Their Scam Is Small Fry

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I am working at a fast food drive-thru one morning when two women in a car come through.

Driver: “We were at your store over at [Nearby Location] and they got our order wrong and we want you to replace it.”

Me: “Uh, okay, drive up to the window, please.”

They pull up and hand me the bag, which feels heavy, as if full, and the receipt. I call the manager over and she looks at the receipt. They have ordered two sandwiches and two orders of fries.

Manager: “No, I’m sorry. You have to go back to that location; we cannot replace your order.”

Driver: “I want you to fix my order!”

Manager: “No, I’m sorry. We cannot do that.”

Driver: “I want your corporate number so I can file a complaint!”

My manager gave them the number and the women drove off, minus their bag. I opened it and discovered that both sandwiches had already been consumed along with the fries. The manager kept the bag as evidence and as far as I know, the women never did call corporate to complain.

Her Scam Is Small Fry

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Working Pro Bonehead

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Me: “Good morning, [Attorney]’s office.”

Man: “Yes, hi, I need [Attorney] to help me with my real-estate matter—”

Me: “[Attorney] does not practice real-estate law.”

Man: *Not listening* “—in New Jersey—”

Me: “[Attorney] only practices law in Maryland.”

Man: *Still not listening* “—and I have no money now, but I’m sure I’d be able to pay them once the matter is thoroughly settled.”

Me: “[Attorney] does not now and has never worked pro bono; they require a retainer and a signed Representation Agreement upfront.”

Man: “Oh… so will they meet with me or what?”

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Teachers Deserve To Be Millionaires

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Here are some of the reasons I had to quit teaching. I was a pre-K teacher in an urban school. Kudos to those who are still sticking it out!

Parent: “I don’t discipline my child.”

Her child constantly attacked his classmates and would not follow directions. He ended up head-butting me in the face. I legit celebrated when I got back from sick leave to hear he had been pulled.

Another incident:

After writing out a child’s name on my welcome board, a parent screams at me that the M in the middle of the name should be capitalized.

The name was given to me in all caps.

Another incident:

Principal: “You need to get all of your kids to [end of kindergarten assessment level] by the end of the year!”

Me: “Uh, they are coming to me at a deficit and I only expect half of them to be testing at a kindergarten-ready level.”

I explain the rest of the assessment tool.

Principal: “All of them should be at the highest level of the assessment;why else would they include it?”

The principal repeated this idiocy for months and didn’t seem to understand rubrics. Then, she proceeded to give my team the least amount of planning time, refused to alter her own weekly training schedule, refused to give us substitutes to assess our kids, and still insisted the kids should test at end-of-kindergarten levels.

Another incident:

I have to chase one child who has run away from me on the playground and drag him back before he runs into the street. A white lady dragging a screaming African-American kid is NOT A GOOD LOOK.

Another incident:

One of my student’s personalities flips in January; he destroys my room once a week and I have to teach in the hallway while other teachers have to calm him down.

He later proceeds to trip my paraeducator, who falls and cracks her pelvis. That is the only time I’ve ever seen a pre-kindergartener suspended.

In the last week of school, I told his dad he might need some father-son time. Dad got the hint and didn’t bring him back.

Another incident:

I taught twenty-one four-year-olds by myself for a year since my paraeducator had to teach third grade, because teachers kept quitting.

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(I’m employed as a seasonal cashier at my college bookstore. During a slow period I overheard one of the floor clerks take this gem of a phone call.)

Clerk: [College] Bookstore, Main Campus, [Name]. How can I help you?


Clerk: Yes, this is the bookstore.

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I’m the difficult customer in this story. So it’s about an hour before closing at this Target express off campus and I’m in line for the register. There are three self service stations in addition to the cashier so I go to the empty one. It’s only after I scan all my items and try to pay when I notice the huge notices around the machine saying “NO CASH. CARD ONLY” and the same sign literally taped on the till. I only have cash on me so I click to cancel my purchase, which an employee has to approve of.
Me (as employee walks over): “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t read anything.”
Employee: “Don’t worry about it. You weren’t the first and I assure you, you aren’t going to be the last.”
As if on cue, the guy at the station right next to us’ machine starts beeping for an employee and he goes: “Hey, where do I put in my money?”