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This happened during troubleshooting an issue about pairing a mobile device with a desktop.

Me: Could you take place behind your desktop for me? Then we can walk trough some steps together.

Customer: Do I really need to?

Me: Well if we want to resolve this issue, it would be nice to see exactly what happens when you connect the device to the desktop. So, yes!

Customer: Ok, one moment please *sigh*..
( I hear an overdose of noise as if someone is moving every piece of furnish in the room ).

Customer says: Ok, I am sitting behind my desktop.

Me: Perfect! Lets start by connecting your device to the desktop and to check if it is being recognised by your PC by going to: Start > Computer.

Custumer: How can I do all this when i’m sitting behind my desktop?! I can only see the backside of the display!


Forgot To Reset Gravity, Too

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(This occurs while walking through some troubleshooting steps with an older, friendly customer that uses a tablet.)

Me: “Let’s try a reset! I would like you to press the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time, and hold these until you see the [Brand] logo.”

Customer: “Okay!”

(I hear loud metal-on-floor and glass-cracking noises after 15 seconds.)

Me: “How did the reset go, sir?”

Customer: “Well. I’ve let go of the buttons like you told me, but now I’ve broken my [Tablet].”

Me: “…”

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