There’s Something Fishy About This Place

, , , , | Right | February 14, 2018

(I am lifeguarding at a beach. While going to talk to a child regarding some of our rules, I am stopped by a teenage girl.)

Girl: “Excuse me!”

Me: “Yes, what’s going on?”

Girl: *clearly concerned* “There is a fish in the water!”

Me: “Well, yes. This is the ocean. Fish tend to live in the ocean.”

Girl: “Oh… Wait, this is the ocean?”

Me: “I’m sorry. I need to go speak with another patron. Have a great day.”

(The girl then saw a fish again and screamed, before fully exiting the water for good.)

Doesn’t Understand The “Custom” Part Of “Customer,” Part 11

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(I am working the night shift by myself. Many people come in asking for me to make change, and if I can, I will, but since I am unable to open the safe, I often have to turn people down. Two people come in, wanting to make change. They tell me they do not want to buy anything.)

Customer #1: “Hey, can you make change?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but no.”

Customer #1: “Why not?”

Me: “Because I wouldn’t be able to make change for the customers the rest of the night.”

Customer #1: “We are customers!”

Me: “You already told me you weren’t planning on buying anything.”

Customer #2: “We came in the building, so we are customers!”

Customer #1: “She’s exactly right! We are customers! Give me the name of your manager!”

(I promptly gave her the name of both owners and my managers. I wish them luck, since I have been told a couple times before not to open my drawer unless it’s for a transaction.)


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Couldn’t Catch The Price Match

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(While cleaning up the front of the store, I come across a customer who asks me questions about a dollhouse on the floor. This particular dollhouse is one of the old-style, handmade ones and, as such, carries a pretty hefty price, even for a thrift store.)

Customer: “It’s a very nice dollhouse, and I really want to buy it. But I just don’t know. Maybe I can try [Other Thrift Store] to see if they have one cheaper.”

Me: “Well, that’s certainly an option. Though, I should warn you, [Other Thrift Store] is much smaller than ours, and there’s very little chance that it carries any of the same stock we do. Different people make different donations.”

Customer: “Well, if they have a dollhouse like it, do you have a price-match guarantee?”

Me: *raises eyebrow*

Customer: “Oh… Oh, my. I just realized how stupid that sounds. I’m used to shopping at [Big Electronic Chain Store].”

Me: “Well, I’m pretty sure that store doesn’t carry this dollhouse, either.”

Customer: “I must have sounded like one of those extreme coupon people.”

Me: “It was an honest mistake, ma’am. Would you like me to get a box for the dollhouse?”

Customer: “Oh, no, thank you. I don’t think I’ll buy it. I’m just really embarrassed about that price-match thing.”

Me: “Have a nice day, ma’am.”

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I’m a Pharmacy Tech at a retail store when this painful conversation goes down with a middle aged customer about his medication.

Me: “Good morning! How can I help you?”
Customer: “I’m here to pick up my meds.”
*gets his info and sees his medication isn’t in stock*
Me: “Oh I’m sorry, sir. It looks like the medication you’re looking for isn’t in stock right now. We ordered it for tomorrow and it should be here around 2pm.
Customer: “but I always pick it up here.”
Me: “yes… I see that. But it’s not in stock right now. It will be here tomorrow around 2.”
Customer: “ohhh.. I see. Okay then, I’ll be back tomorrow.”
Me: “thank you sir. Have a good day!”

*he starts to walk away and quickly turns back around and walks back to the counter*

Me: “is there something else you need?”
Customer: “I just don’t get why I pick it up here all the time and now you’re saying it’s not ready.”

I spent the next 10 minutes explaining it to him in various ways. He eventually left but I could tell when he walked away, he still didn’t understand. I was so simple to understand. It was so simple.

A Not-So Friendly Chat

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(A coworker and I are straightening the items on a shelf in the aisle we were sent to by our manager. A friend, who does not work with us, happens to be shopping and stops in our aisle for quick chat. Our manager walks by and sees the three of us.)

Manager: “Hey, I don’t need three people organizing the same aisle! SEPARATE!”

Me: “Uh, [Manager]? She doesn’t work here.”

Manager: “Oh…”

(He walked away without another word.)

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