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(I work at the customer service desk at the local mall. Whenever we have a holiday weekend, our hours change. Not drastically, just open an hour earlier than usual. It never fails. Whenever it comes up to a holiday, the phone rings off the wall with people asking about our holiday hours. So, I changed the greeting on answering the phone)
*phone rings*
Me- “Hi, thank you for calling (local mall) our hours for this weekend are 9 am-9 pm. My name is (name), how can I help you?”
Customer- “yes, I was calling to see what your holiday hours were”
Me- *internally screams*

(Even though I said the hours whenever I answer the phone, people will still ask. I have lost all faith in humanity.)

It Was By Design(er)

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I’m a recent college graduate, and I’ve just gotten my first check from my first “big girl” job. I decide to use some of it on a pair of earrings from a very whimsical designer that I’ve always liked but could never afford.

I get to the store and see “store closing” signs everywhere. There are a few people in the store. The sales associate calls out a friendly greeting, as she’s seen me come in a few times and sigh over items that I couldn’t afford as a broke college student.

Me: “Hi! I’m sorry y’all are closing. I can finally get my first [Designer] item and it might be the last.”

Sales Associate: “I’ve seen you in here a couple of times. I’m glad you came back to buy something from us before we closed. What do you have in mind?”

Me: “Oh, some earrings. Nothing super pricey, though.”

I spot a pair of dangly heart-shaped earrings at the register.

Me: “Wow, those are gorgeous!”

Sales Associate: “Right?! They sold fast. I think that’s our last pair. Unfortunately, they are still full-price.”

Me: “Darn. What do you have on sale?”

Sales Associate: “Sale jewelry is back by the dresses. We just reduced a ton of stuff today so you’ve got a lot of options. Holler if you need anything. I’m happy to help!”

I thank her and get to browsing. Almost immediately, a snotty customer in her forties gets in my way, blocking the aisle, and demanding attention from the sales associates. She makes comments about actually being able to afford the items in the store and huffs every time she sees me. Whatever.

I find a pair of earrings and a ring at a huge discount and get in line to buy them. Who should get behind me but [Entitled Lady], on her cell phone, talking loudly. I then hear this gem:

Entitled Lady: “Oh, there’s some heart-shaped earrings at the register. Totally cute. I’m buying them.”

I roll my eyes. Of course, she wants those, and she can probably afford them, too! It’s my turn, so I step up to the register. It’s the same sales associate from earlier.

Sales Associate: “Hey, nice choices! Glad you found some stuff. Anything else you want to add?”

I pick up the heart-shaped earrings and look at them.

Me: “I’m gonna kill my budget if I buy these, but gosh, they’re so pretty.”

Sales Associate: “You know what? Let me see something.”

She rings them up with my other purchases and types something in the computer.

Sales Associate: “Oh, look at that. They went on sale just now. You want them?”

I look at the price. I can now afford them. The sales associate is grinning.

Me: “Yes! Thank you!”

Sales Associate: “You’re welcome. You’ve made excellent choices today. You can swipe your card whenever you’re ready!”

She finishes ringing me out, wishes me a great day, and calls up [Entitled Lady]. I walk very slowly to the exit, because I want to hear what happens next.

Entitled Lady: “Hey, I wanted those heart earrings. Where did they go?”

Sales Associate: “What? Oh! Someone must’ve bought them.”

Entitled Lady: “What?! You must have more in the back!”

Sales Associate: “So sorry, ma’am, but that was our last pair, and we won’t be getting any more.”

I hustled out of the store laughing. That was eight years ago, and I still have those earrings!

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so this one thing happens almost every time i close up for the night and the start to leave the mall. i will always find customers who is asking me why all the doors are closed and none of the stores are open. this particular episode was unusally weird.

customer: excuse me but why are the stores closing

me: the mall is closing you need to leave so they can lock the doors

customer: ooh, but why are the stores closed?

me: the mall is closed you need to leave.

customers: well okei

they start to go towards the elevator (wich isn’t working since the mall is closed) and stand there pushing the button

customer: escuse me but why isn’t the elevator working?

me: the mall is closed you need to take the stairs to get out of here.

customer: but the elevator worked the las time I used it.

me: the elevator is chut down you need to take the stairs and go out, the mall is closed.

by this time i have to leave to catch my bus home, and i tell them that i have to leave, the last i saw they where just standing there pushing the button. i told the security that they where up there so i hope they got out.

They’re Usually Nicer To Patrons At Museums

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My best friend’s birthday is coming up and I am looking for a birthday present. I go to one pretty popular makeup shop that has various brands and sells them at an acceptable price. As I am browsing through the products and swatching eyeshadow from the tester, I am approached by one of the people who works there.

Employee: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Oh, just looking. I don’t know what I want to buy yet, if anything.”

Employee: “Well, stop looking. You’ve been here for five minutes! Either buy something or get out! This is not a museum!”

Me: “Okay. Have a nice day.”

I haven’t walked into that store in two years.

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My coworker and I are pulling in the signs that sit outside our doors at our popular women’s plus sized clothing store. Two teenage boys around 14-15 years old walk by; we overhear them discussing what stores they can still get into even though the mall has clearly closed. They are within a few feet of my coworker and I when this happens:

Teen 1: *slows down by the display window* What store is this? Can we go in?

Teen 2: *Glances at the window then keeps walking* Nah. Clothes. Boring.

Teen 1: Their door is still open! What is this store?

Teen 2: *Looks up at sign* Oh! Dude, no, it’s all the fat lady clothes!!

*Both teens snicker and start walking down the hall*

Me: *Loudly, smiling brightly* Hey, your mom shops here!!

The kids’ eyes grew wide and they laughed as they took off running down the hall.

My coworker and I were SO tired of fat jokes that we would hear all day long and I couldn’t take it anymore! Luckily my coworkers all laughed.