Very Accessible Back-Stabbing

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(I have to lay out a section at my job. I know I have to make everything accessible for our customers and I have tested it myself. The job needs to be complete for an inspection by our very strict owner. As I’m finishing, my manager comes along and decides to move one of the shelves I have put up so she can put other stock up high on the fixtures. I do feel a bit miffed that she’s changed my work but I don’t say anything. I tidy up where I am and go to move a basket where she is, but she tells me she’s still using it. That evening, I am relating a dream to a friend, who tells me that the meaning to that dream is that I have to keep an eye out for someone who’s about to stab me in the back. I get in after the owner has done his inspection and has already left.)

Manager: “[Owner] wasn’t very happy with how you left things. I had to tell him it was you who did that job. He said the work was unacceptable, so he wants to take it further, and I have to give you a verbal warning.”

Me: “Why? What was wrong with it?”

Manager: “You put the stock much too high for customers to reach.”

Me: “I don’t think I did; I’m not tall and the edges of the top shelves were at my head level. I didn’t have to stretch to take anything off them.”

Manager: “Well, what about how high the shelf with [items] on it is? Oh, wait a minute. I moved that, didn’t I? But what about [items]?” *I raise one eyebrow* “Oh, I did that, too, didn’t I? But what about the basket that was left on the floor?” *I keep my eyebrow raised and cross my arms* “Oh, that was me, too, wasn’t it?”

(I have no idea whether she’s recorded that she’s given me a verbal warning, but as I walk out of the office, much more miffed than I was last night, she still throws a little dig in.)

Manager: “So, you now know that you have to keep to the standards that [Owner] expects, don’t you? No excuses.”

Always Room For A Gift

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(I am about 13. My parents are on the brink of divorce. My mum refuses to sleep in her room with my dad anymore; instead, she sleeps in my bed, with me. I am weirded out by this, but she’s being unusually sweet and affectionate with me, reading with me, and so on, so I let it go. One day we have a fight — over something I can’t remember, now — and I tell her I don’t want to sleep with her anymore. How strange does that sound?)

Me: “Just leave me alone, Mum!”

(She continues arguing, but I cut her off again.)

Me: “Get. Out! This is my room. Get out of my room!”

Mum: *blows up* “Your room? What do you mean, your room?”

Me: “This is my room! You have your room; I have mine! Get out of my room!”

Mum: “This is my house! All the rooms in this house belong to me! How dare you claim this as your room?!

(My dad has not interfered in this argument up until this point, but he’s finally had enough. He walks up to my room and pokes his head in the door.)

Dad: “[Mum], this is actually my house. I paid for it, and the title of the house is in my name, so it’s my house. [My Name], I hereby gift you this room. It is now your room.” *walks off*

(I was grinning from ear to ear. It was a glorious victory for me, although my mum immediately and inevitably turned her wrath on my dad. They ultimately divorced the next year.)

Found The Wrongest Fragrance

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(A female customer approaches my coworker.)

Customer: “Hi, can I please try a sample of [Popular Men’s Fragrance]”

(My coworker sprays the fragrance on a sample card for her.)

Customer: “Oh, I love this fragrance!”

Coworker: “Yeah, it’s lovely and super popular.”

Customer: “It gets me so horny.”

Coworker: “Um… Okay.”

Customer: “My dad wears it.”

Coworker: “…”

Giving You The Cold Shoulder… And Hands, And Feet, And…

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(The weather has turned cold, and as I arrive for work I notice that inside feels colder than outside. I turn on the AC, which has been put on cooling. We have one coworker who complains about the heat; even in the middle of winter she will sneakily put the AC on to cooling. She cannot be made to understand that customer comfort comes first over staff; if it’s too cold, even in summer, they will leave the shop. The place starts warming up, but not enough for me to remove my cardigan that I am wearing over a long-sleeve top. Customers have their jackets on and are complaining about the coldness of the place. As a supervisor, I carry a set of manager’s keys that access the office.)

Coworker: “[My Name], can I have the key for the office?”

Me: “What do you need it for?”

Coworker: “Uh… I was going to adjust the AC; it’s soooo hot out here.”

Me: “I’ve got work to do in the office. I’ll do it when I get there.”

(I leave it for about ten minutes and then set it just one degree down as I sit down to do my work. Several minutes later the internal phone rings.)

Coworker: “[My Name], did you forget about the AC? It’s still too hot out here.”

Me: “I’ve already turned it down; it should be cooling down out there soon.”

Coworker: “Okay, thanks. I think it does feel better.”

The Lack Of Instruction Will Be Your Destruction

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(I get into work early one morning on my opening shift. I see a pile of stock on the counter, a note from my manager to me saying that a coworker wanted to buy these, and instructions on how I should ring them up and the discount I am to use. I leave the items at the counter with the note. When coworker finishes her shift, she comes down to buy the items.)

Coworker: “These are part of some damaged stock. [Manager] said I could get 50% off. Can you ring me up?”

Me: “Wait a minute. Wasn’t there note with them? Where is it?”

Coworker: “Oh, it just had my name on it. I threw it out.”

Me: “There were some specific instructions on it that I had to follow.”

Coworker: “No. I don’t think there were. It was only my name.”

(I check the bin and can’t find it amongst the other papers in there. I also look in a bin that is hidden at the back of other items. We only ever use this one to replace the other when it’s full because it’s so far out of the way. I find the note in it, all smashed up. I ring up the sale with the discount that the manager had written, a lot less than 50%. I see the manager the next day.)

Manager: “So, did [Coworker] buy items yesterday?”

Me: “Yes, lucky I saw that note you wrote when I got in.” *I explain everything*

Manager: “I knew she was up to something. She tried asking me for 50%; I told her I couldn’t do it but was able to offer her 30%. She told me she would buy it the next day. I wanted to see what she did, and this was also a test to see what you would do.”

(It’s not the first time that this coworker did something like this, but she never got into major trouble because she claimed mental illness. On the other hand, a manager, who has sworn to me before and since that she does not set “tests” for her staff, would have happily given me a warning.)

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