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(I am ringing out a customer at the Electronics counter. I get everything scanned in, and give the customer the total)

Me: ”The total is $73.06”
(He hands me two twenties)
Customer: ”Here’s $60”
Me: ”This is $40”
(He hands me a ten)
Customer: ”Here’s $60”
Me: ”This is only $50”
(He hands me a twenty)
Me: ”Now it’s $70”
Customer: ”What’s the total?”
Me: ”$73.06”
(He hands me a five, and finally we can move forward)

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(I work at a pretty popular low-cost grocery store in the MA/NH area. At this particular time, it is the end of my shift, and I have been on one of the “Express 25 Items or Less” register. Another cashier comes up to my register while I am beginning the payment with my current customer, who’s an older woman and has been quite kind to me during the whole transaction.)

Me: Your total is $8.94, ma’am.

Customer: Okay. *fishes out a $10 bill and hands it to me*

Me: *checks the $10 bill and then follows through with the cash payment and hands her change out, counting it* Your change is $1.06, and here’s your receipt; have a great day!

Customer: Where’s the rest of it?! I gave you a $20 bill!!

Me: Ma’am, you gave me a $10 bill, so your change is $1.06.

Customer: No! I GAVE YOU A $20!

(At this point, I keep trying to explain to her that she had, in fact, given me a $10. The customer is getting quite upset.)

Customer: How sure are you that I gave you a $10 and not a $20?

Me: Almost positive.

(I’m about to flash my register light for an assistant/manager when one is already coming toward the block of four express registers.)

Assistant Manager: What’s up?

Me: This customer insists that she gave me a $20 for her $8.94 order, when I am pretty darn sure she gave me a $10.

Customer: I GAVE HER A $20!

Assistant Manager: (to the customer) Well, I can take her over to the customer service booth to have her drawer counted, and then we’ll know whether she gave you the right change or not.

Customer: (reluctantly) Okay.

Me: Okay.

(I grab my stuff from the register and sign out of it, leaving the next cashier as I take my drawer to the customer service booth. We had the drawer counted, and as it turns out, I had given my customer the correct change. My assistant manager explained this to the customer then and she left. I haven’t seen her in the store at all since then. She couldn’t trick me, whether it was an accident or not.)

You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

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Customer: “Hey, do you know if I’m allowed to park there?” 

He indicates his car outside.

Me: “I’m not 100% sure one way or the other, but they’re pretty draconian about parking around here so you might not want to risk it.”

Customer: “Yeah, but they can’t ticket me since I don’t live around here, right?”

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I work as a manager at a fast food place. This was a conversation I had with a displeased customer through the window.

Customer: How stupid is the guy taking money anyway?

Me: I’m sorry miss, what happened?

Customer: That kid is so stupid, didn’t you hear me? My total came to $4.28, so I gave him $5.27. He gave me back $.99. I want a dollar, DO YOU HEAR ME? He should have given me a dollar so that I don’t have to carry all that change. Now give me my food, I’m never coming back!

I give her the food and tell her the following…

Me: He was just doing his job. I am sorry that you’re having a bad day, but don’t be rude to me and don’t be rude to my customers. Now have a good day.

Customer: Are you kidding me…

Is Only Eating Sugar Syrup-titiously

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Customer: “Could I get a small raspberry Italian soda?”

Me: “Small raspberry Italian soda? Sure. No problem.”

Customer: “Could you do it without syrup?”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but the part that gives an Italian soda its fruity, raspberry flavor is just syrup.”

Customer: “That’s what I’m saying, but could you do it without syrup?”

Me: *pause* “No.”

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