My Cupholders Are So Deep Without All Those Coins!

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Day 294 of quarantine, yay. I’m paying for a delivery that doesn’t accept cards for whatever reason.

Me: “Hey, [Daughter], do you have change for a $100 bill?”

Daughter: “I haven’t even seen cash for almost a year.”

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They Put You In A Bit Of A Bind

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I work for a large multinational supermarket chain. It has been about two weeks since school started, and most of the stock has been picked clean. The few school supplies that remain have already been put on clearance.

A father and daughter — she’s about twelve — come in looking for some last-minute supplies. I don’t work in that department, but since my coworker is out to lunch, I offer to help them look for their supplies.

I manage to scrounge about half the items on the list; everything else is sold out.

Dad: “Okay, the last item on the list is a one-inch, three-ring binder. What is that?”

Me: “Oh, the binders are all the way over here. Let me show you.”

Dad: “Yeah, but what are they?”

Me: *Hesitant* “Uh, they are like notebooks, but you can refill and exchange the pages inside.”

We get to the area where the binders are kept and start showing them the different styles we still have in stock.

Girl: “I really like this style, but this one has graph paper. I need lined.”

Me: “Uh, sure, but since it’s a binder, you can easily substitute the graph paper sheets for lined ones with no problem.”

Girl: “But I need lined and this one has graph paper!”

Me: “Yes, yes, but see? You push on these tabs, the rings open, and you can just pull out these graph pages and add the lined ones.”

Girl: “But that’s graph paper!”

Me: *Giving up hope* “Here; these other styles come preloaded with lined sheets.”

The girl picks one of these last binders and a pack of refill sheets and saunters off with her dad. My coworker comes back from her break just as I am finishing helping them and asks how things are going.

Me: “I can’t believe I just had to explain to them what a three-ring binder was and how to use it!”

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Ah, The Good Old Days

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In 1998, I move from the US to Mexico to teach English. At the time, the only way to communicate with my friends back home is through an Internet cafe. Social media does not exist yet, so once a week I send a group email to my friends and answer their messages. Since Internet access is slow and expensive, I always write my letters in a rush, leading to incidents like this.

Friend #1: “What ages does your school serve?”

Friend #2: “What does your new girlfriend do?”

Me: “My school serves ages five to fourteen. My girlfriend is a student.”

A week later, I logged in to find several very concerned messages from my friends. I had to quickly clarify that my girlfriend was a full-time COLLEGE student.

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In My Day We Did Inventory, By Hand, Backward, In The Snow!

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I work at a small hardware store. We have both a cashier and a PC for shipping and registering. Usually, the clients are fine with that, but some are not because of the store location. I am also a student so I am working until this customer comes by.

Customer #1: “Hello.”

Me: “Hello, sir. May I help you?”

Customer #1: “Yeah, can you give me some size [number] bolts and screws?”

Me: “Sure.”

I go look for what he was asking.

Customer #1: “Heh, why did it take you so long?”

Me: “I was looking for the size you asked me, sir.”

Customer #1: “No, it was because you are so accustomed to your PC and…”

He goes off, telling me about how PCs are bad for today’s youth and how, in the old times, they used to do stuff without them, until another customer enters.

Customer #1: “…and this is why…”

Customer #2: “Well, sir, are you going to buy or complain about today’s youth?”

Customer #1: “Buy stuff.”

Customer #2: “Well, in that case, sir, please pay whatever you have to pay and stop complaining because, in case you don’t know, the young man could have other priorities like studying or working on the store’s inventory.”

Customer #1: “Right.”

The customer paid and went away. I attended the other customer but I gave him what he asked for free, as he was right; I had to study and finish the store inventory.

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Leave It To Ben & Jerry To Make Things Awkward, Part 3

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I’m at home. A friend is staying with me due to quarantine. While she is on Facebook, she tells me there is a new Ben and Jerry’s flavor called “Netflix and Chill.” I have been single for five years.

Me: “So I’ll finally be able to get some Netflix and chill!”

Friend: “It is peanut butter ice cream; you’re allergic to peanuts.”

Me: “Maybe I should start thinking about becoming a nun, since not even ice cream will let me have some Netflix and chill.”

Leave It To Ben & Jerry To Make Things Awkward, Part 2
Leave It To Ben & Jerry To Make Things Awkward

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