To BLT, Or Not To BLT

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(My father goes into a regional chain takeout restaurant that just opened in our area. Overall the food is wonderful there, but several staff members seem to think cheese goes on everything, regardless of how some things are traditionally made.)

Worker: “What can I get for you, sir?”

Father: “I’d like a BLT, please.”

(The overhead menu clearly states they offer a classic BLT, with no added flourishes.)

Worker: “Certainly, with what kind of cheese?”

Father: “Okay, let’s look at the letters, shall we? The B is for bacon, the L is for lettuce and the T is for tomato. There’s no C for cheese, is there?”

Worker: “So, no cheese?”

Father: “No, thank you.”

(The place lasted less than a year, most likely due to being in a difficult location to drive into, though we did hear of other orders getting mixed up quite often, cheese related or not.)

Fifty Reasons It Will Get Better

, , , | Hopeless | July 28, 2017

My husband has sadly passed away suddenly, leaving me and our daughter on our own. I tell her speech therapist so I can cancel an appointment and she comes over to check on me.

During this time, she suggests that as his unemployment check has come in, to go and draw it out, and see what to do about his loan. I go into the bank, crying, worried about our future and missing my husband. Apparently someone overheard me and the bank people talking. When I come out of the office after talking about the loan and what I can do and they can do, I’m stopped and given an envelope.

When I open it, I find fifty dollars from an anonymous person. I broke down crying. Whoever you are, thank you. Along with whatever was in the bank, that fifty will help me and my daughter survive on basic needs until I’m able to make other arrangements.

I don’t know who you are, but you took that much stress from me during an extremely difficult time in our lives. Thanks so, so much!

Can’t Put This Deli-cately

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(I work in the deli department in a retail chain. For months now, our staffing has been slowly getting less and less, making each of our individual workloads heavier while management puts pressure on us to get even more done, even scolding us in front of customers. What few and far between new hires we do see are out the door very quickly due to the intense workload and lack of respect from management and all requests to transfer to other departments are ignored. Eventually, we’re down to just four people total per day in our department as the business picks up due to warmer weather. As a result, the morale of the department is pretty much non-existent. Finally, after months of everyone not getting everything management is asking done each day, two managers get behind the counter themselves to “show us how easy our department is.” This is the conversation that followed.)

Manager: “So, after working deli today, I absolutely hate it. Even we couldn’t get everything you need to do done with who we have. Honestly, I’d never work this job for what we’re paying you.”

Me: *feeling so relieved* “Thank you! So, you’ll put a higher priority on hiring and show more understanding for when we can’t get it all done, right?”

Manager: “Well, we’ll see what we can do about hiring, but the fact is, not many people are applying to be in deli, so you’ll just have to make do. As for getting it done, we get emails from corporate about our numbers and when that happens, we have to hold people accountable.”

Me: “Wait, what?! You and [Other Manager] just said you couldn’t figure out how to get it all done, and with you both there, that was with two more people that we’re used to having. If you two, whose job it is to ensure the place runs properly, cannot make it run properly yourselves, why are the employees being held accountable?”

Manager: “You gotta understand; when we walk over and see empty shelves because nobody stocked it, that’s sales we’re losing!”

Me: “Did you and [Other Manager] manage to stock all the shelves yesterday?”

Manager: “Well, no, but you just gotta communicate with your coworkers and figure it out. While we’re at it, everyone in the deli seems miserable!”

Me: “Because we all are. The work conditions you just dealt with are the conditions we’ve been dealing with every day for months! We all tried our best to stay hopeful, but we’ve been warning you about the decreasing conditions this whole time, you’ve done little to nothing about it and now, as human beings, we’ve just reached our limit!”

Manager: “Well, if you’re going to be here, you’re going to act happier. The customers can’t see you all so miserable. If you don’t like that, then nobody is being forced to keep the job. The door’s always open for you all to leave.”

(On that note, I realized I wasn’t getting through to her. After going home that night, I thought long and hard on it and decided to accept her generous offer to leave. I gave my two week’s notice very shortly after and am currently much happier and less stressed. Unfortunately, most of my coworkers did not follow me out the door.)

Naming: And Bob’s Your Uncle!

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(This was toward the beginning of the year. Due to being born premature, my daughter hasn’t started talking too much. As per instructions by both her speech therapists, we are advised to keep talking to her, and repeating words back to model. We are doing such a thing when she decides we need a second word.)

Me: “Yeah!”

Daughter: “Yeah!”

Me: “Yeah!”

Daughter: “Yeah!”

Me: “Yeah!”

Daughter: “Bob.”

Me: *laughing* “Where did that come from!?”

Husband: “Did she just say Bob?”

Me: “Who’s Bob?”

(Bob is her toy bunny. Apparently she decided to name him right then and there.)

Giving You A Latte Problems

, , | Right | June 9, 2017

(It is my first day of work. I worked for this particular coffee store once before, quit, and have come back. While it has been a long time since I worked there I still remember how to make drinks. An order is placed for an iced latte and I make it then hand it out to the customer.)

Me: “There you are! Have a great day!”

Customer: “That’s wrong.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “You made it wrong. There’s too much milk.”

Me: “Well, an iced latte is one shot of espresso and the rest is filled with milk and any flavoring.”

Customer: “No, it’s not.”

Me: “I can remake it for you if you’d like.”

Customer: “Obviously.”

(I begin remaking the drink with my shift leader watching me in case I did indeed mess up. The customer leans over the counter and begins watching me as well. I ask the customer if they want more espresso and they say no so I decide to add more ice so there’s less milk and the drink is still full.)

Customer: “That’s too much ice!”

Me: “Did you want less ice?”

Customer: “Yes and that’s still too much milk!”

Me: “Then the drink won’t be full, sir.”

Customer: “Ugh! Well maybe if you made it right!”

(I finally give up and have my shift leader makes it the exact same way I did the first time and hands it to the customer.)

Shift Leader: “How is that?”

Customer: “Finally! It’s made right!”

(The customer then left and stood in the parking lot, drinking their drink. It was beyond frustrating!)

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