That Card Might Have To Be Custom

, , , | Right | August 23, 2017

Customer: “I need a card saying ‘thank you for my new grandchild.'”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we’re out of stock right now.”

Customer: “Well, that’s ridiculous! I need it right now! My daughter went into labour a week ago!”

Me: “A… week ago? You mean she’s still in labour?”

Customer: “Yes! The baby’s head came out a week ago. That’s why I need a card right now.”

(I think her daughter might need a doctor at this point, not a card.)

Putting The Pee Into Preparation

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Right | March 14, 2014

(I work in a radiology practice. I have just finished booking an appointment for a patient for the following day and am explaining the preparation procedure for his examination.)

Me: “One hour prior to your appointment, you will need to drink six glasses of water and hold your bladder.”

Patient: *nods slowly, but clearly does not understand*

Me: “Do you understand the preparation, sir?”

Patient: “Oh, yes. Yes, of course.” *nods vigorously*

(Unconvinced, I write him an appointment card and explain the procedure again. A short while later, the patient returns.)

Patient: “I, um, just have one question regarding that preparation.”

Me: “Yes, drinking the water and holding the bladder.”

Patient: “Yep. So, where do I get a bladder from? Can you just buy them from the chemist?”

Me: “Sir, you already have a bladder. It’s a part of your urinary tract system. It’s an organ inside your body.”

Customer: “Oh, okay! I get you! I get you! So… I don’t need to go to the chemist?”

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