This Guy Is A Real Piece Of Work

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I work at a well-known home improvement store, and it’s my job to bring in the carts and assist people in loading up their cars. I’m a young female and often people don’t think I can do the job. But today, I run into an opposite sort of problem.

Coworker: *Over the radio* “Can you come help a customer load up twenty bags of topsoil please?”

Me: “Sure, I’m on my way.”

I arrive to see the customer and the cart of forty-pound bags waiting, so I quickly begin to help load the items into the car. The customer is a male in his late thirties and perfectly fit. He loads several bags and then leaves to go fetch his second purchase. I don’t mind and continue to work. His wife begins to help me just as he returns with a small tree and stands right behind us, just watching.

Male Customer: “I love work. I would watch it all day. Good job, ladies!”

I’m almost dumbstruck at this point just at the sheer lack of chivalry. 

Male Customer: *In a whining tone* “I don’t think I can fit this tree in here; can I just cry? Oh, no, wait. I’m a guy.”

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Me: Are you finding everything alright?

Customer: Good, thanks.

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I work as a cashier at a large dollar store chain where I have worked for around 2 years. We just got a bunch of new product the day before so we are busy setting the schematics that day. I just finish loaning on my drawer when a woman comes up to me and asks to pay for some in cash and the rest on a card. I tell her this is fine. This is what happens.

Me: Okay, your total is $31.80
Customer: Here is $7.00 cash and i’ll use my card for the rest
Me: No problem
**I put the $7.00 in and show her she still owes me $24.80**
Me: Alright, your total is $24.80, you may swipe your card now.
**as I hand her the receipt, she responds**
Customer: Where’s my 20 cents.
Me: Excuse me?
Customer: I had $25.00 on the card, you’re supposed to give me the 20 cents cashback.
Me: Sorry, but our system doesn’t allow that.
Customer: Yes, it does. It did it before. You must be new and don’t know what you’re doing.
Me: Actually, I’ve been here for at least a couple years and I know the system pretty well.
Customer: Then give me my 20 cents.
**I hand the customer her bags**
Me: I’m sorry, but we have a schematic reset, I don’t have time to argue with you over 20 cents. have a good day.

**I then walk away without saying another word. I tell my manager what happened in case she happens to want to complain to a manager. She just laughs. The woman never came back, thankfully.**

Coke Addiction Is No Laughing Matter

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I have an aunt who doesn’t get invited to family functions very often. Stuff like this is why.

It’s my grandma’s birthday. My dad and his siblings, including my aunt, decide to treat her to a new restaurant my grandma has wanted to try ever since they opened. We make reservations, arrive, and are seated, and our server comes over to take our drink orders.

Aunt: “I’ll have a Coke.”

Server: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we only have Pepsi products. Would Pepsi be okay?”

Aunt: *HUGE dramatic sigh* “Well, I only drink Coke, so no, Pepsi’s not okay.”

Server: “I’m sorry. Is there something else I can get you? We have [other drink choices].”

Aunt: *Another HUGE dramatic sigh* “No. I only drink Coke. Nothing else. Why don’t you serve Coke?”

Grandma: “[Aunt], that’s enough! Be nice to her or leave. I don’t want you to ruin my birthday dinner just because you’re a snob.”

Aunt: “Mom, you know I only drink Coke! Pepsi just tastes awful to me. I don’t know how you people can be okay with drinking it.”

Grandma: “Then leave. Go home and buy your own Coke.”

Aunt: “Well, they could find a way to get me a Coke.”

Grandma:They don’t serve Coke! I’m not joking, [Aunt]. Shut up and order something else, or leave.”

My aunt starts fake crying, but when she finally realizes that nobody is on her side, she stands up and shouts, “I’m never coming to this restaurant again!” and storms out the door.

My grandma turns back to our server, who has been standing at our table the entire time looking like she wants to cry for real.

Grandma: “It’s not your fault, dear. She’s always been like that. My other kids, as you can see—” *gestures around the table* “—are perfectly normal, so I don’t know where she gets it from. Anyway, you’re doing great, so don’t let an entitled b**** like her get to you. If you need to take some time to calm down, that’s okay. I think we’re all still deciding what we want to eat, so you can head back to the kitchen for a while while we look through the menu.”

Our server nodded and walked back to the kitchen. The rest of the night went very well. Those of us still at the table had a great time, the food was delicious, and the server was wonderful once she realized that my aunt really was the crazy one in my family. We left her a huge tip, and we’ve gone back to the restaurant a few times for special occasions, but we’ve never invited my aunt to join us.

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(I work at the service desk at a large grocery store chain. In my state, it is illegal to exchange or return alcoholic items. An elderly lady approaches the desk with a bottle of wine and the cork is clearly damaged.)

Customer: I’d like to exchange this wine. I bought it a week ago when it was on sale and I can’t seem to get the cork out of it.

Me: I apologize, ma’am but I can’t do any exchanges or returns on this as it contains alcohol. It is against state law for me to process the exchange.

(Usually people are pretty understanding after that and leave, but not this lady.)

Lady: Well I can’t open it! If I try to use a corkscrew on this, it’s just going to shred the cork and get in my wine!

Me: Again, I’m sorry ma’am but my register wouldn’t even allow me to process the exchange. I can’t even override it. It is against the law, ma’am, but I can talk to my manager to see if there’s anything we can do.

Lady: You do that! The same thing happened to me six months ago and the manager let me exchange it!

Me: That manager broke the law for you, then, because there is no way for me to process the exchange from my register, or any register, but I’ll see what my manager can do.

(I call up the manager and she tells me I cannot process the exchange and that it is against the law. I tell the customer this.)

Lady: Well I want to talk to that manager! The gentleman that I talked to six months ago let me exchange this for the same problem!

(I call the manager up, who explains to the customer the same thing I said to her, that it is against state law for us to return or exchange alcoholic beverages, but she’s not having it.)

Lady: I’m going to call corporate and tell them that this policy is stupid and needs to be changed!

(The lady took her wine and left. The manager and I just exchanged looks and smiled, knowing that this customer would get absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t our policy that we couldn’t return alcohol. We had reiterated that it was a law, yet it seems that some customers think they can work around that.)