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This is a story my father was telling us over dinner.

dad: “there was a woman today thay went to [sunglass kiosk] thinking it was customer service (our mall had gotten rid of customer service several years ago) and thought she had recognised a woman thay was working there. So she called some other womans name and the employee wouldn’t turn around, because why would she answer to a call that wasn’t her own name? So the employee finally acknowledged the woman and said “I don’t know who [name woman was yelling] is but I can help you find her.” The woman got mad at the employee for not answering and went to my office (my father is the manager of the entire mall, making his work very stressful and busy) and complained about the employee and how she wouldn’t acknowledge the woman. i asked her if she wanted me ti do anything about it and she said “i don’t know…something!” Once the woman had gone I turned to [co-worker] and said “did she really have to come all the way down her just to complain?”

Paying For Your Laziness

, | Ireland | Right | May 28, 2017

(I work at a four-storey mall on the third floor. An elderly woman walks up to me, asking to double-check the price of the dress she is holding, which is on sale. I go to the cash register to check it.)

Me: “It costs [amount].”

Customer: “I don’t know if I have enough money on my credit card, but I want this dress.”

Me: “We have ATMs on the first floor; you can check your balance there. Meanwhile I can hold onto this dress so when you get back, it’ll still be here.”

Customer: “But I don’t want to go to the first floor. It’s so far away.”

Me: “Ma’am, the escalators are right around this corner. There are also elevators located there—” *I point to them* “—if you find that more convenient.”

Customer: “Can’t you check my credit card balance here?”

Me: “No, I can’t.”

Customer: “Isn’t there really any way?”

Me: “Well, if you try paying by card and don’t have enough funds, the transaction will be declined, but that’s not exactly checking the balance.”

Customer: “Let’s do that, then!”

(I see what kind of customer this is, so I try to avoid misunderstanding as much as possible.)

Me: “So you’ll try paying for the item?”

Customer: “Yes!”

(I take her to the cash register and scan the dress.)

Me: “It’ll be [amount]. Are you sure you’re going to pay now? You still have time to go to the first floor.”

Customer: “No, it’s fine. Let’s do this.”

(So she put in the card, inserts the PIN code, and presses the accept button. The transition goes well, I put her dress in a plastic bag, hand her the receipt, and thank her for the purchase. She just stands there with a blank stare.)

Me: “Umm, I’m sorry, ma’am. Is there a problem?”

Customer: “Did I… Did I just pay?”

Me: “Yes, you did.”

Customer: “But… I didn’t want to pay for it! I wanted to exchange my recently purchased dress for this one!”

(Our store doesn’t offer refunds. We only offer to change the items for something else of the same value, or to make a gift card for our store in the value of the item purchased.)

Me: “Sorry, but I warned you.” *I explained her our policy*

Customer: “So I won’t get my money back?”

Me: “No. No, you won’t.”

Customer: “Why didn’t you warn me I’m going to pay for the dress for real?!”

Extra Sweet Resolution

, , , , , | Working | May 26, 2017

(My husband and I are shopping, and we see the cotton candy stand. As we walk up, the employee is just starting to bag up a fresh batch. He looks up when we get to the counter.)

Employee: “Can I help you?”

Me: “I’d like one bag, please.”

Employee: “Sure thing!” *reaches for a finished bag from the rack*

Me: “I’d rather have the bag you’re filling; I like it when the candy is warm.”

Employee: “Okay, just a sec.” *continues filling bag*

(The manager walks up while the employee is filling the bag, and Husband and I are chatting. He starts to do the head-tilt/hard stare thing, and then yells.)

Manager: “Earth to [Employee]! Hello! There are people here!”

(Once we explained what was going on, the manager apologized to the employee for yelling at him. And then apologized to me for yelling in front of me. And then told the guy to not tie off my bag, but just keep filling it. I got almost twice the normal amount!)

In A Spot Of Bother

| Canada | Friendly | April 24, 2017

(I’m at a very popular mall with my mom and a few friends during Christmas time. It is just after lunch when we finish and there are a lot of people with little parking spots left. We are trying to back out but with people trying to take our spot, we keep getting blocked in and can’t get out as more people come to try and steal our spot.)

Woman: *in passenger seat as the driver pulls up and sticks her head out* “Do you guys need help?”

Mom: “Yeah.”

(The woman gets out of her car and helps direct both my mom out of her parking spot while getting traffic to go around. However, because of all the cars lining up the driver has to move up a bit then goes down a lot so he can come back since there’s no other way to get back. As my mom finally gets out, a car tries to swipe in and take the spot but fails. The woman stands in the parking space.)

Woman: “I’m not moving.” *crosses her arms as cars are forced to go by unhappily* “I’M NOT MOVING, DOUCHEBAGS!”

(We left before we got to see if she got the spot or not.)

The Town Suffers From Brown-Outs

| Canada | Related | April 19, 2017

I grew up in a small town that is primarily Caucasian. When I was three years old my mom took me to a mall that had a much more diverse community. Being that young I don’t remember what happened that day but my mom will never forget that trip.

Apparently I looked around and shouted: “Mommy this is just like [Town] mall except for all the brown people!”

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