It’s Kinda S-Mall

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I live in a small-ish town that gets a lot of cottagers from the city. One lady is in the store with her teenage son.

Customer: “Do you know if there is a bookstore in this mall?”

Me: “Yes, just at the other end, by the food court.”

Customer: “Oh, great, thank you!”

Customer’s Son: “There’s a mall in this town?!”

Me: “Um, yes, we’re in it.”

Customer’s Son: “This is a mall?!”

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(I’m a security officer in the mall in town. Specifically, I’m the dispatcher in the security office that takes all the phone calls from patrons and management before sending out the information to who it all needs to go to. Part of our job is to issue vehicle citations to vehicles we know either belong to employees and aren’t in employee parking, or just overall improperly parked cars. Our citations don’t have any sort of fine to them. Sometimes, however, the city traffic officers come by our parking lots and issue fines to vehicles that aren’t parked properly or are in handicap parking without the proper placard on. I often get calls like this when that happens.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Mall name], Officer [My name] speaking, how can I help?”

Patron: “Yes, hello, so I spoke to you guys before a few months ago about a parking citation I got about parking in the handicap parking with expired tags. But I sent you guys the copies of the updated placards already and still got fined $500!”

(The city doesn’t tell us when they cite vehicles on our property, so I have virtually no knowledge of what she’s talking about. Her telling me about the fine is the only way I know it wasn’t us that cited her.)

Me: “… Ma’am, just to verify, you’re saying that you were fined by the city?”

Patron: “Yes. I’m with the sheriff’s right now, but who do I need to speak to in order to get this cleared up?”

Me: “Well, ma’am, our citations done have fines on them. So if you were cited and fined by the city, you would have to speak with them.”

Patron: “Okay, so who do I need to talk to?”

Me: “You mentioned you were with the sheriffs right now, correct?”

Patron: “Yes.”

Me: “To be honest, ma’am, they would most likely be able to help you out more than I can.”

(We get these calls every so often. Every time I tell my shift supervisors about these calls, they can only shake their heads.)

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[I work in a food court in a mall and I’m on my lunch break, walking to a table after I’d just ordered food. I walk past a group of 3 girls who are throwing their cups up in the air and letting it spill all over the table. I watch this for a minute before walking over]
Me: “You do know someone has to clean this sh*t up after you, right?”
Girl 1: “Yeah?”
Girl 2: “We’re just doing this challenge we saw.”
Me: “Okay? Good for you, not only does the janitors have to clean up the already super messy food court, they have to clean this up.” [makes an exaggerated gesture to the mess all over the table]
Girl 3: “But, it’s their job.” [Looks at me like I’m a moron]
Me: “Yeah, and I hope one day no one makes your future job this hard for you.” [Obviously I say this as sarcastically as I can because at this point I’m very salty and I hope someone gives these girls hell in the future.]
Girl 2: [detecting my salt] “I think we should go.” [The other 2 nod and agree, then get up and leave. A janitor walks by and sees the mess and I grab rags from my work and try and dry the table up as much as I can. I seriously hope that janitor had a better rest of the day.]

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There was one instance in my little clothing store that we had a super b**** come in and complain about our return policy. The policy states that if the item is still tagged, you have your reciept, and it is within the 30 day time frame, you can return the item for an in-store credit OR exchange it for a different item.

This lady was throwing a fit because she had to pay an dollar extra on an item that she had exchanged for (it was a dollar extra than the original item she was returning). She started complaining about how our return policy was sketchy and how she wasn’t ever going to use the store credit (basically a never expiring gift card) and that it shouldn’t be called a return policy if all you can do is exchange but not get your money back. I was the manager, and i was explaining to her that if I were to just give her the money back, we wouldn’t be able to make any money and that my Regional manager would shut down our store if we weren’t bringing enough in. I also told her that I don’t make the rules and that If she had a complaint about things, that she needed to take it up with corporate.

She went on and on about how she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this because the manager is ‘just a kid’ and that she is a ‘model citizen’ who deserves treatment equal to the queen and just starts screaming.
She ended up not paying the extra dollar and settled for the instore credit after we told her that she could get escorted out and banned from the store. I guess she wasn’t ready to lose us so she left. Before she made it out of the store though, the customer behind her is laughing, walks up the cash wrap, and says loudly, “I have an exchange to make, yes I know the policy, here is my reciept AND I’M NOT GONNA BE A RAGING B**** ABOUT IT EITHER!!”

it was hilarious!! I have plenty more where this came from too!

Now Less A Girlfriend AND A Good Friend

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The guy I’m dating likes to surprise me by visiting me at work. I decide to return the favor. I walk into the store where he works and see him flirting with a female coworker. His back is to me, so he doesn’t realize I’m there. 

I stand there for a minute, debating whether I should just turn around and walk out. The female coworker looks over at me and immediately steps away from him. He turns around, does a double-take, and gives me a big hug.

Boyfriend: “Oh, [My Name]! I didn’t know you were stopping in today!”

Me: “I thought I’d surprise you. But it looks like you’re too busy doing other things.” 

His face turns red.

Boyfriend: “Never too busy for you! Oh, this is [Coworker]. [Coworker], this is [My Name]. She’s my… good friend.”

I raise an eyebrow.

Me: “‘Good friend,’ huh? That’s one way to put it. [Coworker], it’s nice to meet you. I think I’ll let y’all get back to what you were doing.”

I spin around and walk out. He chases me down.

Boyfriend: “C’mon, babe, don’t be like that.”

Me: “What? You don’t like how your good friend is acting?”

Boyfriend: *Pause* “I f***ed up, didn’t I?”

Me: “That’s one way to put it.”

As you can probably guess, THAT relationship didn’t last much longer!

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