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(I work at a cinema and it was the opening weekend for the movie Deadpool. Being a Marvel movie, many people were excited to see it, but with the R-rating it’s not appropriate for children.)

Customer: Hi! Three for Deadpool please!

Me: Alright, your total is-

I then notice she has two children with her, both clearly under the age of 10.

Me: Ma’am, I don’t mean to be rude, but I must warn you this movie is not appropriate for people under the age of-

Customer: Oh no you’re just saying that because you think the movie is awful.

Coworker #1: *after overhearing* Ma’am, my coworker here is telling the truth. It really isn’t-


Our manager overhears this and motions for us to let the lady and her kids through. The movie starts and the lobby clears out for a while. Ten minutes into the movie, the mother storms out with her two children in tow.

Customer: I WANT A REFUND.

Coworker #2: Ma’am I’m sorry, what was your problem?


Me: Ma’am I told you when you bought the tickets that the movie wasn’t appropriate, but you wouldn’t listen.

Customer: I WANT A REFUND.

As of now the kids are crying, the mother is threatening to call the cops, and my manager is just returning from his break.

Manager: What’s going on here?


Manager: Ma’am my employee here gave you plenty of warning that this movie was-


The customer stormed out with her kids. A cop did show up at the theater as I was getting off of my shift but he said the lady had reported us selling drugs to minors and had been waiting outside with her kids. When we explained the story to him he laughed and said he’d report this back to his chief. The lady was taken to the station by the other cop car that had come with the original cop. We gave him a free ticket voucher and a $10 concessions gift card for his troubles.

Trying To Drive Around Your Closing Hours

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We are closing an hour early due to a government health directive. My coworkers and I have just finished shutting off our fryers and everything else, as we just closed about ten minutes ago. 

A car pulls into the parking lot, and out comes a couple who comes in every once in a while. They are always rude, complain about the prices even though they order the most expensive items on our menu, act very odd, and smell terrible.

I unlock and open the door to speak to them.

Me: “Unfortunately, we just closed—”

Customers: *Interrupting me* “No, listen to me!”

Me: “We are closed, sir.”

Customers: “No, you’re not listening to me!”

Me: “Okay, what’s the problem?”

Customers: “My window doesn’t open so I can’t go through the drive-thru! You have to let me order inside!”

Me: “Sir, we are completely closed. We closed at seven. Everything is shut down, including the drive-thru. We have it posted in the windows and have been telling people for a week now that we close at seven instead of eight.”

The man turns around and storms off to his truck. His wife turns to me and says rudely:

Wife: “Sorry.”

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I’m in the middle of my shift at a wireless store, when a middle aged lady walks in. After greeting her and going through the usual pleasantries, I ask her what brings her in today.

Customer: “I’m looking to upgrade my phone.”

Me: “Awesome. We can definitely help you out with that. Did you have any particular phones in mind?”

Customer: “I definitely don’t want a smart phone.”

Me: “Fair enough… So, what are wanting your new phone to be able to do for you?”

Customer: “Well…. I want to be able to make calls, and send texts. Also, I’d like to be able to use the internet. I do stuff on my computer like Pinterest, eBay and Facebook. So I’d like to be able to check those on my phone as well.”

Me: “Okay ma’am… Well…”

Customer: (Cutting me off) “OH, and I play Candy Crush on Facebook, and I want to play that when I’m not at home too.”

Me: “Alright. Considering everything you just said you’d like to be able to do on your phone, I would DEFINITELY recommend going with a smart phone. That way you’ll be able to do all those things you just mentioned.”

Customer:”Didn’t you hear me? I said I don’t want a smart phone.”

Me: “No, I heard you ma’am. It’s just, based on all the things you said you’d like to be able to do with your phone, a smart phone would be your best option.”

Customer: “You salespeople are all the same!!! Always trying to rip people off by making them spend more money!! I plainly said that I didn’t want a smart phone, and now you’re trying to shove one down my throat!!!!”

Me: “No ma’am, that’s not the case at all, I just…”

Customer: “You know what? Just NEVER MIND. This is ridiculous!”

– Customer walks out

Me: “What the hell just happened??”

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So, we are a franchise and the owner doesn’t participate in the one dollar drink summer promotion. At least, not with our store because we are off the highway and people are going to pay for it anyways since everything around us is even more expensive. Well, the other day a woman order six different drinks, all ranging in size. Seems okay, right? Wrong. She got up to the window and argued with the back cash person until she was almost in tears, saying we had to give her dollar drinks just because a billboard that is no where near us said there were dollar drinks. Then she asked to speak to the GM, who goes over to the window to politely explain to the woman that our drinks were a higher price. She told the Gm that if she was really the GM that she could override the price. GM said no, she really couldn’t, and that even if she could she was not going to do so for one customer because then she would have to do it for all customers. The lady snapped a picture of the GM, and refused to move out of the drive thru, stating she would move after the GM made her drinks a dollar each. The GM told her that she had to either pay the full price, or pull away. She refused. Even when the GM threatened to call the damn cops. She didn’t end up driving away until the cop pulled on the lot.

For the rest of the night she continued to call and harass any manager that picked up the phone like a crazy person, asking for the corporate number and even going as far as to say that she would have the GM’s job. And, that corporate thought she needed to get her act together and override when asked. Yeah, right.

Needless to say, we were all laughing our asses off for the next twenty minutes or so.

Dug Himself A Burger Pit

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I’m at work as a drive-thru attendant, taking the order of an older male customer. I’m a girl and just graduated from high school, though I look much younger.

Customer: “I’d like a double cheeseburger with everything, please.”

Me: “Sure. That includes [list of condiments]. Does that sound good to you?”

The customer responds, obviously trying to sound sexy.

Customer:You sound good to me!”

Me: “Uh, excuse me?!”

Customer: *laughs* “Never mind. Yeah, that sounds fine, sure.”

I finish the order, and he pulls through to the window, so I go to cash him out.

Customer: “Oh, hey, were you the one on the speaker out there?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Customer: “Really? Because from your voice, I thought you were gonna be really hot.”

I just stare, shocked and perturbed. The customer starts talking really fast.

Customer: “But… I mean, you are! Just… not what I expected. I mean, you’re so hot you make Hannah Montana look bad!”

I stare some more as I gingerly drop change into the customer’s hand. My manager, who somehow managed to miss this whole exchange, comes by, hands the man his food, exchanges pleasantries, and then turns away from the window and says nonchalantly:

Manager: “That guy reminds me of my dad!”

I decided to pretend none of it had happened, or I’d be too disturbed to get anything else done for the rest of the day!

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