F*** that. I know you can just swap the motor. I just want the motor.”

Me: “Well, I’m happy to be proven wrong. You’re welcome to buy the kit and try to swap the motor. If it doesn’t work, you can just install the kit, instead.”

Customer: “No. I’m not paying for the full kit. I just need the motor. What don’t you understand?”

Me: “Sorry, it’s my first week. But unfortunately, I’m told we don’t carry just the motors. You can try a different store, if you like.”

Customer: “Whatever.” *walks away*

(Less than an hour later I was making rounds and found another open kit box with the motor stolen. Seriously, you can’t afford $12?)

When The Yelper Got Yelped

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(A new potential client texts:)

Potential Client: “I want to get my dog groomed this Saturday.”

Groomer: “Thank you for your interest; currently we are booked until [date out three weeks]. Can I get more information on your dog?”

Potential Client: “If you don’t get me in this Saturday I’m going to post on every review site every day!”

Groomer: “Sorry, we don’t groom for terrorists and any libel will be dealt with by my lawyer.”

(The groomer then screen-shot the texts and shared with local and national groomer groups online to blacklist him.)

Fancy Fast Food

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(I have just started working as a host at a fancy Italian restaurant part-time, and I have been working as a manager at a fast food restaurant for several years.)

Me: *answering the phone* “[Fast Food Restaurant]. This is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Don’t you mean [Italian Restaurant]?”

Me: “Oh, my gosh! I am so sorry; this is absolutely [Italian restaurant]! How can I help you?”

Customer: “Did you forget where you were working?”

Me: “I did; I am so sorry. I’ve just started here. Would you like to make a reservation?”

Customer: “Actually, this is [Owner Of Restaurant] and I wanted to check in with [Manager] about how you were doing.”

(Fortunately, the owner turned out to have a great sense of humor. Every time he called the restaurant, he would ask me if I knew where I was working that day.)

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