Think Fast(ing)

, , , , , , | Learning | August 1, 2019

(This conversation happens in my grade three class.)

Classmate #1: “Hey, [Classmate #2], you want some apples?”

Classmate #2: “I can’t eat; I’m fasting.”

(The entire class stares at her as she explains her culture, flustered. Most of the kids in my class are Asian.)

Classmate #3: *to [Classmate #4], whispering* “That’s stupid! People are supposed to eat when they’re hungry.”

([Classmate #2] hears and is now looking flustered and staring down at the table, so I decide to attempt to defuse the tension.) 

Me: “[Classmate #2], how long has it been since you used the bathroom?”

(I think I made things worse.)

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Strolling Through The Paperwork

, , , , | Working | February 27, 2018

I work at a stroller rental booth at the local mall. Whenever someone wants to rent a stroller they need to sign a waiver.

We have a huge rush one day, so my coworker is handing out waivers while I assign strollers. We don’t have time to carefully look over the waivers as they are turned in.

After the rush, I begin sorting through the waivers and realise my coworker probably should have been paying more attention.

It is clear a mother just handed the clipboard to her child to sign because the writing is messy and under name, they just put, “My Ma.”

My coworker is fired a few days later for being incompetent again, as she gives out strollers without anyone signing waivers because she doesn’t want to “deal with the paperwork.”

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