The Kind Of Person Who Puts The Shotgun Into “Shotgun Wedding”

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(I’m finishing up with a very normal sales call when suddenly everything changes.)

Customer: “You have a nice voice. I can tell you’re a beautiful woman. How old are you?”

Me: “I’m 21. So, we have your set up date as [date]. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: “Are you married?”

Me: *lying* “Yes.”

Customer: “You should leave him and marry me. I can tell you’re a nice girl. I’ll be at your work tonight with flowers, waiting.”

Me: *standing up and flapping my arms at management across the room* “That’s very nice of you, but please, don’t. I’m going to transfer you to the confirmation line now.”

Customer: “You will be my bride!”

Me: “Have a great day.” *transfers*

Manager: *runs up* “What happened?”

Me: “I need an escort to my car in an hour.”

Manager: “Why?”

Me: “Remember that crazy person who said he would shoot up the building last month? This is worse.”

Manager: “A bomb?!”

Me: “Forced marriage.”

Manager: “S***. [Coworker]! Can you walk [My Name] to her car? You’re bigger than me!”

(And yes, Crazy Marriage Guy did show up an hour after I left. Security left the flowers at my cubicle. This is why I said it was worse. Angry people say they will kill people all the time, willy-nilly. Really crazy people try to marry you.)

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(Recently moving back home I was doing my Christmas shopping last minute. I parked in a back ally lot and used a delivery door to avoid traffic. I had worked in that mall for years, knew everyone, and could tell you the ins and outs.)

*After I appeared through a side door*: Manager: You don’t work here.

Me: Nope. But remember when I did and all the fights we had? It must be my hair I’m (name).

*look of shock*

Me: Yeah. Meet my kid who’s dad you tried to dramatically raise rent on out of contract. Move!

*manager steps aside*

Me: Thank you! Hey (security guard)! You’re still here!

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(It is late at night and business is very slow. An older woman approaches my register ready for checkout. I scan and bag her groceries as I would with any customer. She then slides her card and it is declined due to lack of funds.)

Me: I’m sorry but your card has been declined. You don’t seem to have enough money on it to cover this order.

Customer: *In a rude tone* I have enough money on this card. I’m going to slide it again!

(The customer slides her card again and it is declined again.)

Me: I am very sorry but you don’t have enough money on your card.

Customer: But I have enough money on my card!

(She then proceeds to slide her card again and it is declined again.)

Me: *in an almost irritated tone* Mam, you don’t have enough money on your card.

Customer: *In a rude and irritated tone* Sonny, are you hard of hearing? I told you I have enough money on my card. I going to slide it again!

(I simply walk away to get a shift leader to assist me with this order. After about three minutes the customer ended up paying with cash.)


A Warning For A Warning

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(I am visiting my friend at her new house for the first time. There is no parking, so she says to call and she will show me somewhere to park then I get there. I pull over and call, and then start driving to our meeting space, which is a jewelry store. As I’m pulling in, a cop car turns on its lights. I stop, wait about two minutes, then try to get out to see what is going on.)

Officer #1: “Get back in your vehicle!”

Me: “Ah! Sorry!”

(I’m a woman, 5’7”, and 110 pounds. I’m not exactly threatening-looking. Another cop car shows up.)

Officer #2: “Licence registration and proof of insurance!”

(I hand it over. My license is paper because it is being replaced.)

Officer #2: “What’s this?”

Me: “My license is being replaced because I misplaced it in Israel.”

Officer #2: “What were you doing there?”

Me: “Visiting family, sir.”

Officer #2: “What are you doing here? Why were you pulled over back there?”

Me: “I’m meeting a friend. I pulled over to call her. Look: she’s texting now!”

(The text says, “How did you get surrounded by police in five minutes?!” I wait for them to process my info.)

Officer #1: *walks up* “Here. We will let you off with a warning.” *walks away*

Me: “For what?”

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Don’t Do Coke, Kids!

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Customer #1: “What kind of soda products do you have?”

Me: “Coke.”

Customer #1: “I’ll have a Pepsi.”

Customer #2: “Dude, she just said they have Coke products.”

Customer #1: “Isn’t Coke a Pepsi product?”

Me: “Coke is Coke.”

Customer #1: “Okay. Cherry Pepsi, please.”

Customer #2: “Me, too.”

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