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(I’m working up front as a cashier, about five minutes from closing early for the day, because we had a huge catering job that same day. We have some of our corn casserole, our most popular side, sitting out in pans, cooling off. A customer walks in, sees the pans, and asks)
Customer: What is that?
Me: That is the corn casserole, sir.
Customer: Oh. Can I buy it like that?
Me: No, not in a whole pan.
Customer: Okay. I’ll have some of that.
(I hold up one of the normal size containers for sides we also sold sides in pints and half pints, but they costed extra)
Me: This size okay?
Customer: Yeah, I’ll have that and two wraps, one with brisket and one with turkey.
(The brisket and turkey cost $1.50 extra on a wrap, which is $7.00, but it says so on the menu, so I thought he noticed it.)
Me: Okay! That will be 20 dollars!
Customer: Man, you are charging a high price! But okay.
(He sees me put the normal sized dish of corn casserole in the bag, says thank you, and leaves. About five minutes later, he walks back in, right before we close)
Customer: Come on! You can’t feed two people with this! I paid $20 for this?
(He is holding up the corn casserole dish)
Me: No, you paid $20 for your entire meal. Here, I’ll pull up your ticket and walk you through it.
(I have only been working three months, and I have never had a serious complaint like this before. So, after he continues to not understand me, I ask if he would like to see the manager, who is in the back at the time. She walks him through the bill and he still does not understand. She gives him a full refund and offers him the perfectly fine food for free, but he declines. On his way out,)
Customer: Man, you guys are chargin’ too much!
Manager: Well, if you are so displeased with the prices here, you can just go down to [competing barbecue restaurant]

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[Every month, all of our lifeguards must attend an in-service to ensure our skills are up to date. During this in-service, we’re all introducing ourselves to each other while treading water with our hands up]

me: I’m [my name], I’ve been here for about a year and a half… and my favorite superhero is Captain America!

[I notice while I’m talking that one of the younger guards is snapping her fingers in a ‘hurry up’ motion. She does this to the next two people as well.]
me, quietly: [name], stop.

[Several introductions later, I notice that she continues to snap her fingers, and I realize she’s doing this to help keep concentrated. Realizing my mistake, I swim over to her between activities to apologize.]

me: Hey, [name], wait up, I’m–

guard: You are NOT my supervisor. You CANNOT tell me what to do, and it is NONE of your business what I do with my hands. I was snapping my fingers to keep the beat! You are NOT my supervisor!

me, moderately confused at the outburst: Oh– yeah, uh… I realized that. I came over to apologize. I thought you were rushing us.

guard, smugly: I’m sorry that you thought that, but you are NOT my supervisor-

me: I didn’t think I was-

guard: – and you CANNOT tell me what to do, because you have no business telling me what to do with my hands!

[She continues to interrupt me as I try to speak. Eventually, I deduce that she was more upset that she didn’t have the chance to tell me off before I came to apologize, so she had to get her licks in while she had the chance. I told her I didn’t have the energy to continue and I swam away.]