That’s Not The Way To Get Their Number

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(I’m typing in a patient’s vitals in the exam room and have just asked her to rate her pain on a 1-10 scale.)

Patient: “Well, it feels kinda like someone took a piece of rebar and shoved it in my hip from here all the way to here.”

(As she was speaking, she had come over to where I was standing at the computer, and ran her finger firmly down my butt to my calf! I was too surprised to move and she clearly didn’t intend anything by it, but it’s a lot more intimate than I usually get with patients! And she never did give me a number. That was all I wanted.)

Might Need The Inhaler After You’ve Stopped Laughing

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(One of our nurses explains to a female patient how to use an inhaler, to pull back and release a trigger and then inhale from the mouthpiece.)

Patient: “So, I just cock it and then suck on it.”

Nurse: “Well, I wouldn’t put it just that way, but yes.”

(The patient realized what she had said, dropped inhaler in her purse, and left the clinic with no further comment.)

What The Beep Did You Think We Were Doing?

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(I’m an audiologist in a hearing aid clinic. Testing the hearing of fully grown, competent adults is a large part of my job. I have this conversation at least once a week.)

Me: “Okay, so we’re going to do the hearing test now. I’m going to put these headphones on–” *holds up headphones* “–and I want to you press this button–” *hands client the button and mimes pressing it* “–when you hear a beep, okay?”

Client: “Okay, so press the button when I hear it?”

Me: “Yes, when you hear it.”

Client: “Okay.”

(I then sit down at my computer and present a beep through the headphones at a reasonable volume. No response. I go a bit louder, the client just sits there. I check my equipment and present again. Nothing. I try the other ear, nothing. Finally, I go back to the client.)

Me: “Were there any beeps there?”

Client: *with pride* “Oh, yes, I heard all of those!”

Me: “Ok… so, when you hear it… press the button.”

Client: “Oh! Have we started?”

Now You’re Really Pushing It

| SC, USA | Health & Body

(I’m a physical therapist assistant and am finishing up my last clinical rotation. I’m treating a patient with a shoulder repair that follows the same protocols as a rotator cuff repair. He’s recently progressed to active assistive range of motion but per doctor’s orders is not allowed to take off his sling nor allowed to do active range of motion. This particular treatment session he reports that he is in a lot of pain, so I go through the usual questions to figure out what’s up.)

Me: “Have you done anything new?”

Patient: “No, I’ve been doing my usual routine.”

Me: “Have you been following the home exercise plan the way we taught you to?”

Patient: “Yes. I do my arm swings and my push-ups.”

Me: “PUSH-UPS?! [Instructor], could you come over and listen to this. [Patient], could you repeat what you said?”

Patient: “Yep. I’ve been doing my arm swings and push-ups everyday.”

Clinical Instructor: “What?! Do you mean your step-backs?”

Patient: “Well, yeah. But when I come back up I do a push-up. It’s only from the table.”

Clinical Instructor: “When have we ever told you to do push-ups? What made you think to do that?!”

Patient: “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

(I also found out the patient had been doing active range of motion at home, standing up, because his reasoning was that it would speed up the healing process. Thankfully it didn’t seem like there was any permanent damage or re-tears from this. We corrected him and he (hopefully) knew better than to do any of that.)

O… B… G… Y… N

| Health & Body

(While waiting at a busy ObGyn office for a pelvic exam a middle aged man enters and approaches the receptionist.)

Man: “I have a one pm appointment.”

Receptionist: “I’m sorry; you have an appointment for yourself?”

Man: “Yes! One pm with Dr. [Name].”

Receptionist: “Sir… are you sure you have the right place?”

Man: “Why?”

Receptionist: *gestures around office and the guy suddenly seems to realize he is surrounded by women* “We are an ObGyn; we only have female patients and we do not have a Dr. [Name].”

Man: “This isn’t [Optometrist]?”

Receptionist: “No, they are located next door.”

Man: *leaves*

Receptionist: “He REALLY needs some new glasses.”

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