They’re Not In The Same Club

| USA | Related | July 3, 2017

(We are playing mini golf as a family for the first time. I am 13, and my brother is five. Everything is going well until I notice something: my brother is doing very well!)

Brother: *putts*

Me: “Wait, he’s doing it wrong!”

Mom: “Shh.”

Me: “But he’s not hitting the ball with his club. He’s dragging it to the hole!”

Mom: “Just let him have his fun.”

Me: “But…”

Dad: “He’s too young to know.”

(They told me to ignore it, so I did. Brother won. All I could think about is when I was his age and I would lose a game, they would laugh.)

Mini Golf Vs Beer Pong

| Regina, SK, Canada | Right | March 17, 2013

(Two ten-year-old boys come up to the counter.)

Boy #1: “Hey, would you give us some beer?”

Me: “No, you guys aren’t old enough.”

Boy #1: “Oh, man, they don’t even have any Captain Morgan beer. That’s the best.”

Boy #2: “Whoa, you know so much about beer!”

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What’s Yours Is Mine

| NC, USA | Right | January 3, 2011

(In our arcade, we have redeemable prizes for tickets you win by playing games.)

Me: *after counting a little girl’s tickets* “Okay, you have 25 tickets.”

Customer: “Give me a watermelon Air Head!”

Me: “I’m sorry. You don’t have enough tickets for that.”

Customer: “But my President is black!”

Me: “And so is mine.”

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