Not Very Closed-Minded, Part 44

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Our store is located in a mall that doesn’t open until 10:00 am, so the store doesn’t open until then, except for specific sales for cardholders. But people still walk around the mall before 10:00, so we keep our gate down until about 9:55 so people don’t come in early. Sometimes, our gate will be open just far enough to crouch under, but obviously only for employees to come in and out.

It’s about 9:40 am. I am opening registers — which involves counting all the money in them — and a coworker is on the other side of the room stocking shelves. Our store is rather big, so if you’re at the registers or where my coworker is, you can’t see the store entrance. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a person walking into the room. I look up to see that it’s not an employee but some woman I’ve never seen. Both my coworker and I stare at her, speechless that someone climbed in under our gate. After what feels like way too long, I speak up, nervous since I have a drawer full of cash open in front of me.

Me: “Um, excuse me, but we don’t open for another twenty minutes.”

Customer: “Can’t I just look around until you open?”

I am trying to be as professional as possible.

Me: “I’m sorry, but—”

Coworker: “No! Get out!

The woman seemed absolutely shocked and left without a word. She came back about forty minutes after open and wouldn’t make eye contact with either of us as she shopped.

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Doesn’t Like Walkies Or Walkie-Talkies

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I’m the visuals coordinator for my store; basically, I’m in charge of marketing and making sure the store stays nice and displays stay filled throughout the day. I’m out on the sales floor straightening up for a good portion of my shift. I deal with customer questions on a regular basis, and I always do my best to help them with what they need. However, I’m actively discouraged from “taking sales” — i.e. getting too involved in helping a customer pick out items — as that would take away from my actual job, and it’s what the sales associates are there for anyway.

I’m refolding clothes on a display, and a woman comes up to me to ask a question.

Customer: “Excuse me. Where are your jeans?”

Me: “Oh, they’re right over there! There’s signage on the display that will tell you about all the different styles we currently offer.”

As I talk, I’m pointing to a display of all our jeans, clearly visible not twenty feet behind this woman. However, after following the direction of my pointing, she just glares back at me.

Customer: “What, you’re not even gonna walk me over there?”

Me: “I’m actually working on an important project at the moment, but if you’d like some help picking out jeans, I can call a sales associate to work with you!”

We wear walkie talkies for just such occasions. The woman just glared at me for a moment longer, huffed, and walked off in the complete opposite direction from the jeans.

Okay, lady.

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Don’t Discount The Customer’s Ability To Discount, Part 17

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I work at a popular clothing store at the mall. This takes place during Black Friday. We have a great sale on winter jackets and a customer approaches me with one.

Me: “Hi there! Are you ready to check out?”

Customer: “Actually, I was wondering if you have this jacket in another size?”

Me: “I can take a look. What size are you looking for?”

Customer: “A medium.”

They hand me an extra-large.

I scan the item to see if we have any mediums left in the store and we don’t. 

Me: “Looks like this is the last size we have of this jacket in store. I’m so sorry about that. But! It looks like [Other Mall] a few towns away might have some mediums in their stock! Would you like me to call and ask if they do?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “Great! If they do, I can ask if they’re willing to hold one for you.”

Customer: “Sounds good. Thank you.”

I ask the customer for their name and then call the other mall. The other mall happens to have a medium and they are willing to hold it for my customer. I hang up and turn back to my customer.

Me: “You’re in luck! They have a medium and they are willing to hold it for you for two hours!”

Customer: “Oh… Will I get a discount on it since I’ll have to drive so far to get it?”

Me: “It’s a different store so I have no authority to make that decision. But probably not, since it’s already on sale.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.” 

I never found out if they went to the other mall and got it, but if it had been me, I would have been thrilled that another store was willing to hold an item for me, especially on Black Friday.

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The Only Thing Lost Is His Honesty

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I’ve been Christmas shopping at a mall for several hours, and then I find out that my winter scarf has fallen off somewhere. I backtrack as well as I’m able, but I realize that it may take some time for it to resurface, and perhaps I’m better off coming back tomorrow. The next day, I come back and check in with one or two of the stores I was in, and then I decide to try the mall information booth.

Me: “Hi. I was here shopping yesterday and I lost a scarf. Could you check your lost and found?”

Mall Information Guy: *Unhelpfully* “No, nobody’s turned anything in.”

There’s a pause.

Me: “Um, okay. Well, I had to drive over half an hour to get here. Could you at least look, please?”

[Mall Information Guy] reluctantly pulled out a bin, and oh, look! Lo and behold, there sat my scarf, right on top. How lazy do you have to be to not even check the lost and found when someone asks? Unless he was hoping nobody claimed it and wanted to keep it for himself?

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Bread Versus Booze

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My sister and I are Christmas shopping for our stepmother. She likes scented lotion, so we’re going through the various products [Store] has to offer.

Sister: “Champagne Toast.” *Sniffs* “Well, it smells like champagne, but I don’t smell any toast.”

Me: “[Sister], that’s a champagne toast.”

Sister: “Oh!”

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