Dementors Beware!

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(My grandmother and I are both big Harry Potter fans. She calls me the evening of my seventeenth birthday.)

Grandma: “How does it feel to be seventeen?”

Me: “Well, I’m now a dancing queen and I can legally perform magic outside of Hogwarts.”

(She laughed and we ended up exchanging butterbeer recipes. Geeky grandparents are the best.)

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We Applaud Your Patience

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(I’m part of a group project on communication. I end up doing the majority of the work, but when it comes to the filming portion of the project, I decide to work the camera. [Partner #1] is speaking and [Partner #2] is acting as the audience. Her only job is to applaud after [Partner #1] finishes the speech.)

Partner #1: *finishes speech*

Partner #2: *does nothing*

Partner #1: “What do you need her to do?”

Me: “Applaud.”

Partner #2: *stands up*

Partner #1: “Yeah, [Partner #1], just sit down and applaud.”

Partner #2: *sits back down and stares at [Partner #1] onstage*

Me: “Like… clap your hands.”

Partner #2: *finally claps*

(I was very glad when that project was over.)

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(I recently started back at the place I used to work, and money’s been tight for a while. Because of when I was hired back in and how they only pay every other week, I don’t get a paycheck for three weeks. My parents have been letting me live with them for a while but they’re not doing well financially, either. I’m on the front register towards the end of a 9 hour shift when a man comes in with his wife and daughter. They’re the only customers in the lobby after a huge rush that left me exhausted, so I tend to them and then get ready to go out and start cleaning the lobby. This happens as I’m wiping down the tables.)

Man: Excuse me, miss?

Me: Yes?

Man: I just wanted to say thank you for cleaning up out here. Every time I come in there seems to be a mess on every table, and I really appreciate you taking the time to wipe it down for the customers.

Me: Oh, no problem. It’s my job.

Man: Yes, but you’re also very friendly and kind to your customers, which a lot of people aren’t. It’s nice to see for a change.

(He pulls out a $5 from his pocket and hands it to me)

Man: Now, I know it’s only $5, but I really do appreciate you doing your job. I know it’s hard because you’re understaffed and busy, so here. Keep it and keep smiling, hon.

(I was so choked up I could only smile and say thank you as I took it, but afterwards I went to the backroom to stop myself from crying. It may have been only $5, but it makes a difference when you’re basically living off spare change. That man didn’t realize how much what he said and did meant, but I’ll always remember it. Thank you, random customer, for making my day.)

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I work at the customer service desk at my store. People do not listen when workers talk because I have the following exchange at least 5 times a day when a customer walks up to the desk:

Me: Hi! What can I do for you?

Customer: I’m fine, how are you?

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Husband(checking over the pizza): Man, I love your bbq pizza! It’s so good!
Pizza Delivery Guy: I know, right? We have the BEST pizza!
Son: I knew it! You ARE from (famous national pizza chain)!
Pizza Delivery Guy:…