That’s Not How Not Working Works

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(I work at a multi-doctor cardiology office as a receptionist. This story comes directly from my coworker, who sits beside my station.)

Coworker: “Thank you for calling [Clinic]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “Yeah, I have a return-to-work form that needs to be filled out. Can your doctor get it done for me today?”

Coworker: “Which doctor do you see at our office?”

Caller: “I don’t see anyone up there.”

Coworker: “You would have to be a patient up here for any of the doctors to fill out.”

Caller: “So, they can’t fill it out for me?”

Coworker: “No, you’re not a patient here. They wouldn’t know if you can return to work or not.”

Caller: “Well, can I see one of the doctors today?”

Coworker: “They wouldn’t be able to see you today, no. What do you need the signature for, anyway?”

Caller: “I hurt my leg.”

Coworker: “I don’t think a cardiologist can sign on a leg injury unless it’s vein related. You may need your primary doctor to sign it.”Caller: “I don’t have a doctor. I just wanted someone to sign my letter so I don’t have to work.”

Cashier Sees Red, Fears Customer Is Seeing Red

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(I have a medical condition that can only be controlled by a certain general steroid. As a result, my face turns red at random and I lightly sweat, because the steroid causes heat flashes. I’ve gone shopping at my regular grocery store, where most of the cashiers know me. However, they have a new person at the quick checkout who looks to be still in high school.)

Me: “Hi, I was looking for more of that cheese on sale, but it looks like you’re out. Can I get a raincheck for it?”

Cashier: “Oh, uh. Let me send someone back there to confirm, then I can.” *She calls for a stocker to check for me, then resumes scanning my items.* “I’m so sorry.”

Me: “That’s okay; I don’t mind waiting.”

(My face is getting red, and she keeps giving me weird looks as she reaches for her phone to page a manager.)

Me: “Uh-oh, did something ring up wrong?”

Cashier: “No. Just one moment, and my manager will be with you.”

Me: *confused* “Okay… Can I ask why I need to talk to a manager? Do you have to do that before you do a raincheck now?” *my voice has kept calm and pleasant this whole time*

Manager: “What’s going on, [Cashier]? Hey, [My Name], you giving this young lady problems?”

Me: *laughing* “Yup, I’m threatening to shake my fist at her if y’all don’t get me my cheese. Since when do you need a manager to fill out a raincheck?”

Manager: *confused* “You don’t.”

Cashier: “She was getting angry! I was scared she was going to scream at me or throw something at me.”

Me: *laughing* “Let me guess: my face went red, didn’t it? I promise, I’m not going to hurt you or be rude. I take medicine that makes me have a heat flash, that’s all.”

Manager: “[My Name] is one of the friendlier customers. If she’s angry at you, it’s because you were rude to her or did something incredibly stupid.”

(About this time, the stocker came back up with two of the cheeses I’d overlooked. The manager told me I was in trouble for causing such a situation. As compensation, I bought the cashier a candy bar, which she appreciated. She apologized for the mix-up, but I told her that I can understand, since most people think the instant response to not getting what they want is to scream like a kid. I hope retail doesn’t beat her down.)

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(I’ve had a rough day and have come home in a sour mood, so my husband suggests we grab a burger from a burger place popular in Texas. The drive through contains five vehicles, so we opt to go inside. No one else is there, we’re the only customers inside. There’s only one cashier there, as all the others are in the back making food and hanging around, talking to each other while the manager cooks food.

The cashier sees us come in and instantly swings around to face the opposite direction, staring at the food prep area. He stands there for a minute or more, so I think he’s waiting for an order to come through the heating station. He finally mumbles something over his shoulder at us to disappear in the back office for another three or four minutes.

In this time, no one else has bothered to look our way, or acknowledge we are there. We stand at the register and wait for the first cashier to come back. He ignores us again so he can ring something up. I have assumed he’s either logging on the register or something similar, so my husband and I move to the register the cashier is at – please note there are only two registers, so it isn’t as if another person couldn’t have come up front in the meantime to take a register over.

The cashier continues to type on the keyboard while my husband and I discuss openly what we would like to order. We finally turn to the cashier, who continues still to type. We wait nearly two more minutes before he finally prints out a receipt, highlights it, showing that he has clocked out for a ten minute break. He then tells us, “Someone will be with y’all in a minute.” All in all, this has taken about ten minutes, and still no one else in the restaurant has even made a point to turn around to acknowledge us.

I instantly realize that he has clocked out so he doesn’t have to serve us, though he could have done so within the five minutes he had wasted between staring at the food prep area and back in the office. I turn to my husband and state loudly, “I have dealt with three incompetent people today. Do I really want to deal with four?”

I look at the cashier, at everyone else who has ignored us, and decide, “Nope. We’re going somewhere else.” We walk out and go down the road to another burger place. Best decision made.

The Cake Is A Lie, Part 2

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(A man calls to check on a cake he’d ordered, but things just go downhill from there.)

Customer: “I’d like to check on the cake I ordered for graduation.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but this is [Donut Shop]. We don’t make cakes; we only make donuts.”

Customer: “I ordered the cake two weeks ago and I want to know if it will be ready.”

Me: “I can’t help you with that because we don’t make cakes here. We only make donuts.”

Customer: “Is this [Donut Shop]?”

Me: “Yes, that’s right.”

Customer: “Well, I know that’s where I ordered my cake, and I want to know if it will be ready.”

Me: “I can’t help you with that because you didn’t order a cake here. We don’t make cakes. We only make donuts.”

Customer: “Are you near [Chain Grocery Store]?”

Me: “Yes, there’s one near us.”

Customer: “Then that proves I ordered the cake there because it was right near [Chain Grocery Store].”

Me: “You may have been somewhere near [Chain Grocery Store], but you couldn’t have been here, because we don’t make cakes. We only make donuts. We don’t even have an oven except for a small microwave oven. Everything here is deep-fried, so we have no way to make cakes even if we want to.”

Customer: “Well, where did I order my cake then, if I didn’t order it from you?!”

Me: “I don’t know where you ordered your cake, but I do know that you didn’t order it here, because we don’t make cakes. We only make donuts.”

Customer: “Whatever! You are incompetent! I’m never ordering cakes from you guys ever again!” *click*


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