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Me: “Physical Therapy, this is __________.”

Patient: “Hi, I’d like to schedule an appointment with ________. He knows me. I have Medicare and Out of State BCBS secondary.”

Me: “Wonderful, I’ll need your name, address, DOB, and Medicare number.”

*Patients gives requested information.*

Me: “Oh!! I forgot to ask for your BCBS member ID.”

Patient: “You can take a copy of the card when I come in for my appointment.”

Me: “Right. We will, but I also need the member ID to complete your chart.”

Patient. “I’m not giving that to you over the phone! That’s personal information”

Me: “Sir, I have your name, address, date of birth, AND your social security number. We’re beyond personal at this point. I need to verify your secondary benefit before your first appointment and in order to do that, I need your BCBS member ID number.”

Patient: “Then I guess we’re done here.”

Me: “Wonderful! Have a very merry Christmas.”


Some people’s kids, man. This guy then proceeded to call back over and over – possibly to give me a piece of his mind. I didn’t care. I was off the clock at that point and muted the phone.

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This happened when I was dropping off shirts to the dry cleaners for them to be washed and pressed in four days. The dry cleaners offer 2 services washing and pressing in 4 days or in by 9 and out by 4 same day service. I am waiting in line with a woman at the counter and a man right behind. The person at the front asks How can i help you? The woman responded I need this shirt washed for a wedding. Ok this shirt will be done in 4 days. 4 days? the woman cried the wedding is today. Ok how about we just dry clean and it will be returned to you at 4PM.4PM I need at 1:00 mind you this is about 9:00 AM. Um I am sorry ma’am but there may be another place that can do it faster but we do not offer it. Fine huffed the woman. The woman then left the place promptly. When I looked at the shirt it just looked like she had just bought it at the store and needed a quick iron. The cashier then asked us do you happen to need to have a shirt pressed for a wedding today. The man said nope i have been married for 30 years haven’t been to a wedding in 20. No wedding for me I responded.