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Make Your Bloodwork Work For You

, , , , , , , | Healthy | April 15, 2021

I have a coworker who brags about never answering her phone if she doesn’t recognize the number. I’m not sure what the big deal is; if it’s a telemarketer just hang up. Also, she says she never listens to voicemails because if it’s important they’ll call back.

Recently, she went to her doctor on a Friday because she had been feeling terrible for a while. The doctor took bloodwork and she went home.

The doctor’s office then spent the rest of the weekend trying to call her and tell her to go to the emergency room based on her test results. However, she didn’t recognize the number so she didn’t answer it.

Finally, they were able to call her next of kin, and he called her to go to the ER.

Heavy Accusations

, , , , , | Right | April 13, 2021

I’m working part-time as a cashier for some extra cash in my second and third trimester of pregnancy. I work nights and happen to be the self-check “cashier” on this night. We are supposed to watch customers and our computer to make sure things are being rung out correctly, all items are scanned, etc.

We have handheld devices to scan heavier stuff so the customers don’t have to lift them out of their carts, just as a courtesy.

[Customer #1] has a twenty-four-pack of bottled water on the bottom of the cart.

Me: “Ma’am, would you like me to scan your water for you so you don’t have to lift it?”

Customer #1: “Sure! Thank you!”

I scan it for her and go about my normal duties. [Customer #2] has walked up to a machine at the machine directly next to [Customer #1]. I say hello to [Customer #2] and walk back to my station and turn to watch the machines.

I notice that [Customer #2] has a bunch of packs of soda on the bottom of her cart.

Me: “Oh! Ma’am, I’m sorry, would you like me to scan those for you so you don’t have to lift them?”

Customer #2: *Curtly* “No. I already did it. Go ahead and check.”

Me: “Okay, ma’am. I was just trying to help a little.”

I go back to my station and all is well, until…

[Customer #2] pays and starts to leave. I smile and tell her to have a nice night, and she shoves an extra basket with stuff she didn’t want at me.

Customer #2: “There. Now you can put all that back since you thought I was stealing.”

Me: “Excuse me? Ma’am…”

Customer #2:B****, you heard me! I wish that had hit your stomach, you racist b****!”

Me: *Trying to stay calm* “That wasn’t my intent. I was trying to help.”

Customer #2: “What the f*** ever. You were staring at us the whole time!” *Storms out*

My jaw drops and I start tearing up. [Customer #1] pops back up.

Customer #1: “Don’t worry, honey; you did nothing wrong. Here, take this cold water I got for the ride, and I’ll be calling management in the morning and explaining the whole thing. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything. I was too stunned and it happened too fast.”

Thank you, kind lady.