The Holiday Spirit Is Closed

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(I work at a dollar store that works with a military charity during certain times of the year. This time it is for a Christmas collection.)

Me: *after ringing last item* “Would you like to purchase a toy to help military families, through [Charity]?”

Customer: “No! If those women couldn’t afford to have kids, they should have kept their legs closed!”

Me: “…”

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I Don’t Have The Conserved Energy To Deal With You

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(HR has just made an announcement over the loudspeaker that the store will be turning off some lights and turning down the air conditioning in order to conserve energy. I walk out onto the floor just as he’s finished making the announcement.)

Me: “I can take the next guest!”

Guest: *putting her items onto the counter* “Why are the lights off?”

Me: “We’re conserving energy.”

Guest: “Well, they should say something before turning the lights off!”

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Repeating The Colorful Situation

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(Our store has had chip and PIN technology for months, but guests still never remember that they need a PIN to use their chip card. A guest is using his wife’s card and doesn’t remember her PIN.)

Customer: “Can you hold this stuff for me? My wife’s in the car, so I’ll just run and ask her about the PIN.”

Me: “No problem.”

(I suspend his transaction and put his bags behind the guest service counter. The guest returns not even five minutes later.)

Customer: “Excuse me. I was just here and had to run outside to talk to my wife. The girl put my bags behind the counter and—”

Me: “Sir, that was me.”

Customer: “Oh.”

(I have a full head of vibrant purple hair, so I thought it was pretty funny he didn’t remember I had helped him; people always remember me because of my hair.)

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So I was looking around Payless and I hear the cashier make a phone call.

Cashier: Hello, this is Payless Shoesource calling to confirm an order placed?

Cashier: Payless Shoesource.

Cashier: Payless.

Cashier: Payless Shoesource.

Cashier: No, I don’t have the store number, it’s Payless Shoesource.

Cashier: P-A-Y-L-E-S-S.

Cashier: No, Payless Shoesource!

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(I’ve worked in retail for a few years and have only had this happen once.)

Me: *after handing the guest her change* Receipt is in the bag, have a good day!

Guest: Wait, what is this? *holds up a buffalo nickel, which is just a nickel with a buffalo on the back rather than a president*

Me: It’s a nickel.

Guest: But it has a buffalo on it, it’s not a real nickel!

Me: It’s definitely a real nickel, I can assure you that.

Guest: No, I don’t think it is. I want another nickel, other stores won’t accept this!

Me: Other stores will accept it, it’s a real nickel.

Guest: *shaking her head* They won’t take it, can I just have another?

Me: *opens my register to switch her apparently fake buffalo nickel with another nickel*

Guest: Thanks!

(Later I told my manager about it and he couldn’t believe that a grown woman had never seen a buffalo nickel before and refused to believe it was real.)