Make Bad Your Escape

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(We have fire exit doors in the electronics department that lead to the garden center. The garden center is fenced in and has several gates to get out. All of them but the one across from the electronics fire doors are used for loading heavy products into customer’s cars. The ones across from electronics are a fire door, as well. All of a sudden, a piercing, screeching alarm rings through my department. It can be heard across the store. I’m the only one there at the moment, since my coworker is on break; she should be back any second.)

Me: *on phone with service desk* “Anyone know what’s going on?”

Service Desk: “Hang on; let me figure it out! Looks like it’s a water pump? They should turn off the alarms soon.”

(I go back to stocking. A few customers scream at me to “turn that thing off!” Only the store manager has access to disable the fire alarms. The store manager comes over to my fire doors and disables them. However, the alarm is still going on. Suddenly, a garden center employee flags us down; the fire gate is open. The managers are trying to handle it, so I go back to my department, and asset protection has me check to see if anything was stolen. Nothing. A garden center cashier approaches me.)

Coworker: “So, it turns out that the customer who I was checking out didn’t want to wait for me to unlock a gate to help him load his mulch and decided to use the fire exit and do it himself.”

(The alarms were finally turned off about 15 minutes after he told me. They got the customer’s license plate and he was on camera.)

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(I’m cashiering and a customer and her teenage daughter come up to my register. Her daughter grabs a pair of large sunglasses from a nearby shelf and puts them on.)

Daughter: “Hey mom! Look! Swag!”

Customer: *Looks at the daughter, makes a face, then looks to me* “I am so sorry.”

Hi-Time To Leave

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(There are two associates on the floor assisting sales, and I am behind the register. An older lady comes into our store and instantly we can tell that she is irritable. My coworker greets her:)

Coworker: “Welcome to [Store]! Is there anything I can help you find?”

Customer:No! I’m fine! I know what I need!”

(My coworker gives me a terrified look and walks away to help another customer. A few minutes later the lady comes up to the counter with a shopping bag FULL of product and throws it onto the counter.)

Customer: “You know, I love shopping here, I really do, but I simply cannot shop while that lady—” *points at my coworker* “—continuously hovers over me! I cannot shop under these conditions! I love this store, but you are getting none of my business today!”

(The lady then storms out of the store.)

Coworker: “All I said was hi.”

Me: “I guess that’s too much for some people.”

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A Different Brand Of Grandma

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(My company does a variety of social service work, including homes for the elderly. It recently changed its name, and not all of our residents are happy about it. I am assigned to a booth handing out shirts, water bottles, and stickers with our new name to residents and visitors. Most people take the offered loot — old people love free stuff. But not everyone…)

Me: “Would you like a [New Company Name] t-shirt or water bottle? They’re free!”

Tiny Old Lady: *looks like a sweet grandma* “[New Company Name] isn’t my home. I didn’t move to [New Company Name]. I moved to [Old Company Name]. This is f****** bulls***, and I want no part of it.”

(I found a water bottle and some office swag with the old name on it and left them in her mailbox. I just wish I could have had her talk to the executives in charge of renaming.)

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I don’t usually answer my personal phone at work, but A) the boss isn’t here and B) I recognize the number as one I’ve asked politely not to call me again, so my eye starts twitching and I have a serious need to tell them off again. Politely.

Caller: Hello! I am [caller] from [not my health insurance company]…
Me: I’m going to stop you right there. I’ve asked that you not call me anymore. I already got insurance through another company.
Caller: Ma’am, I believe I could help…
Me: No. Thank you. Please stop calling me. *hangs up*

I go back to work after setting the phone down and rolling my eyes. About a half hour later…there’s the same number calling.

Caller: Hello! This is…
Me: I know who you are and where you’re calling from and I’ve already politely asked two other people from your company to stop calling me. I am not interested. I’m happy with what I have.
Caller: But ma’am…
Me: *losing my patience* NO. I asked you to STOP. CALLING. ME. I am at work and you are interrupting my day. This is borderline harassment. STOP. CALLING. ME.
Caller: I think you’re missing out, but…
Me: *growls* NO. Listen to me RIGHT NOW. You will STOP calling this number or the next person you talk to will be MY LAWYER. Take my number out of your system. Forget my name. STOP CALLING.
Caller: *meekly* Yes ma’am…

Seriously?! I understand having to make quota on calls, but d***! What part of NO do people not get?! I rarely lose my s*** with anyone, but COME ON! They have yet to call back again, but if they do, I think my head might just explode.