Not Mushroom For Improvement

| Romantic | July 11, 2012

(I have worn a Luigi hat most of the time for a year, so I do respond to ‘Luigi’ with people trying to get my attention. My boyfriend and I are walking around when he sees something in a shop window.)

Boyfriend: “Stay here! I’ll be right back!”

(He rushes into the store, and comes out a few minutes later with a Mario hat to match mine.)

Me: “Aww, you shouldn’t have!”

Boyfriend: “Yes, I should. It’s always Mario and Luigi, so if you’re Luigi, I’ll be Mario!”

Me: “I love you.”

(We walked around, hand in hand, with matching hats for the rest of the day.)

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Taller Stories Have Happened

| Romantic | July 9, 2012

(I am very tall, and I hate it. My boyfriend is also tall, but I’m taller by a few inches. He’s also super skinny, while I’m quite large.)

Boyfriend: “We’re probably the most unlikely of couples.”

Me: “It could be more unlikely.”

Boyfriend: “How?”

Me: “You could be a midget.”

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Squeal Appeal

| Romantic | July 7, 2012

Boyfriend: “I like biting your butt. It’s all smooth and soft and sexy.”

(I am a squealer when I am surprised. Him biting my butt always catches me off guard.)

Me: “And squealy!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah! It’s like a squeaky toy! Now I know why dogs love those things so much!”

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The Gift Of The Come-back

| Romantic | June 22, 2012

(I am on my lunch break, when a couple comes and sits in front of me and starts talking.)

Husband: “I’m buying all the Christmas gifts this year.”

Wife: “Honey, no you’re not. You have horrible taste.”

Husband: “You’re right, I did choose you.”

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Weekly Roundup: Lost & Confused

, , , , | Right | June 17, 2012

Lost & Confused: This week, we feature five stories of customers who are “geographically disadvantaged!”

  1. For The Love Of God, Get GPS:
    An employee serves as a human GPS for one completely lost customer!
  2. More Cars Than Common Sense:
    A couple thinks they lost their car, when they’ve really lost their minds.
  3. For The Love Of God, Get GPS, Part 2:
    This confused hotel guest puts the “duh” in Cana-duh!
  4. At The Corner Of Me & Myself:
    We need more than your living room to locate you, sir.
  5. The Great State Of Confusion, Part 4:
    An airline passenger ends up in New Orleans, LA–Los Angeles, that is!

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