Not Watching Out For The Important Things

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(I work in a law office.)

Client: “Wait. I’ve just noticed that none of you wear good brand watches.”

Me: “So?”

Client: “How do I know I can trust you? You don’t have nice watches!”

Me: *to coworker* “Time to get knockoffs!”

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In the video game store I work, I have a couple of regular costumers that come once or twice a week: a mother and her son, about seven years old. I specially know them because they always ask for Lego games and the mom plays with her son… and they are fairly good too.

Our store also has a special promotion with the reciepts; for every hour you play, we put a seal on your reciept and when you get 10 seals total, you get a free hour.

The mom and child couple have gathered the ten seals and ask for their game, though the kid’s mom tells me they have something important to do and to tell her in half an hour so they can go. She assumes once that half an hour is done and they leave, that means she can’t redeem the rest of the promotion.

Well, I tell her to not worry, that she can return when she’s done and she can play the half an hour she has left. She seems pretty happy about this.

So, they leave after the first half hour and they return later in the day. Like I promised, I’m honoring her deal and giving her the half hour she missed. To my surprise, she’s come with a cup of coffee she gives me as thanks. It’s been a really cold day, so it really hits the spot. It was a simple gesture, but really made my day.

A Couch Cheese-Potato

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(I just started working at a game store that has an upper floor where people can go play games in private, and can also order some snacks. My new boss is telling me that before closing time I must go and clean the gaming rooms.)

Boss: “Be sure to check everywhere. You’ll be surprised by the ways customers can dirty up the place.”

(I go ahead and clean up the place. I do find a surprise while doing so, and when finish, I relate to my boss:)

Me: “Seems one of the kids that was here earlier didn’t finish his cheese snack and, for whatever weird reason, decided that the best course of action was to stuff the half-finished bag inside the couch.”

Boss: *chuckles* “I wish I could tell you that’s the weirdest thing I’ve found.”

Moaning Is Some People’s Bread And Butter

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(My family gets together and we decide to eat pizza. My dad calls to place the order.)

Dad: “Yes, I’d like a meat lover’s pizza and a Hawaiian.”

Pizza Man: “All right, sir… Oh, I’m afraid we’re all out of cinnamon bread for your order, so, would you have any problems with getting the potatoes instead?”

Dad: “Well, of course, I do! I can’t have my coffee with potatoes!”

Pizza Man: “Uh, I’m terribly sorry, sir; we’re just all o—”

Dad: “Nah, man, I’m kidding. What kind of person would get mad over some bread?”

Pizza Man: “You’d be surprised, sir.”

Has No Problem Espresso-ing Herself, Part 5

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(I am a waiter at a cafeteria. A man and a woman come in and sit. I give them the menus.)

Woman: “Excuse me. What is the espresso macchiato?”

Me: “It’s a cup of espresso with foamed milk.”

Woman: “I’ll have that. Big, please.”

Me: “There is only one size, miss. It’s small. Really small.”

Woman: “It’s okay.”

Me: “And for you, sir.”

Man: “Nothing for me, thanks. We’ll share.”

Me: “Are you sure? The espresso is a really, really small drink.”

(I point at the cup of another customer, who is having an espresso.)

Man: “That’s okay.”

(I take the order and send it in. I return with the tray with the small espresso cup on top. The woman has a disappointment expression on her face. The man just laughs.)

Man: “You were not kidding!”

Me: “No, it’s this small.”

(The woman whispers something to the man. They both stand up and leave. I tell them that they have to pay for the drink, since they already ordered it, and we already prepared it. The man pays for the espresso and gives the cup to the woman. The woman, kind of pissed, takes the cup, and when they exit the cafe she throws the cup on the bushes. My manager comes in, and the woman talks to him, not knowing he is my manager.)

Woman: “Don’t go in there; they try to scam you with the drinks.”

(My manager asked me about this after they left, and face-palmed when I explained.)

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