That Tattoo Should Say, “Look, Don’t Touch”

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(My friend and I are killing time wandering through a local “farmer’s market”-style setup that also has some booths selling art, jewelry, and things of that sort. We stop to admire the crafts and trinkets being offered by one booth and the seller comes over to greet us. It’s worth noting here that I have several tattoos, including song lyrics on my upper left arm. I’m quite used to people asking to read what the tattoo says and will happily turn my arm so they can get a better view. This lady, however, takes a more… direct approach.) 

Seller: *seeing my tattoo* “Oh, let me see!”

(She then GRABBED my arm and twisted it toward her, holding onto it hard enough that I’m not entirely confident I could’ve yanked it out of her grip if I’d tried. As it was, though, I was shocked enough that I just froze until she’d finished reading the text and let me go. My friend and I made a hasty retreat to another booth after that. The most surprising thing is that the seller had tattoos and piercings herself, so you’d think she’d be familiar with the tattoo etiquette of ASKING before touching someone else’s tattoos. Or, you know, the general nicety of asking before touching someone at all, ever.)

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Winning Never Felt Like Such A Chore

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(I’m helping to run a raffle at a monthly market of local artisans. Each vendor has donated merchandise or vouchers, and we split these into several prize baskets valued at hundreds of dollars each. Every customer is given a raffle ticket that they can choose to fill out. Customers can see the prize baskets when they enter the raffle. The raffle ticket states that customers MUST be able to claim their prize between 6:00 and 7:00 pm on the day of the market, and they are also told verbally when they enter their ticket in the draw. At the end of the market, we draw the winners and call them to come to collect their prizes. These are some of the conversations that are had when we call the winners.)

Me: “Hello! My name is [My Name] and I’m calling on behalf of [Local Artisan Market]. You are the winner of our raffle prize; congratulations! Are you able to come to collect your prize by 7:00 pm tonight?”

Winner #1: “Who are you? Why are you calling?”

Me: “[My Name] from [Local Artisan Market]. Were you at the market today?”

Winner #1: “Yes.”

Me: “And did you enter the raffle? Perhaps someone entered on your behalf?”

Winner #1: “I entered it. But I’m not interested. Goodbye!”

(I call the next winner and give them my spiel.)

Winner #2: “Well, I’m awfully busy right now.”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry to interrupt you. Unfortunately, this is the only time you can come for your prize, as stated when you entered.”

Winner #2: “No, I’m too busy; I don’t want it.” *hangs up*

(Another call:)

Winner #3: “What did I win?”

Me: “A basket full of items donated by our vendors, along with vouchers for artists that do custom work!”

Winner #3: “But what exactly is in there? I only want it if it’s good.”

Me: “…”

(Another call:)

Winner #4: “Ugh. Well, I guess I can come to get it now, if I have to.”

(Thankfully, the other winners were much more gracious!)

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Doesn’t Score A Five

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(As a baker, we sell cheese snacks. We sell them in bags of five for €3,95 and for €0,85 per piece. A customer approaches me, handing me five bags.)

Me: “That’ll be €19,75, please.”

Customer: “No, it’s €3,95.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but the €3.95 price is five pieces, not five bags.”

Customer: “Well, then you shouldn’t have put it on the sign!” *storms off angrily*

(You have no idea how often I have this conversation.)

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It’s A Pee-Shirt

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An acquaintance sells T-shirts and other items printed with designs she creates. She usually sets up a table and has some of the shirts pinned so that they are hanging over the side of the table to ensure the designs are clearly and completely visible. 

Apparently, several other dog owners have been just as inattentive as the woman in this tale but the others have all at least taken monetary responsibility. Seriously, people, no matter how much you love them, your dog is a creature for whose actions you are responsible!

One day, my acquaintance was selling her wares near a farmers’ market and a woman with two dogs came near the table where she was displaying her art and T-shirts. One dog proceeded to pee on two of the T-shirts that were hanging from the table.

The owner did nothing.

The seller tried to call the dog owner out for this and get her to buy the soiled merchandise — they aren’t even that expensive. The woman’s response? “Well, you are on the street.”

And then, she walked away with her dogs and accused the seller of harassment when she followed to demand an explanation.

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Cartoonish Adult Behavior

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(I’m a customer in this story. I’m wandering around a marketplace, having done my grocery shopping there. I have some time to kill when I spot some cute leggings with a cartoon motif from a popular kids’ cartoon which has also many adult fans, myself included. I approach the stall owner.)

Me: “What’s the largest size of these leggings?”

Stall Owner: *looks at me up and down* “Well… I’m afraid I won’t have yours.”

(Thank you, kind stall owner! Not many people acknowledge adult fans…)

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