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A customer is buying a huge amount of mix and match tableware from our houseware department. I happen to be nearby as the cashier is ringing him up and hear that the customer sounds upset with the cashier.

Me: Hi there. I’m the store manager, is there something I can do to help?
Customer: Yes! Little miss here wants me to get tackled by security.
Me: I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.
Customer: She isn’t scanning each item! The alarm will go off and security will come after me!
Me: I see. Well, it looks like she is entering the SKUs in by quantity, and that’s fine. It will go much faster.
Customer: No it isn’t! You have to scan each item or the alarm goes off.
Me: Don’t worry. The barcode doesn’t affect the alarm, so you are fine.
Customer: I am not! You all want to see me tackled by security, huh?
Me: Pkay, cashier, why don’t you just ring each item through if it will make the customer feel more confident about his purchase today?

The cashier did, acanning quantities of 30-50 of each item while the customer grumbled about the wait.

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This occurred in a beginner level Spanish classroom. Even though this is most students’ first experience with learning another language than US English, the class is encouraged to discuss topics entirely in Spanish as much as possible. The lesson of the day, a Monday morning, is to do with descriptions of events, and deeper responses to ‘How are you?’ type conversation starters, beyond the typical ‘I’m well, thanks, how are you?’

Our Teacher (Profesora): Quien puede decir como fue su fin de semana?
(Who can tell how their weekend went?)

A student, calling himself ‘Patricio’ as we’ve each chosen a Spanish name, volunteers.

Patricio: Este fin de semana no fue bien, porque mi papa esta enfermo.
(This weekend did not go well, because my Dad is sick.) At least, this is what he tries to say, however:

Profesora: Your potato is sick?

The class shares a laugh and Patricio turns an embarrassed pink shade as the teacher takes this opportunity to explain the importance of certain punctuations, specifically the accent, indicating emphasis.

Patricio, trying for papá (father) instead emphasizing the first syllable (PA-pa), has accidentally called his father a potato.

They “Fired” Themselves

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(Not long before this story, I took over as store manager. A kiosk opens up in the mall directly outside of my department store. The salespeople are rude and loud, and they aggressively harass customers passing by. They escalate to actually coming into my store to try to sell to customers shopping inside. After several emails to the mall management about this issue go unanswered, I go speak to them myself.)

Me: “I have a written report of every incident. I’m not going to put up with this any longer.”

Mall Management: “Quit pretending this is a big deal. They are only there for six months. Work it out between you and them.”

Me: “This is your responsibility, not mine, to fix.”

Mall Management: “No, and frankly, I don’t want you coming back here to whine unless they set your store on fire!”

(I forward a complaint to my higher-ups, and instruct staff to alert us when there is an issue. I find out that one of the kiosk workers has been using the men’s room downstairs, but I am not allowed to bar them from doing so. The whole time, they are still harassing my customers from the kiosk, yelling into the store. Then, a few weeks later, a smoke alarm goes off. An employee responds to find a small fire, which he puts out with an extinguisher, but the fire department still has to respond. A half-hour later, I walk into the mall management office.)

Me: “I need to complain about the kiosk employees.”

Mall Management: “I told you not to bother me unless–“

(His eyes go wide. A fireman is walking in behind me.)

Me: “Right, and it turns out one of the employees was smoking in our bathroom, set off the smoke detector, panicked, and threw the cigarette into the waste paper basket, catching it on fire. Now, can we discuss how you are going to solve this and the costs incurred?”

(The kiosk’s lease was terminated.)

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No Right To A Cashier When You Have No Cash

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(I’m walking the store floor when a part-time employee flags me down. She’s on a cash register, with one customer in front of her who is having an angry conversation on her phone. A large number of bagged clothes are across the counter.)

Employee: “Her store card was over the limit, and her credit card was declined. She’s been on her phone with her credit card. My shift ended fifteen minutes ago. I have to get to the bus stop, or I’ll miss class! I can’t suspend the order; I don’t know what to do!”

Me: “Just go clock out and get to class. I’ll handle this for you.”

(The employee dashes off. I check the order, which has been active for a total of 45 minutes, and do a re-ring so the employee’s check out time isn’t poorly affected, then wait for the customer. After a few more angry minutes, she finally turns to me.)

Customer: “This is such bulls***. They can’t just cut me off. Try my other card. I’m going to sue them. I’m going to… Wait. You’re different.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. The previous employee’s shift ended while you were on the phone.”

Customer: “Shift ended? In what, two minutes? Get her back here.”

Me: “She’s already left.”

Customer: “You can’t do this, changing people behind someone’s back! I was on the phone for two minutes. Get her back here.”

Me: “It was longer than two minutes, and she left.”

Customer: “I am spending hundreds of dollars today. You will get her back here!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t, ma’am… and your third card was declined.”

Customer: “None of you know how to do this! It can’t be declined. Get your manager!”

Me: “I am the manager. Do you have a fourth method of payment you would like to try?”

Customer: “Forget this!”

(She left the store, abandoning her heaps of clothes.)

X Box Z Five, Coming Soon!

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(My mom is a teacher at an elementary school. The kids there are rather… interesting. This is an exchange between two students, one of whom is a huge showoff. They are discussing what they’ll be getting for Christmas.)

Kid #1: “Santa is getting me an Xbox One X!”

Kid #2: “Oh, yeah? Well, Santa is getting me an Xbox Y Four!”

Mom: “I don’t think that exists.”

Kid #2: “What would you know? You’re an adult! Adults don’t know video games!”

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