Get With The Times… Whatever They Are

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They’re not posted outside the store, they’re not online — nothing. I call the number listed on their Facebook to try to figure out their hours.

Owner: “Hello?”

Me: “Oh, um, yes, hi. Is this [Antique Store]?”

Owner: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, I was just curious if you were open today.”

Owner: “No, we’re not open today.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Are you open tomorrow?”

I’m hoping she’ll just tell me their regular business hours.

Owner: “No, we’re not open tomorrow.”

Me: “Okay… Are you open on Tuesday?”

Owner: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay… What times are you open on Tuesday?”

Owner: “[Hours].”

Me: “Okay, thank you!”

It was like pulling teeth. She made it so hard to figure out when she was open. My mom has tried to stop by twice, on late weekday mornings, and she hasn’t been open. I can’t see her staying open long when no one can figure out when they can shop there!

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These Prices Are Criminal!

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I am working breaking down a sidewalk sale tent right out front of our store. Most everything has been brought inside because the sale is over. A customer walks up to the tent and picks up one of the only remaining items.

Customer: “How much are these?”

Me: “I am sorry, miss. The sale out here is closed, but those are still available inside the store for $9.”

Customer: “Your sign says they are only $5!”

Me: “That was the street sale price, and since the street sale is over, I can no longer sell them at that price.”

Customer: “That is false advertising! You have to honor the sign price!”

Me: “The street sale is over, miss. I cannot sell those to you at that price; they are still available inside for $9.”

The customer throws her product at me.

Customer: “You have to honor your prices. IT’S THE LAW!”

Me: “Miss, we cannot offer any street sale price inside our store due to the rules of our town’s street sale. We can only offer them on the street during market hours, which ended an hour ago.”

Customer: “You just want to f****** rip me off!”

She walks away, yelling about the store ripping her off. My coworker walks outside.

Coworker: “What just happened?”

Me: “I need a new job.”

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They Want You To Give Them A Slice Of Your Mind

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I work as a pizza delivery driver in a well-known chain. All summer, we had a special on our pizzas making them way less expensive. The special finishes on my last day before I go back to college.

I take a phone call for a delivery and I realize I forgot to give them their total over the phone. I figure it won’t be a big deal and go on the delivery. It’s a business, so I walk in the front door to find two women.

Me: “Hi, I’m looking for [Woman #1].”

Woman #1: “That’s me!”

I hand her the receipts to sign and hand the pizza to the other woman. It is a specialty pizza so it is extra expensive with delivery costs.

Woman #1: “$19? Why is this so much?!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s because the special finished just—”

Woman #2: “$19! That is way too much!”

Woman #1: “There’s something wrong here. They told me over the phone that it would be $13!”

Me: “No, they didn’t, because I took your order and I forgot to tell you the total.”

Woman #2: “That is way too much! Don’t tip her. I mean, why is it so much?”

I begin to explain that it’s a specialty pizza.

Woman #2: “I mean, look at us, yelling at you over price! You have no control over it! I know people do that to us all the time! What you really want to say to us is, ‘If you wanted a cheaper pizza, you should have gone to [Competitor]!’ Am I right? Come on, just say it!”

I refused to say such a disrespectful thing and, being a rather shy individual, I said, “No, thank you,” took the signed receipt with no tip on it, and hurried out the door.

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Unfiltered Story #193823

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(I’m just getting into work when my coworker, who is scheduled out when I get in, is explaining to me that the woman on kiosk 2 wants a DVD and 400 pictures printed. The woman then stands up with her phone to her ear and stares at us.)

Coworker 1: (to me) I think she needs help.

Me: (to customer): What can I do for you?

Customer: I just picked all the pictures I wanted but, it’s asking me to crop them.

Me: Yep! Depending on the size of your picture, it will have to crop it. I recommend manually cropping them though, auto-crop will randomly select it and you may not get a good picture.

Customer: But, I don’t want to crop it. I want my whole picture.

Me: I’m sorry, unfortunately you have to crop it to a 4×6 size. It depends too, on how large the picture itself is.

Customer: (she notices my other coworker walking by to help a customer) I don’t want your help, I want his!

(So I leave to let coworker #2 help her. He ends up calling over coworker #1 to assist him in explaining why we have to crop photos because she didn’t believe him either. She says she’ll get her prints done somewhere else but, will still get a DVD. They help her get it ordered and I’m currently working on getting it burned. She keeps standing at my counter asking how long it will be every couple of minutes. It’s over a thousand pictures that I have to burn to the DVD. Which takes about 10 minutes. She decides to leave a get a few more things. Her DVD is done, coworker 1 has gone home and coworker 3 has come in for the day.)

Customer: Can I pay for my other stuff here too?

Me: Absolutely!

Customer: I need to check this DVD to make sure all my pictures are on it before I pay for it.

Me: Of course! Go right ahead!

(She goes over to the kiosks but, notices the one she was using is now being used by another customer, all but one kiosk is being used. However she doesn’t want to use that one.)

Customer: All the other cashiers tell me to check the DVD but, YOU! Do you have computers behind your counter I can use to check this?

Me: I’m sorry, we do, but customers aren’t allowed behind the counter. I could check the DVD for you but, I’m not sure what all the pictures you wanted on there were.

Customer: This is absolutely ridiculous! This is the worst customer service I’ve experienced! Get me a manager so I can talk to them about it! (So I call a manager over; she says she’ll be a minute. So the customer decides to call her husband:) “Hi. Yeah so I just experienced the WORST customer service in my life! We’re never shopping here again. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home!”

(The manager comes over and talks to the woman who says “I know it’s not their fault I have to crop photos but, I’m 40 years old and have never had to do this before!” She bashes me for being a horrible person and demands to be compensated. The manager goes away from the customer to make a phone call to another manager to ask her opinion on what to do, I walk over to ask if I could talk to her after. The manager tells me that they’re giving the woman her $5.99 DVD for free and a $10 gift card and says she’ll meet with me after to hear out my side. After the woman left, coworker 2 says to me “Why did she complain about you?! You did nothing wrong!”. When the manager comes back, coworker 2 & 3, and I all explained what really happened. She believed us and apparently the woman is a frequent complainer for ridiculous things.)

Short-Term Sweetness Can Cause Long-Term Happiness

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This story is from when I am very young, probably three or four years old. My family is on vacation to Mackinac Island, an island in Lake Huron. One of the things the island is most famous for is its fudge, and at least for my family, it is an unwritten law that whenever we visit, we have to get at least two kinds of fudge.

We’re in the middle of a confectionary that sells mostly fudge. It’s crowded, given that it’s the height of the tourist season, and the line is so long that my parents let me stand by the glass barrier that separates the shop into the main area and the kitchen so I can watch a handful of workers cutting up huge slabs of fresh fudge while we wait for my parents to get to the front of the line.

I’m completely engrossed by the process, even though I’m not really tall enough to see more than what’s on the table right in front of me.

One of the workers notices how closely I’m watching what’s happening and silently gives me a small piece of soft chocolate fudge from the trimmings. To my three- or four-year-old self, this is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me.

I don’t stop smiling for hours even after I eat the fudge.

If you’re out there, kind fudge shop worker, thank you. I’ve been to Mackinac Island a few more times since, and every time I think of you and that little piece of fudge.

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