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(Me and my girlfriend were dating for a while when the question about sex came up. After another week or two I decided to do the responsible thing and I walked over to my local drug store.
Note: I’m 15)

Me: *Strangely Pacing Around The Isles*

(An Employee who looks to be in his twenties comes over to me after pacing around for 10 minutes)

Employee #1: Hey, need any help?

Me: Yeah… I… was uhhh… Kinda looking for…

Employee 1#: Yes?

Me: … Condoms…

Employee 1#: Oh! No need to be embarrassed, there over here I’ll show you.

Me: Thanks…

Employee 1#: No problem bud. If you’re safe then you’re all good.

(I go to the pharmacy counter in the back to avoid the extra attention and right as I hand my money to the cashier a line of customers come right behind me)

Me: *Finished Paying and Flustered* Ha.. Have a nice day.

Employee 2#: *Laughs* No problem.

Customer: *Looks at my purchase* How dare you! Selling a child condoms! That is illegal and wrong!

Employee 2#: Ma’am please calm down, There is no age restriction on the sale and possession of condoms.

Customer: They are! IM CALLING THE POLICE!

(Grabs her phone and dials up 911 saying the drugstore employees are selling condoms to kids)

Employee 2#: Ma’am please don’t do that.
You’re causing scene and I’m going to have leave if you continue.


(Hearing the shouting Employee 1# walks to the pharmacy where I am along with the lady along with Employee 2#)

Employee 1#: What’s going on?

Customer: Are you the manager?! This man is allowing this child to buy condoms!

Employee 1#: …. Excuse me?

Customer: EXACTLY! ITS UTTERLY REPULSIVE! I want this man fired and thrown in jail now!

Employee 1#: Ma’am condoms are not illegal to purchase as there is no age limit assigned by law.

(The customer finally blows her top completely)

Customer: *Leaps at me and grabs my bag* I have evidence! You’re all going to jail you sick ****s!

Officer: *Restrains lady* You’re right that is enough evidence.

Customer: Let go off me! They are selling children condoms!

Officer: Ma’am I watched you steal that “Child’s” bag right from his hands. What I see is assault and attempted theft! So you’ll have quite the talk with the judge!

Customer: *Being taken out of the store* WHAT ARE YOU DOING! THEY ARE THE ONES YOU NEED TO ARREST!

(Long story short I ended up getting refunded and got a new box just to make sure nothing happen to the box when the lady was previously swinging them around. I also had a “fun” night right after I could a uber to my girlfriends)

Upselling Is Downgrading

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(Unfortunately, I am required to upsell the store’s discount card, the store credit card, and a seasonal fundraiser, plus inquire if the customer might need any gift cards, with every single customer.)

Me: “Good morning!”

Customer: *hands me two greeting cards and one paperback book*

Me: “And would you like—”

Customer: “You listen to me. I don’t want your stupid card. I don’t want to hear your spiel. I don’t care what you’re meant to say, I have exactly what I want right here, and I am not spending one penny more. So shut up.”

Me: “Well, sir—”

Customer: “I don’t want to hear another word out of you. Not. One. D***. Word. Understand?”

(I am eighteen and easily cowed. I sell him his cards and book in utter silence. About ten minutes later, during a lull, the assistant manager approaches.)

Assistant Manager: “I hear you didn’t offer someone the chance to purchase a discount card.”

Me: “He told me to shut up.”

Assistant Manager: “Oh. Well, you still should have—”

Me: “He told me not to say another d*** word.”

Assistant Manager: “Oh. Well. He might have wanted a gift card!”

(They eventually let it drop. I’d love to see how they would have handled it!)

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Orphaned AND Blind!

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(We live two blocks away from my son’s high school. When he was in middle school, his IEP stated he had to have a bus because he is legally blind, but he can walk to his current school without ever having to cross a major street. I get a letter from the school system saying that because they can’t get a bus scheduled for him, they are going to give him a cab. I immediately call the cab company and tell them that he won’t need one. They say they’ll take him off the roster, but they suggest I call the Office of Pupil Transportation to ensure that he won’t have a cab sent. I call the office and tell them I want to remove him from the list for getting a bus or cab. They look up his name, ask for my name… and then tell me that I’m not on my son’s record, so they can’t do that.)

Me: “Who is listed on his record, then? Is he marked down as an orphan?”

Person: “I’m sorry, ma’am. You’re not on the record, so we can’t tell you that.”

(My son has been attending school in the same school system his entire life, he’s a sophomore in high school this year — for non-Americans, that’s ten years of school so far counting kindergarten, going into his eleventh — and as his mother, I’ve filled out all of his paperwork since the day I signed him up for kindergarten. How am I not on his record?)

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One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison

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(I work at a store with around 80 to 100 total employees. In the last few months, there have been a surprising number of people missing work due to food poisoning, about 20 times in the last three or four months. Emails have been going around, with some people complaining, some passive-aggressively implying people are making it up or blowing it out of proportion, and a few of us trying to actually make lists of restaurants in the area workers might go out to eat, or where they shopped, to see trends. We get a lot of people in the store, even if they have not had food poisoning, to describe their lunch habits. Still, even with the information, nothing really seems to add up. Some of the people usually get lunch at the restaurants nearby, but none of the restaurants seem more likely than others. Sometimes it was pizza, sometimes it was people bringing leftovers that had been fine the day before, sometimes they had eaten out, sometimes they had not. None of it seems to make a lot of sense. Today, I am in our break room for lunch when I see a coworker putting a few chicken wings on a napkin into one of the two microwaves. After a moment, something clicks in my head and I look back at the microwave with chicken inside.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], are you cooking chicken?”

Coworker: “Yeah! [Grocery Store] sells bags of frozen wings. They make a good lunch.”

Me: “Are they precooked?”

Coworker: “No, you have to cook them. Our microwave takes forever, though.”

Me: “Okay, so, you cook the frozen wings in the microwave?”

Coworker: “Just put them in the refrigerator in the morning and they defrost by lunchtime.”

Me: “Okay, gotcha.”

(Throughout the conversation, I don’t think my coworker picks up on my disbelief, so I just sit down and watch him as he plays on his phone, occasionally checking the chicken. At the end, the napkin the wings are on is clearly soggy with something, so he grabs another paper towel and wipes off the glass tray in the microwave, then wipes off the counter where there are a few drips. He then sets the napkin down on one of the tables and eats from it. We have paper plates on hand, but he just has the wings on a napkin. Once he finishes, he throws out the bones and gets another napkin to wipe off the damp spot left on the table under his napkin, throws it out, and goes back to the sales floor.)

Me: *on a walkie-talkie* “Hey, [Manager], could you meet me in the break room, please? I might have found the cause of the recent food issues.”

(The manager gave him a talking-to, but he genuinely did not seem to understand why what he was doing was a huge health risk. We heavily sanitized the break room with bleach, and here’s hoping the food poisoning issues are done with.)

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The Government Stole His Information Before He Stole A Thing

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Back when I used to work for a specific big-brand cell phone store, our biggest competitor was directly next door due to bad lease agreements. We would trade stories of customers who came into both stores and this is my favorite.

A guy came into my store, looking to purchase a phone and plan. We ran his credit and informed him that he needed a fairly large deposit. He left, saying that he would try next door. It was a common occurrence, so we thought nothing of it. The next day, I found out the rest of the story, as my shift ended shortly after.

The man went in next door and did the same thing: filled out an electronic application for a phone plan. Now, for those who don’t know, we have to see and type in your driver’s license — or government-issued ID — and your social security number. When they did this, they informed the man that he had a deposit, but smaller than our store’s. The man seemed pleased and said he’d be back.

The man came back an hour later with a knife, held the store up, and robbed them of cash and phones. He had no mask or anything concealing his identity. When the state police came out to fill out the report, they laughed when the employee was able to pull up his cell phone plan application and give them every bit of identifiable information they needed. That man was arrested later that day.

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