You Framed Yourself

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My mother-in-law went to the eye doctor today and was looking at new frames. She’d picked out five or six frames to try, and suddenly she didn’t know where her glasses were.

It didn’t take her long until she’d realized she’d put her glasses on one of the spots where the sample frames were. It took her and another customer a few minutes to find them.

We all had a good laugh about it at dinner.

Make A Point To Point Out Those Easy To Appoint

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(I am a patient, calling my doctor’s office to schedule an appointment for some blood work that is not an emergency.)

Me: “I’m out of work on weekdays by 3:00 pm, so any weekday appointment at 3:30 pm or later on any day in the next few weeks would be fine with me.”

Receptionist: “Okay, how about Wednesday the 19th at 3:30 pm?”

Me: “Works for me, I’ll put it on my calendar. Thanks for your help.”

Receptionist: “Wait. That’s it? That’s really okay? That was so easy. You’re sure you want that date?”

Me: *laughing* “It’s absolutely fine. I used to work in customer service. I will see you on Wednesday the 19th at 3:30 pm.”

Patients That Test Your Patience

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(I’m a receptionist and one of my job duties is scheduling appointments. I hear things like these daily.)

Patient #1: *making appointment* “I need as early in the morning as you have!”

Me: “That would be 0730.”

Patient #1: “Oh, no, that’s way too early.”

(Another caller:)

Patient #2: “I need to see a doctor as soon as possible!”

Me: “There just so happens to be an appointment in thirty minutes; would you like that one?”

Patient #2: “Oh, I have something else to do; how about tomorrow?”

(Another caller:)

Me: *scheduling a follow-up appointment far in advance* “So, the schedule that day is wide open; what time would you like?”

Patient #3: “What time do you have?”

Me: “It’s wide open; what time would you like?”

Patient #3: “What time is there?”

Me: *lists off every single appointment slot in a completely open day*

Patient #3: “Hmm… Let’s do [time I didn’t list].”

(Another caller:)

Me: “On [date] we have 0915, 0945, and 1115 available; which one works best for you?”

Patient #4: “Yeah, that works.”

Me: *pause* “Great, which time?”

(Another caller:)

Patient #5: “I need to make an appointment with my doctor.”

Me: “Okay, what day did you have in mind?”

Patient #5: “Oh, whenever.”

Me: “Can you come in tomorrow?”

Patient #5: “No, I have another appointment.”

Me: “What about [date I randomly choose]?”

Patient #5: “Okay, yeah.”

Me: “Do you prefer morning or afternoon?”

Patient #5: “I can do whenever.”

Me: “Do you want me to just pick something?”

Patient #5: “Sure!”

Me: “0900 it is, then.”

Patient #5: “Oh, I can’t do that; I have to do something else at that time. Can we do 1100? And on [another date], instead?”

Me: *head-desk*

The Fats Fit The Facts

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(I am a larger woman, between a size 12-14. I have PCOS which means it can be very hard for me to lose weight. I also exercise four to six days a week (what can I say? I have an endorphin addiction) and eat fairly healthy. I’m just fat, and the weight doesn’t come off unless I absolutely starve myself. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t believe this, some of which are in the medical industry. Fortunately, my doctor is more than happy with my health. At the beginning of my annual physical, I notice she has gotten a new nurse. The new nurse enters the room, sees me, and stops dead in her tracks. She looks at the file she has with my blood work, and she looks at me. Back to the blood work, back to me.)

Nurse: “Are you [My Name]?”

Me: “Yes.”

(She frowns and excuses herself. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t close the door all the way, so I can hear her talking to my doctor in the hall. She is telling the doctor she thinks my blood work has gotten mixed up because there is no way I can have the stats I have! My doctor corrects her saying I have a largely healthy body, but all the organs in my lower abdomen hate me. And that was how her nurse learned that fat people sometimes aren’t fat for lack of trying, and that sometimes our stats are just fine, thank you.)

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(I am working one of the front desks, checking in patients and answering questions. A girl who barely looks sixteen, but is holding car keys approaches the desk.)
Me: “Hi, are you here for an appointment?”
Teen girl: “No, my aunt told me to make her an appointment with you.” (she hands me a sheet of information about her aunt. (Neither the name, address, or phone number come up in the system.)
Me: “Hm. Okay, do you know which doctor she usually sees?”
Teen girl: “Um, I don’t think so.”
Me: (figuring I can narrow it down) “That’s not a problem. Did she say what she needs an appointment for? What’s been bothering her?”
Teen girl: “She said she wants to see her doctor because her veins are too close together or something.”
Me: (perplexed, still trying to get a firm answer) “Has she been diagnosed by a different doctor? Does she have a prescription or anything to help her? Like a cane or orthotic shoes?”
Teen girl: “I guess, it’s not like, pills but she wears special socks for it.”
Me: (putting the pieces together) “Okay, so she needs to see someone about the veins in her legs? We have a lab downstairs that’s just for issues like hers, or there are the primary care doctors on this floor for general appointments.” (I begin to reach for a printout of our primary care staff, but she interrupts me)
Teen girl: “No, no she said she has to see a special vein doctor. She told me she only wanted to come back here because a woman doctor was in charge. My aunt doesn’t trust man doctors, I dunno, she’s old so she doesn’t like anyone.”
Me: (lightbulb goes on, there is only one female doctor in our lab, the other females being lab technicians and nurses) “Okay, then she wants to see Doctor ‘Name’. I’ll put in a request in to the lab, they should give you a call later today.” (Still trying to get a more specific answer, I catch her attention before she leaves reception.) “Just to make sure, under ‘Reason for Visit’, she’s having circulation problems in her legs?”
Teen girl: “Yeah, they should know that. I mean, they saw her before. My aunt just said to come here and make her an appointment with the vein doctor. I don’t know what kind of problem she has. Like, I asked her why, but she was trying to hurry me so she kept saying she has very close veins and the doctor can fix it.”
Me: *blinks and keeps a straight face* ……Ah, okay. I’ll send the request to the lab, and someone should call you in a few hours with the time of the appointment.”

(Although “very close” veins could become an issue, I don’t think varicose veins are caused by circulatory snuggling.)

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