“Can” You Be Any More Obnoxious?

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(I am a girl in seventh-grade shop class. My teacher is quite rude and we butt heads frequently. He’s especially rude about girls going to the bathroom and about our general competency around the class. I raise my hand.)

Teacher: “Yes?”

Me: “Can I go to the bathroom?”

Teacher: *smirking* “I don’t know. Can you?”

Me: “Actually, I was using the secondary definition of ‘can’: to request permission. I thought that since you’re soooo smart you would know that.”

(I got locked out of the classroom for ten minutes when I came back from the bathroom.)

BMI = Bad Model For Increase

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(At the end of seventh grade, I am sent home with a letter from the school nurse stating that my BMI is too high, I’m therefore overweight, and I need to be seen by my pediatrician. My pediatrician tells my mother that since I am extremely active, my diet is healthy, and my weight gain is obviously due to an impending growth spurt, to not worry about the weight for now. Over summer break I grow five inches taller. At this point, I’m looking rather scrawny, as it happens when children have large growth spurts. When school starts back up, I get called back into the school nurse’s office. She starts questioning me as to whether everything is all right at home, how is school, am I making friends, am I getting bullied, etc. She finally gets around to the point that she believes I have an eating disorder! I start laughing.)

Me: “Are you joking? I weigh 150 pounds! You said I was fat three months ago!”

School Nurse: “There is no way you weigh 150 pounds. You’ve obviously been starving yourself to get thin. It’s not healthy to do this to yourself.”

Me: “I’m a runner and play other sports. I grew five inches taller over the summer. I haven’t lost any weight. Got a scale? I’ll prove it.”

(I got on the scale and, lo and behold, I actually weighed 155 pounds. The school nurse thought there was something wrong with it and weighed herself. She weighed me again and realized that it was correct! She couldn’t resolve in her head that at 5’4” and 155 pounds I looked underweight due to my muscle mass versus body fat percentage. She called my mother, at which point my mother yelled at her to stopped harassing me about my weight or she was going to the principal over it.)

They’ll Figure It Out In Time

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(In eighth grade, my class decides to pull an April Fool’s Day prank. I go to a small private school that is pre-K through eighth grade, and our class only has about twenty of us. We also have a bit of a reputation as troublemakers. Most of us arrange somehow to be at school early on the morning of April 1st. If you arrive at school before eight, you are supposed to check yourself into the daycare facility, but they don’t really care if the older kids do or not, plus kids rarely arrive early, anyway. All the teachers hang out in the office and teacher’s lounge at this time of the morning so the whole school is basically empty. We split into pairs and go through every classroom, the library, the music room, the computer lab, etc., and steal every single clock. We meet in the cafeteria where we hide them all in a storage closet behind some chairs. By the time we are done, other students have begun to arrive, and we act as though everything is normal. Early in the day, our teacher has a bemused look when she looks to see the time and the clock is missing. Shortly after, another teacher wanders in, looking at where the clock should be, before returning to her room, but nothing is said about the missing clocks. I assume a search is conducted at some point in the day once they realize all the clocks are gone. A half-hour before school lets out, our teacher is in the middle of giving a lesson when we hear the secretary’s voice over the speaker.)

Secretary: “Will the students who took the clocks please return them? If all the clocks are back in place by the time school lets out, there will be no punishments.”

Our Teacher: “Just go.”

(She gave up on her lesson and went to sit at her desk. Half the class stood up and walked out of the room. We did return all the clocks by the end of the day and no one was angry. The principal even chuckled about it.)

Student Failed Assignment For Not Knowing The Dictionary Definition Of A Dictionary Definition

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(English has never been my best subject, since I’m a very literal person and assignments often require us to recognize and understand foreshadowing, symbolism, dramatic irony, and so on. However, I do have a large vocabulary, so when our homework one day is to define a list of words, I complete it before class ends. Much to my shock, when the sheets are handed back, all of them are marked wrong. Despite being generally timid — and even cowardly — overall, I can’t accept this, and confront my teacher.)

Me: “Why did you mark all of these wrong?”

Teacher: “Because they are all wrong.”

Me: *offended* “I know what all these words mean! Everything I wrote down is right!

Teacher: “Yes, but the assignment was to look them up, to show that you know how to use a dictionary.”

Me: “It didn’t say that, though. It just said to define them, and I did.”

Teacher: “You should have known.”

Me: “How?!”


The Heights Of Unfair Treatment

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(During middle school, I have a science teacher who seems to have some kind of “little man syndrome.” I am already six feet tall in seventh grade, while he is no more than 5’5″, so he targets me. We are doing an in-class assignment. I whisper to my partner, asking a question on the assignment.)

Teacher: “[My Name]! No talking!”

Me: *looks at group of girls loudly discussing their crushes, not focused on the assignment* “What about them?”

Teacher: “Do you want to be sent to the office?”

(I then begin to notice that I am the only student receiving this behavior, regardless of the fact that I’ve never had a problem before, and that I have a 100% in the class. Later in the year he decides to show a movie to the class that relates to genetics. I’ve seen the movie before and I don’t care much for it, and there’s no in-class work or homework assignment related to the movie, so I ask the teacher…)

Me: “Mr. [Teacher], may I go to the library to work on other class work?”

Teacher: “No, you have to stay and watch the movie.”

(Not wanting to argue, I bring a book and some homework to work on. During the movie, I notice other students reading, working on homework, or sleeping, so I do the same.)

Teacher: “[My Name]! Pay attention to the movie!”

(I pay attention for a minute, but begin to work on homework and read.)

Teacher: *comes up from behind and rips the book from my hands, gathering all of my belongings* “You need to pay attention to the movie! Stop being a nuisance!”

Me: “Everyone else is doing something; why aren’t you telling them the same?”


(I head to the principal in tears and wait for him to see me. After talking on the phone to the teacher, who claimed I was misbehaving and being a nuisance, the principal asks me to tell my side. I tell him everything, through sobs and anger. He tells me that he will call my mother and tell her everything, and that if the teacher does anything else, I am to go see the principal immediately. The next day I am walking to class with my items in hand. The teacher sees me and quickly walks over, then takes everything out of my hands with a smug grin.)

Teacher: “You can have all of this after my class.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I went straight to the principal and told him what happened. He angrily called in the teacher. Five minutes later, my very angry mother came in and went into the principal’s office. Although mostly muffled, I heard the most anger-filled shouts from both my mother and the principal about the teacher’s behavior towards me. When they asked why he was treating me this way, he claimed that he does this to all of his students. Unbeknownst to him, the principal had interviewed many students and teachers who know this teacher, and they claimed that I was the only one receiving this behavior. After the meeting, the teacher went back to his class, white as a ghost. I was moved to a teacher who treated me equally to their other students and I was never bothered again. But seriously, where are you in life where you have to bully a middle school student to feel empowered?)

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