Where There’s A (Pair Of) Wheels, There’s No Way

| Working | March 25, 2013

(My motorcycle has blown an oil seal, but I live in an apartment that utterly forbids any vehicle maintenance. As a student that lives an hour from school, it’s important for me to get my bike repaired as soon as possible. I call the mechanic to find out if there’s any word on when it will be finished.)

Me: “Hey, I’m calling to check on the progress for [my bike].”

Mechanic: “Yeah, we had a bunch of cars come in today, so he’s been busy. He’ll try to look at it tomorrow.”

Me: “I dropped it off last week. How has he not even looked at it yet?”

Mechanic: “Like I said, we had a bunch of cars come in today to be worked on. He is busy.”

Me: “But you’ve had my bike for a week to fix something that should take a couple hours, tops.”

Mechanic: “Look, buddy: we have to work on the real cars first, and we’ll work on your toy when we get time. It’s winter time anyway; why are you in such a rush? You can’t even ride the thing until spring!”

Me: *stunned*

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