The Wi-Fi Is Screwed

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(I work at a very popular thrift store. One day, our Wi-Fi goes out so we can’t use our computers. This means that while we wait for the Internet providers to fix it, we have to write up all the receipts by hand and can only take cash. There are signs on the door when you walk in, on each register, and all over the store. My manager makes announcements every 15 minutes, and I apologize to each customer for the inconvenience. But even with all that, this happens multiple times.)

Me: “All right, now that I’ve added in the tax, your total will be [amount].”

Customer: *pulls out a card and tries to hand it to me*

Me: “Um, we can only take cash right now.”

Customer: “Really? Are you sure?”

Me: “Positive.”

Customer: “Well, I really wish someone would’ve told me beforehand.”

Me: “…”

(Also, while most customers are very understanding, patient, and nice about the situation, I still have a couple of these.)

Customer: “Well, this is just very bad business. You need to fix this immediately.” *leaves in an angry huff*

Me: “Oh, sure. Let me just grab my trusty screwdriver and fix the Wi-Fi. I’ll have it up and running in no time.”

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Her Policy Is To Scream And Shout No Matter What

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(At my store, if a customer wants to do a return, we have to pay them back the way they originally paid for it. A woman and her daughter come in to return a bra.)

Customer: “I’d like to return this.”

Me: “All right.” *scans receipt and bra* “You’ll be getting back $5.18, and you paid with card, so that’s how we’ll give it back. Please insert your card when it asks.”

Customer: “But I don’t have the card.”

Me: “Well… I’m not supposed to do the return without the card—”

Customer: *cuts me off before I can tell her I’ll still do cashback* “WELL, Y’ALL ARE GONNA GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! WHERE IS YOUR MANAGER?!”

Me: *signals to the manager to come over* “We may still be able to give it back in cash since it’s a small amount. But next time, please try to have your card so that we can do the return properly.”


Me: *ignores her yelling to ask for the go-ahead from my manager, though now I have an attitude, as well*

Manager: “It’s fine.”

(My manager tries to calm the woman down because she’s still yelling through the whole thing and even stays after I’ve handed her the money to give us “a piece of her mind” so we’ll “know how to properly run a business.”)

Customer: “…and you’d better not ever try to take my money again! You need to change that policy because it’s bulls***! And next time—”

Me: *fed up after hearing her rant for the past five minutes and slams my hand on the counter* “LOOK! We don’t make the rules, so you continuously yelling at us over five dollars isn’t going to change what corporate decided.”

Customer: “I didn’t say anything about you making the rules! I’m just saying—”

Manager: *cuts her off, sighing* “Ma’am, it’s just store policy. You’ve been shouting for well over five minutes now. We went against store policy and gave you the money back. Can you just drop it?”

Customer: *walks to the toy section with her daughter still loudly going on about how she hates our policy*

Customer #2: *walks up and sets her stuff down rolling her eyes* “I promise I won’t be difficult like that.”

Me: *smiles* “Thank you.”

(Yes, I admit I could’ve handled that better; I lost my temper, and raised my voice. But after dealing with customers like her for nearly a year and getting yelled at earlier that day because our computers shut down, I just had little patience for getting yelled at for five minutes straight over a policy I didn’t make, especially after I had already broken the rules for her.)

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(This story takes place on my first day running registers at a company I have only been working at for a week. We are running a promotion where customers can donate to a cause using the pinpad before they pay. They have to choose before they pay with a card. It has been discovered that if they select yes the machine glitches and I have to reset it before it’ll read their card)

Me: Hi do you have your rewards card today?

Customer: (ignores me and shows it to me)

Me: (finishes scanning) okay its gonna…

Customer: (starts repeatedly sliding card before I can finish) (gives me confused look)

Me: Its going to ask if you would like to make a donation to (cause) you’ll have to select yes or no before you can slide your card.

Customer: (selects yes and starts sliding card repeatedly again)

Me: okay it seems to have malfunctioned again, I’ll have to reset it before it’ll read your card.

Customer: (keeps sliding before I’ve even tried to reset it) it’s not working. I keep sliding it and its still not working.

Me: I haven’t reset it yet. It’ll light up blue when its ready for you to slide.

Customer: (looks at me like I’m stupid)

Me:(leans over and makes sure its lit up blue) Okay you should be good to go!

Customer: (finishes transaction all while looking incredibly dumbfounded)

Me: Okay here is your receipt have a great day!

Customer: ( walks away silently still looking at me like I’m stupid)

Me: (Internally screaming)

Note: This happened every single time someone donated. Even though the machine clearly asks, and it clearly has bright blue lights flashing when it is ready to read a card. What a great way to start my very first day as a cashier.

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(I work at the customer service desk of a grocery/department store. We handle returns/exchanges, complaints, lottery, and customer calls)

*customer calls*
Me: Hello! This is the (city) (store’s name) service desk. How may I help you?
Customer: I want to know if you have any music books for the piano.
Me: I know our electronics department has a variety of books. I’m not sure if they have any music books. But, I will connect you with an employee in that department.
*i call the department. Though I was a little nervous that, since it was 9:50 at night, there might not be anyone in that department*
Electronics coworker: electronics, (her name), how may I help you?
Me: hey this is the service desk! I have a customer on hold wondering about some books.. Mind if I transfer her to you?
Electronics coworker: no problem!
*i transfer the call. Ten minutes later, the same number calls again.*
Me: (says my answering spiel)
Customer: hi, I believe I talked with you earlier. I was trying to find a book.. But I must have gotten disconnected..
Me: oh! Yeah I tried to transfer you.. I wonder what happened.. Let me try again.
*tries to call the department. No answer. Pages the department. No answer. I look back at the phone and the customer hung up on line 1. A couple minutes later she calls again.*
Customer: I was waiting for you to transfer me.. Can you page them to pick up their phone?
Me: I’m sorry! I was trying to get someone in that department but no one has been answering.. I tried paging. I will try again..
*i tried paging a couple of times but no luck. Its after 10pm and I know around now electronics employees go home. So I call the night store director to see if she knows if we sell anything. She informed me that everyone went home in that department and no we do not sell any. I look back at line 1 and once again the customer hung up on me. A couple of minutes later, the customer calls back again.)
Customer: this is getting ridiculous! Get me a manager.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am. I just spoke with the store director and she said we do not sell any.
(the lady seemed pretty peeved. But I don’t quite understand why she kept hanging up on me. Of she stayed on the line I could have gotten an answer sooner for her.)

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(I work the customer service desk and we close at 11. And even though we close at 11, we start closing up shop when 10:30 hits. So we clean, get postal and lottery sale reports done/put away the scratch off lottery, and take out our drawers for the cash registers. We have maybe 5 customers from 9:30 – 11 so, it makes sense to start closing early. The time is 10:55)
*an older man in his 50s walks up and wants to buy lottery.*
Me: hi, what can I do for ya?
Customer: too early in the morning for you?
Customer: I’d like to have some scratch offs. Number 3 and number 20.
*i get him his lottery then he proceeds to stand thhere to stratch them. My coordinator (they’re in charge of us and the cashiers. Like a manager, but without the perks) starts to take out the scratch off lottery so we can lock them up. *
Customer: its only 1:30 in the morning..? What are you guys doing?
Me: it’s 11.. We close at 11..
Customer: What?! Its 1 am!! I thought you were open 24 hours!
Me: The store is. But the desk is open from 7 – 11. It did used to be 24 hours. A lot of people still think it is since the store is. But since we don’t get much traffic. It made more sense to close now. (I still don’t know why he was so convinced it was 1 in the morning.)