Shouting At Terrified Teenagers — THAT’S What I’ll Do Today!

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(I am fourteen and have just started my first job at a fast food place. I am a few orders into my first shift, still unsure about what to do.)

Customer: “I want a [meal] with [drink].”

(I put the order into the register, without needing help finding anything for the first time ever, but I’m still extremely nervous, as it’s my first day.)

Me: “Sure, that’s [total].”

Customer: *hands me cash*

Me: *whilst handing change* “That’s [amount].”


Me: “I’m… sorry?”

(A few minutes later, after bagging his order and making drinks myself without any mistakes, but even more nervous now…)

Me: “Here you are, sir, enjoy your night.”

Customer: “YOU COULD F****** SMILE!”

Me: *forces terrified smile* “Sorry.”

Customer: *storms out*

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(I work in a call centre for an electricity and gas retailer. This call comes through.)

Me: “Welcome to [retailer], my name is [name], how can I help you?”

Callerr: *shrilly* “My bill is wrong! It’s far too high! I absolutely need it fixed! And I need compensation for the error!”

Me: “I’ll certainly check it out for you. Can I please get your account number?”

(She gives me the number and I find her account, but it closed years ago. I go through the security check with her, verify her, and then continue.)

Me: “So, this is odd, your account isn’t active. Are you holding your most recent bill?”

Caller: “Of COURSE I’m not! My current account is with [competitor]! But I absolutely refuse to speak to them! I want YOU to look at my bill and fix it!”

Me: “… Your electricity account is not presently with us.”

Caller: “Yes.”

Me: “But you called us and want us to fix your bill.”

Caller: “YES! F***! I am NOT speaking to those crooks! Just get my bill from the electricity computer thingy and fix it!”

Me: “Ma’am, I don’t have access to their systems. We are not even remotely connected to each other. You can’t walk into McDonald’s and ask for a refund from KFC, right?”

Caller: *shrieking* “FIX IT!!! You’re so stupid! Of course you can see the bill!”

Me: “Can I just get you to hold the line for one moment, please?”

(I call [competitor]’s call centre.)

Me: “Hi, this is [my name] from [retailer]. I have one of your customers on the line, and she’s… well, she is refusing to call you about her high bill, and she wants me to fix it.”

Competitor: *bursts out laughing* “Oh, great. It’s going to be one of those days, huh?”

Me: “Yeah. So, I’ve got all of her details, and have confirmed her ID. Can I transfer her through to you and we just don’t mention that she’s been transferred to [competitor’s call centre]?”

Competitor: *still laughing, groans* “Yeah, why not, let’s give it a try then!”

(I bring the caller back onto the line.)

Me: “[Caller], I have my colleague [competitor] on the line, she’s going to fix that right up for you now. You might just need to confirms some of your details with her again.”

Caller: “Good! Maybe she knows what she’s doing!”

Me: “I assure you that she does. Bye now.”

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(I am getting groceries my friend, who is ahead of me at the register.)

Cashier: “Hi, how are you today?”

Friend: *distracted* “Fine.”

(I move up.)

Cashier: “Hi, how are you today?”

Me: “Good, thanks. How are you?”

Cashier: “Oh my god. Somebody finally asks me!”

(We chatted as she scanned our items. Turns out she had nearly finished her shift and not a single customer had asked how she was or really acknowledged her. Be kind to retail workers!)

Even The Ghosts Thought That Was Cold

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(My friends and I have joined in on a tour of a hotel supposedly haunted by a little boy. The tour is being run by a group that has a few married couples. It’s decided that a group of females will go into the room where the little boy is supposed to be. There is one woman acting as lead.)

Leader: *addressing the ghost* “If you would like to make yourself known or even seen, we wish you no harm. We are all mothers here…” *even louder and with a b****y undertone* “…except for those who can’t actually have children.”

(I wonder why she would even toss that comment in. We wait about ten minutes with no action, so we move out into the pitch-black hall to get ready to move to the next part of the tour. A few minutes later, my friend hears a noise in another hallway off from where we are waiting. She quickly snaps a picture up the hall.)

Friend: “Oh, my God! Look at this!” *shows us a picture of two people embracing* “Um, isn’t that [Lead]’s husband and [Other Woman]? Are they having an affair?”

Me: “Wait a minute. It looks like she’s crying; he could simply be comforting her. I wondered who [Lead] aimed that comment at, about someone not being able to have babies.”

Friend: “Oh, she did say that, didn’t she? I thought I misheard her.”

Me: “I was standing next to her.”

Other Friend: “I must have missed that comment, but I did wonder why [Other Woman] got up and walked out of the room.”


Rest Of The World = Not America

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(I am currently the supervisor of the front end of a major supermarket in a small Australian town on the edge of the suburbs. I get called over by an employee who is dealing with a rather rude customer.)

Me: “Hi, sir. What seems to be your problem today?”

Customer: “Fire your d*** useless employee now!”

Me: “Okay, sir, please calm down and explain to me what the exact problem is.”

Customer: “This d*** employee won’t accept my rewards card! I never get good service here! You love taking my money, but I never get any service!”

(I turn to the employee and see he is holding a [Massive American Retailer] rewards card.)

Me: “Sir, I am sorry, but we can’t accept this card here.”

Customer: “I demand to talk to a supervisor! This is completely unacceptable!”

Me: “Sir, I am the supervisor currently working today. Now, please calm down and we will try to work this out down at the service desk.”’

(I ask to employee to save the transaction so I can recall it at the service desk.)

Me: “Sir, there is no way we can accept this card, as it is not a [Our Store Rewards Card]; this card is not valid anywhere in this country.”

Customer: “Why the h*** not? I always use this card!”

Me: “Because we are not [Massive American Retailer], and I can assure you nobody here will accept this card.”

Customer: “But I always use this card!”

Me: *seeing this is going nowhere* “Okay, sir, I will ring the closest [Massive American Retailer], and if they say it’s okay, we will accept it.”

Customer: “Finally!”

(I get my phone out and look for the closest store, which happens to be in Honolulu, thousands of kilometres away across the Pacific. As soon as they answer, I give the phone to the customer. I can only hear what he is saying, but he is turning beet red. After a few more seconds, he slams the phone down and turns to me.)

Customer: “Is this some sort of joke? Why did you call a f****** store in Hawaii?”

Me: “That is the closest store; we are in Australia, not America, if you haven’t already noticed.”

Customer: “You f****** idiots have no idea what you are talking about!”

Me: “Sir, please stop swearing. Now, would you like to finish your purchase, or would you like me to void it?”

(He then stormed out, muttering that he was absolutely in America and we just didn’t want to help him. I really didn’t know what to say after that.)

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