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When They Go Below The Belt, The Boss Goes Lower

, , , , | Right | June 13, 2023

I work in the parts department at a power sports place. A customer comes in with a bike belt and says he needs to buy a replacement. He starts pitching a fit at me because we don’t have this certain belt in stock.

Me: “Sir, we’ll have to special order it in for you.”

Customer: “You don’t know what the f*** you’re doing! I want to see your manager!”

I inform my manager of the situation and give him the belt the man brought in to show us what he needs. My manager throws the belt at him and says:

Manager: “Eat that and s*** yourself out a new one, and then get the f*** out of my store.”

Customer: “I’m never going to buy from you again! I’m going to get you fired!”

Manager: “I’m going to call the cops if I have to tell you to leave again.”

After he left, I checked his purchase history. He’d spent a whopping $50 with us over the last five years.

This Is What It Looks Like To Live The Dream

, , , , | Right | June 13, 2023

Ten minutes before our store closes, I make an announcement that the registers get shut down at closing time on the dot. I then follow through; if they don’t get there in time, tough. I then turn off all the lights. They always freak out.

I’ll then go up to them with a flashlight and tell them:

Me: “Sorry, but we’ve closed. You’ll have to come back tomorrow to purchase your items.”

When they fully lose it on me about it, I just tell them that the world doesn’t cater to their schedule, and my employees and I are entitled to go home on time.

It’s great owning my own business; I can say whatever I want to rude people.

How To Deal With Customers Who Refuse To Leave After Closing

, , , , , , | Right | June 12, 2023

Our store has this client who religiously comes into the store five minutes before closing. He never wants any help with anything and will spend an hour walking around the store doing absolutely nothing.

He is always just browsing, and he comes at this time because he knows no one else will be there and he wants the store to himself in peace. In the eyes of the staff, he’s a real self-absorbed person who thinks the retail world revolves around him and we are here to serve him.

After witnessing this a few times, and after clearing it with the head office, my manager waits for this guy to show up again, and as expected, five minutes before closing, in walks Mr. Entitled.

The manager walks up to greet him.

Manager: “Do you need any assistance?”

Mr. Entitled: *As per the expected response* “No, thanks. I am just looking around.”

The manager puts his hands on the guy’s shoulders and starts to rotate him 180 degrees. Mr. Entitled is naturally confused.

Mr. Entitled: “What are you doing?!”

Once he’s fully rotated, the manager says:

Manager: “Okay, you have looked around. Now you can leave!”

Naturally, Mr. Entitled was not at all impressed. He made demands and threats about calling the head office, etc., but as it was cleared by the company, no one ever heard anything more about it and he was never seen near closing time again.

Bars That Are Safe Spaces For Women Means Having To Do This To Certain Men

, , , , , , , | Right | June 12, 2023

I am working behind the bar. A group of about sixteen young guys has been drinking pretty heavily when a young woman walks to the bar on her own.

Drunk Guy #1: *Pointing to his crotch* “Hey, sweetie, come sit here! Come sit on this!”

She ignores him and orders a drink.

Drunk Guy #1: “Hey, b****! I’m f****** talking to you, you sk**k w***e! Now, come sit on my d**k!”

I immediately step out from behind the bar and walk over to him.

Me: “No! You don’t talk to our customers like that. You need to leave now!”

Drunk Guy #1: “F*** you!”

Drunk Guy #2: “Yeah, he leaves, we all leave, too!”

Drunk Guys #3-16: “Yeah!” “Urrrrh!” “[General noises of agreement].”

Me: “That would be greatly appreciated. I will get your bill. Please take your obnoxious friend with you and have a nice day.”

Drunk Guy #2: “F*** you, man! You don’t understand. He goes, we go, and you’re going to lose out on all these sales for some dumb b***?”

Me: “Right now, you’re being asked to leave because you are disturbing customers. If you swear at me or say anything further about any of our customers, you will be permanently barred.”

Drunk Guy #2: “That’s bulls***! Get me your manager!”

My manager, drawn by the rising noise, steps out.

Drunk Guy #2: “This f****** b****—”

Manager: “Sir, that is enough! I have heard everything, and I heard my team warn you that if you continued to cause a disturbance, you would be permanently barred. I am making that official. You and all your friends are barred from ever entering this establishment. Now, pay your bill and leave immediately, or I will call the police and have you trespassed. Do not come back!”

The drunk guys all look seriously deflated, pay, and leave.

Woman: “Thank you both so much for stepping in like that. I hope it doesn’t hurt business.”

Manager: “Don’t thank me. Kicking out drunk bozos like that might sting for a night but won’t do much to our bottom line, but if women no longer feel safe in our bar, we are doomed.”

Me: “Also, I would far rather not have to serve loud idiots like that. I was about to cut them off, anyway.”

Which Do We Ban You For First, The Misogyny Or The Racism?

, , , , , | Right | June 12, 2023

I’ve started work in a new ramen place that opened in my small little town. I love ramen, and this is the first ramen place to open locally to me, so I am very excited. I am opening the restaurant just before lunch and a group of older men are strolling past.

Older Guy #1: “I don’t believe it! Get that [Japanese slur] s*** out of our town!”

Older Guy #2: “Tell me about it! Nowhere is safe these days! These [slurs] need to go back to their own island!”

I am trying to ignore them as I open the window shutters and try to get back inside as quickly as possible. It should be noted that I am a white woman.

Older Guy #1: “What’s a nice American girl like you doing working in a place like this? You got that yellow fever, honey? Nothing a nice bit of American steak won’t cure!”

That’s it. I’ve had enough.

Me: “Keep talking like that, f***-face, and we’ll see how you love the great American justice system when I call the police and report you. Don’t think I haven’t clocked which car and license plate is yours.”

Older Guy #1: “F****** [slur]-loving b****.”

They move along, and I make a note of the license plate anyway. I talk to my manager about it, who is Japanese-American. He asks if I am okay, but I am mainly telling him to warn him about those guys.

Manager: “Ah, I’m not worried. The way I see it, if you’re pissing off racists, you’re doing something right.”

We’re gonna get along just fine.