These Staff Are Used To A Lot Of Tea-Totals

, , , , | Right | April 14, 2021

I visit my local [Global] coffee shop to have my lunch and work remotely. As a general rule, I always take extra time to clean up my area and throw away my trash. 

I have just stepped up to the trash bins, which are located underneath the shop’s milk/sugar/condiment station. I then watch an employee open the cabinet doors, take out the trash bins, and replace the full trash bags with empty ones. She has not yet placed the empty bins back in the cabinet. 

Just as she turns to tie up the bags, I thank her, and then proceed to throw my half-full tea drink into the completely empty, bin-less space! 

Thoroughly embarrassed and mentally face-palming, I profusely apologize to the employee and offer to help her clean up my new mess. She graciously declines… and wishes me a good day. I leave an extra tip and make a beeline straight for the door.

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Now See Here, Little Dude

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I’m ringing out a man whose child is (slightly) misbehaving, and every few seconds he has to scold the boy for something new.

Customer: “[Boy], come here.”

Customer: “[Boy], don’t touch those.”

Customer: “[Boy], leave that alone.”

Customer: “[Boy], that’s not yours.”

Customer:Dude! You’re not being cool!”

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No Need To Restart This Conversation

, , , , | Right | April 2, 2021

I work for a grocery chain as a supervisor in a very affluent area. Because of our location, our customers tend to be very demanding and somewhat out of touch. A fellow employee tells me that a customer is having trouble at the [Movie Rental Company] machine we have outside, so I go out to help him.

Me: “Do you need help?”

Customer: “Yes, your machine isn’t working. You need to fix it. I need a movie for tonight.”

I look at the machine and see that the screen is black. 

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t own the machine, [Movie Rental Company] does. I’ll call a technician, but in the meantime, you’ll have to use one at another location.”

Customer: “No.”

I’m a bit flabbergasted by how abruptly he says it. His face is expressionless, and he doesn’t say anything else.

Me: “Again, I apologize, but I really have no way to fix it. I can help you find another one.”

I take out my phone and start looking for directions.

Customer: “No. This is the only one for fifty miles.”

Me: “It looks like there are two within a ten-minute drive.”

Customer: “That’s too far; I need a movie for tonight.”

It’s 10:00 am and he’s holding car keys.

Customer: “I worked in tech. Just restart it.”

Me: “I’m not sure if I should do that. I can call the technician to ask, but if it requires a password to log in, I won’t be able to bring it up. Do you want to wait?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, in that case— Sir, please don’t do that!”

He has started looking behind the machine and tugging on wires.

Customer: “I’m going to restart it. It’s okay; I worked in tech.”

Before I can say anything else, he pulls the plug out of the wall. When he plugs it back in, the start-up screen for [Outdated Operating System] loads.

Customer: “Well, there’s the problem! They can’t use this version! How could you let them use this?! It’s not supported anymore.”

Me: “We don’t have control over that.”

We wait in silence as the timer counts down to when the operating system will finish booting up. When it does, the screen returns to black.

Customer: “I guess it is broken. I’ll just go to the other one. You need to call somebody and have them fix it!”

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No ID, No Idea, Part 43

, , , , | Right | March 27, 2021

I work at a legal cannabis dispensary. When a customer or patient enters the building, the security people scan their IDs to make sure they’re legitimate. Cashiers check IDs again to make sure they’re current and that the visitor is of age to purchase the product.

A woman steps up to my register. I greet her and ask to see her ID. She holds it far enough away that I’m having trouble reading her birth date and the expiration date, and she starts to put it away before I can start squinting at the card.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I need to see your ID again.”

Once again, she held the ID far enough away that I couldn’t read anything, so I reached out to try and take the card so I could read it properly, which is pretty common for us to do. Not only did she not let go of the card, but she snatched it from my hand and told me not to invade her privacy. 

Before I could tell her that state regulations require me to thoroughly check her ID, OR that I see so many IDs during a day and would not remember any of her information if I tried, she marched off back into line and declared that she was going to wait for someone else to help her, never mind that any other cashier would need to see her ID, as well.

She eventually complained to our general manager, who didn’t know how to get it through to her that it’s legally required of us to check her ID.

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She’s A Real Print-cess

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I’ve been at my part-time job for seven or eight months, so I’m still new, but not brand new. I have just printed some things from my computer at my desk and head over to the department printer, located in a small room near the secretary’s desk. The secretary is on the phone as I walk by. Some of my pages were printed before the printer ran out of paper. I grab a new package of paper, open it, and open the paper drawer, and then the secretary bursts in.

Secretary: “What are you doing?! Don’t touch that!”

Me: “Oh! I’m just… It’s out of paper. I’m putting more in.”

Secretary: “That’s my job! Get away! You’ll break it!”

Me: “No, it’s okay. I know how to do this; we had the same printer at my old job.”

Secretary: “This. Is. My. Job. If you break the printer, you’ll be in trouble!”

Me: “It’s… just paper. It’s not hard.”

Secretary: “Give me that and go away!”

She takes the fresh paper out of my hand and starts to load the paper tray. It takes her a few times to get the paper in right.

Secretary: “See? Only I know how to do it right. You’d break the printer.”

And she stomped back to her desk and her phone call.

The irony is that every time I asked her to do something that was her job, she ignored me. The one time I could do something for myself, she wouldn’t let me. Fortunately, she retired a few months after that and her replacement was excellent!

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